How To Use Cafe au lait In A Sentence

  • Then stop at a sidewalk cafe for a chocolate-filled croissant and a cafe au lait .
  • The formal breakfast differed slightly from an early luncheon, except that the menu made up of was distinctly breakfast dishes: Toast, hot muffins, omelets and other preparations of eggs, delicate farinaceous foods, cafe au lait, etc. An Edwardian Breakfast | Edwardian Promenade
  • Yes, there will be the usual hep couples holding hands amid crowds of young people laughing and jostling one another, sipping cafe au lait and espresso.
  • Whitney fussed with her coffee, adding three packets of sugar and half-and-half until was more lait au café than café au lait. THE LAST PLACE
  • S. France, where we were unexpectedly given a beautiful rose with our cafe au lait. Acrostiche - French Word-A-Day
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  • Even the churned foam from a paddle wheel is _café au lait_ with what a blue-jacket contemptuously referred to as "a little more of the _au lait! A Dweller in Mesopotamia Being the Adventures of an Official Artist in the Garden of Eden
  • Available beverages include hot coffee, espresso, milk coffee; macchiato, cafe au lait, mochachino, and mocha, as well as ice tea, ice tea with lemon, ice tea Thai style and healthy fruit juices.
  • As for "blacking" up to resemble Moors, most Moroccans are of a "cafe au lait" hue. Army Rumour Service
  • Milk as an additive to coffee became popular in the 1680's, when a French physician recommended that cafe au lait be used for medicinal purposes.
  • In a pleasant conservatory she served him with café au lait and rolls still warm from the baker's. MOONDROP TO MURDER
  • That’s called a beignet — great with an iced cafe au lait when you’re hammered after a night in the French Quarter. steve duncan Says: Matthew Yglesias » The View From Your Breakfast
  • Minimal approaches to breakfast include croissants and café au lait in France, chocolate and churros in Spain, and many variations on the bowl of muesli theme for those who think that cereal, nuts, and dried fruit are a key to good health.
  • TAKING A SIP OF his café au lait, Field Agent Richard Purcell folded back the front page of the Times-Picayune and scanned the headlines. Etched in Bone
  • Watching the world go by as you sit on a French-style ‘terrace’, sipping your café au lait, under an endless blue sky - you can almost hear the sound of the accordions playing.
  • She makes the best café au lait in the city and gives refills on milk.
  • Although Café au Lait has been presented in its original 1.85: 1 aspect ratio, it is letterboxed rather than anamorphic.
  • They make a decent café au lait that's served in a glass and topped with a thick, lip-sticking foam.
  • Hemingway's old apartment, drank endless cafe au laits in Lipp's, The Flore, and Deux Magots, tossed down beer after beer and bottomless Pernods in Paul Celan's favorite dive. October « 2009 « poetry dispatch & other notes from the underground
  • Sporty looks were attractive, too, in cafe au lait and dark brown leather shorts outfits with turned-up sleeves on the blouses, or skirt suits.
  • DD is offering good old American lattes, never mind that the word latte comes from the Italian word for milk and in French it's not latte at all, but cafe au lait, and that the actual coffee itself probably comes from somewhere in South America or Africa. Time to Make the Donuts... and spread xenophobia
  • Not that my visit is all patisserie and cafe au lait, goodness no.
  • Before we get going the next morning, we stop for a breakfast of beignets and café au lait at a joint called Coffee Call, which seems to be popular with senior citizens in tour buses.
  • Whitney fussed with her coffee, adding three packets of sugar and half-and-half until was more lait au café than café au lait. THE LAST PLACE
  • Kylie got a mochaccino with a caramel swirl, which seemed more like ice cream than coffee to Rose, who had a frothy café au lait. When Rose Wakes
  • Apparently under this name there are several tribes inhabiting lands of various elevations; some are coloured café au lait, as if born in a high and healthy region; others are almost jet black with the hair frightfully "wispy," like a mop. Two Trips to Gorilla Land and the Cataracts of the Congo Volume 2

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