[ US /ˈbɫɛɹ/ ]
  1. British statesman who became prime minister in 1997 (born in 1953)
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How To Use Blair In A Sentence

  • Guardian International correspondent Jonathan Steele called Bush's and Blair's denial of the horrors attending the Iraq civil war "Panglossian" - referring to the ever optimistic Dr. Pangloss of Voltaire's novel Candide who, at every disaster, proclaims that ours is the best of all possible worlds. Surge to Purge: The 80% Solution in Iraq
  • Blair's answer should be embalmed in the Labour party constitution, perhaps as a better substitute for the old clause four.
  • Spain blockaded Gibraltar for most of the last third of the 20th century (they gave up in 1984) and when the Blair government in Britain negotiated a co-dominium with Spain in 2002, but the locals had to be consulted, and the referendum rejected the proposal by 17,900 to 187. Eric Lurio: Thoughts on a Gibraltar Street Fair
  • Tony Blair showed impeccable timing by leaving his job just before the economy went phut. Archive 2008-11-01
  • Interviewer Ryan Tubridy sought the advice of Jon Snow ahead of the interview but was warned it would be difficult to extract anything 'revelatory' out of Tony Blair. Tony Blair interview greeted by Iraq war protesters and Jedward fans
  • Wilco, you are bemoaning the response to Blair… I interpret the show me the links the same as I interpret the Show me the links when a right winger posts some far out “factoidal” information here. Think Progress » ThinkFast: January 16, 2007
  • The confirmation came from Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair in congressional testimony last week. Think Progress » Beck calls Bush a ‘progressive,’ says Obama is doing ‘exactly’ the same thing.
  • Well, whinges the person who thinks that this is a truly astonishing apercu, Tony Blair listens to him all the time and does what he is told. I don't necessarily agree with all they do but ....
  • Animals civilise a building, and it is a pity that Mrs Blair, no cat-lover, was blamed for the dismissal of Humphrey, a dignified and sagacious mouser.
  • But when Blair said that Egypt's transition had to be 'managed' – presumably by the West – so as not to jeopardise the 'peace process', he was only saying openly what Washington believed.
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