How To Use Cadmium sulfide In A Sentence

  • The group is exploring cadmium telluride, cadmium sulfide, boron/phosphorous-doped silicon, and organic/polymeric materials and plans to assess more exotic photovoltaic materials in the future.
  • The only important ore of cadmium is greenockite, or cadmium sulfide (CdS).
  • Closely related to the photoelectric effect is the photoconductive effect which is the increase in electrical conductivity of certain nonmetallic materials such as cadmium sulfide when exposed to light.
  • Stupp and his coworkers made the templates for the cadmium sulfide helices from molecules dubbed dendron rodcoils.
  • The best known of these is the mineral greenockite (cadmium sulfide, CdS), but even this mineral forms rare and rather small crystals. Cadmium

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