How To Use Antivenin In A Sentence

  • There is treatment for a black widow spider bite that can take care of the symptoms but black widow spider antivenin is seldom necessary, the centre says.
  • But after treatment with antivenin and a short stay in the hospital, Ryan recovered with no ill effects.
  • Would the antivenin arrive in time to save the dog from dying from the bite?
  • Although the mainstay of treatment is definitely antivenin, in district settings where the antivenin is not readily available steroids are helpful.
  • Biotechnological advances resulted in a new antivenin that proports to be less immunogenic than the standard antivenin. Crotalidae Polyvalent Immune Fab (Ovine)
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  • Many venomous snakes in Iran are being collected for the production of antivenin.
  • In New Guinea, where we don't have much antivenin, the death rate remains something like 50-50.
  • Thanks to the widespread availability of effective antivenins, snakebite fatalities in Australia have become rare in recent decades.
  • Until recently, all venomous snakebites in the United States have been treated with this whole IgG antivenin. Crotalidae Polyvalent Immune Fab (Ovine)
  • But by showtime, one of the assistants, Britt Stevens of Brownwood, was en route to the hospital for antivenin.
  • Poultry eggs may yield snake antivenin, experts say.
  • It turns out that the risks of antivenin (anaphylaxis and serum sickness) are significant enough to render it useful only in "severe" envenomations, ie, edema and erythema reaching the trunk, or systemic symptoms or laboratory abnormalities (consumptive coagulopathy, etc.) Archive 2007-06-01
  • Also, I tell people to find out if their local zoo has antivenin.
  • Ants endowed with a compulsion to chew through grass stems at a particular height, snakes engineered to create antivenin in a mammalian-derived sheath, beetles gifted with digestive enzymes that converted discarded plastics into chitin. The Last Liverbeast « A Fly in Amber
  • But there is an effective antivenin available for the treatment of this scorpion's stings, and there hasn't been a fatality in Arizona in over 40 years.
  • Equine-derived antivenin to snake venom has been the mainstay of hospital treatment for venomous snakebite for 35 years.
  • Doctors learn that he suffers from a blood disorder and hesitate to treat him with an antivenin, which they believe might make his condition worse.
  • These adverse events often included anaphylactoid reactions (23 percent) and serum sickness (50 percent) .1 Although most adverse events did not result in mortality when treated with appropriate medication, such complications are problematic and fueled the development of a less immunogenic antivenin. Crotalidae Polyvalent Immune Fab (Ovine)
  • Hammock says he started analyzing this toxin in hopes of furthering the development of antivenins.
  • In attempt to address these issues, Protherics Inc. developed a fragmented antivenin that only utilizes the Fab fragment of the antibody. Crotalidae Polyvalent Immune Fab (Ovine)
  • The Irula Snake Catchers' Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd. have now been licenced to extract venom, supply it to various institutions for preparing antivenin or anti-snake venom serum, and research.
  • Many venomous snakes in Iran are being collected for the production of antivenin.
  • Dr. Jeff Mullen with the Seven Hills Veterinary Clinic said his office usually sees or two cases each season but they've handled five cases this month and have had to order additional antivenin. Denver Veterinarians Report Unusually High Incidence Of Rattlesnake Bites In May
  • There is a huge demand for venom, which is used to produce antivenin, the only known cure for the effects of snake venom.
  • For any eastern coral snake bite with possible envenomation, three to five vials of Antivenin should be administered immediately.
  • A popular scale for grading the severity of pit viper bites and estimating the antivenin dose is presented in Table 4.
  • Bites from copperhead snakes, which are common in the eastern United States, seldom require antivenin therapy because they have the least potent venom and a negligible fatality rate.
  • Chief among those experts is Lyn Abra, who milked funnel-webs for their venom for three decades, first for Sutherland's research and then for commercial antivenin production.
  • Australian pharmaceutical supplier and manufacturer Mayne Pharma is included in the list as the sole supplier of a snake antivenene called Crotalid Polyvalent Antivenin. | Top Stories
  • The antivenin, which has saved dozens of lives in the past two decades, is made possible in large part by the tireless work of spider experts at the Australian Reptile Park in Somersby, north of Sydney.
  • Unlike antivenin produced in horses or sheep, antitoxin produced in poultry does not involve as much discomfort for the animals.
  • Their venom is fundamentally similar and therefore antivenin can be applied across the board.
  • Those patients lucky enough to have survived the sting will receive a rapid IV administration of the antivenin. 4 Anaphylaxis can occur with administration of the sheep derived antivenin (available for primary use against the Chironex fleckeri). Fish poisonings and envenomations
  • Doctors helicoptered antivenin serum in from the National Zoo. Michael Shwedick's career handling reptiles came from childhood fascination
  • The park's venom-milking program is the only supplier of venom to Melbourne's Commonwealth Serum Laboratories - makers of antivenins crucial to treating snakebite victims.

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