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How To Use anti-American In A Sentence

  • I would take Palin anyday over the anti-American socialist in power. CNN Poll: Favorable view of Palin dipping
  • All true, but also all tending to indicate a certain blinkered quality to the “anti-Americanism” frame. Matthew Yglesias » “Pro-American”
  • Anti-American protests have been a feature of the political landscape for about 20 years here.
  • In the early days of Operation Iraqi Disaster, I engaged in some fact-based blog discussion with what can only be described as a hard-right, neo-fascist group of truly wacky self-described “veterans”, who took my dissention from the party line as a clear case of Treason, and Anti-Americanism. Waldo Jaquith - High-profile bloggers planning code of conduct.
  • Sarah Palin is clearly an Anti-American, terrorist thug and should be treated as such, per the anti-terror rules set forth by the Bush Administration. melton Media shut out from Palin's Hong Kong speech
  • Dissent is dehumanized, as it is branded with this pejorative title and other insulting labels like xenophobe, nativist, peacenik or anti-American dupe.
  • Goodhart thinks he can play on a certain visceral anti-Americanism that is characteristic of the British left.
  • Abu Sayyaf visit ofal-Qaeda’s early years andanger at Saudis ofanti-American stance ofanti-U.N. stance ofappeal to Filipinos ofAzzam as mentor offavoritism towards Egyptians shown byglobal jihad sought bygraduation speech ofJabarah sent to KSM byJanjalani andLaskar Jihad links toloyalty ofmedia monitored by1998 fatwah ofon East Timorin Philippinesrecruitment success ofSayyaf as prototype forsons ofin Sudanterror tapes oftransition from financier to terrorist ofYousef andBlack Friday Seeds of Terror
  • His anti-Americanism is shrill to the point of self-parody, and he has no powerful protectors. A Convenient Enemy
  • Whatever audience they target, they speak a lingua franca of anti-white, anti-Semitic, anti-American hatred racists such as al-Mansour constitute a significant proportion of these hate mongers? Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami
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