[ UK /bˈiːvɐ/ ]
[ US /ˈbivɝ/ ]
  1. a full beard
  2. a movable piece of armor on a medieval helmet used to protect the lower face
  3. the soft brown fur of the beaver
  4. a man's hat with a tall crown; usually covered with silk or with beaver fur
  5. a hat made with the fur of a beaver (or similar material)
  6. large semiaquatic rodent with webbed hind feet and a broad flat tail; construct complex dams and underwater lodges
  1. work hard on something
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How To Use beaver In A Sentence

  • From the early 1620s, coastal Indians supplied wampum (sacred shell beads, polished and strung in strands, belts, or sashes) to Dutch traders who exchanged it with inland natives for beaver pelts.
  • Also on the program that night were the Marshall Dancers from the Lower Yukon, dressed in sumptuous headdresses that were trimmed with wolf and beaver fur.
  • Wildlife official are celebrating the sighting of a beaver in the Detroit River for the first time in at least 75 years, signaling that efforts to clean up the waterway are paying off.
  • In a quick tour, he points out the pupfish pond, a nature trail, and the cactus and native plants, all labeled so you can distinguish a teddy bear cholla from a beavertail cactus.
  • To get there, the Beaverton, Ore., sportswear giant plans to open more stores, put a renewed focused on recreational sports such as running and snowboarding, and emphasize its stable of local endorsers such as Chinese Olympic track-and-field star Liu Xiang and Chinese tennis player Li Na. In China, Nike Sets Out to Alter Sports Mindset
  • More than 30 Beavers, Scouts and Sea Scouts took part in a number of waterborne activities to celebrate the reopening.
  • The first beavers could arrive in Britain by autumn and would be released after six months in quarantine.
  • Neither slap-happy comedy nor aggressive action fare, The Beaver is a somber, sad domestic drama featuring an alcoholic in acute crisis.
  • Mountain beavers live in small colonies, occupying areas with plentiful green vegetation and cover.
  • Another characteristic of aquatic and semiaquatic mammals is that they are often well insulated; beavers accomplish insulation by a pelage that consists of long overfur (guard hairs) and dense underfur.
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