blank verse

  1. unrhymed verse (usually in iambic pentameter)
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How To Use blank verse In A Sentence

  • It is written in rhymed tetrameters, the most artless of English metres and quite unlike the majestic blank verse of Prospero the magician.
  • England blank verse, which he borrowed from the Italian _versi sciolti_, fixing that decasyllable iambic rhythm for English versification in which our greatest poetical triumphs have been achieved. Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece, Complete Series I, II, and III
  • Instead of songs from the Sound of Music and blank verse we get steel pans, boxercise to eye of the tiger, massed voices believing they can fly, dramas and natch a leavers' video including just about all the year 6 kids - sponsored by Apple UK. Archive 2007-07-15
  • But I don't want to suggest that Martin writes merely a serviceable blank verse.
  • Poet to dictate blank verse to the pretty young secretary, who curled both feet round one leg of her chair, told him that she "loved his potry more'n anythink she'd ever read" and asked how all the hard words like "chrysoprase" and "asphdel" were spelt. Defenders of Democracy; contributions from representative men and women of letters and other arts from our allies and our own country, edited by the Gift book committee of the Militia of Mercy
  • overthrown" between lines 17 and 113 — the poem nevertheless "feels" like it is somehow between rhyming and blank verse. The Transcendental: Deleuze, P. B. Shelley, and the Freedom of Immobility
  • This passage is in blank verse, that is, iambic pentameter, which is to say in a five-stress line composed of five 'feet' ( 'penta' means 'five') that move iambically from an unstressed to a stressed syllable: 'And all the clouds that loured upon our house'. Shakespeare
  • [3] The poem was published in Nathaniel Bloomfield's volume An Essay on War, in Blank Verse; Honington Green, a Ballad ... and Other Poems (London: Hurst, Vernor and Hood, 1803), pp. 85 – 88. Letter 423
  • The more important metrical tests include the following: the frequency of rhyme, whether in the heroic couplet or, as not uncommonly occurs in early plays, in alternates and even such elaborate arrangements as the sonnet; doggerel lines; alexandrines, or lines of twelve syllables; the presence of an extra syllable before a pause within the line; short lines, especially at the end of speeches; the substitution of other feet for the regular iambic movement of blank verse; weak and light endings; and, most valuable, the position of the pause in the line ( "end-stopped" or "run on"), and feminine endings or hypermetrical lines, such as The Facts About Shakespeare
  • James I., been moulded into an heroic poem in English octave stanza, or epic blank verse; -- which, however, at that time had not been invented, and which, alas! still remains the sole property of the inventor, as if the Muses had given him an unevadible patent for it. Literary Remains, Volume 1
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