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  • The seasonal deciduous forest is a well-known center of endemism for birds, harboring two very specialized species of antbirds (slender antbird Rhophornis ardesiaca and narrow-billed antbird Formicivora iheringi). Bahia interior forests
  • Led by Dr. Joseph Tobias and Dr.Nathalie Seddon from the Edward Grey Institute, University of Oxford, the research team analysed the calls and songs of two antbird species that were living side-by-side in the Amazon rainforest - the Peruvian warbling-antbird and the yellow-breasted warbling-antbird. Gaea Times (by Simple Thoughts) Breaking News and incisive views 24/7
  • Entire avian families, including cotingas, manakins, toucans, and ground antbirds, are essentially confined to the Neotropics, as are such unique species as screamers, trumpeters, sunbittern, hoatzin, and boat-billed heron.
  • Hylopezus berlepschi, Amazonian Antpitta an antbird Who Was Berlepsch?
  • There are three species that fall into this specialized group: helmeted pygmy-tyrant, black-headed antbird and an undescribed Herpsilochmus antwren. NYT > Home Page
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  • When a female antbird searches for a mate, it all may come down to a song. U.S. News
  • Suboscines are particularly well represented, with vocalizations of more than 350 (!) species of ovenbirds, antbirds, tyrant flycatchers, and the like.
  • Particularly among suboscines, subtle differences in songs often separate closely related species, as recently confirmed for thamnophilid antbirds.
  • Some species that will benefit from the protected areas include the slender antbird News
  • Only 7 percent remains of the original 400,000-square-mile forest, home to hundreds of species of trees and animals like tapirs, jaguars and the rare marsh antbird.
  • Likewise, trunks for foraging woodpeckers and vegetational structures for dead-leaf foraging antbirds are found throughout the midstory, often extending into the understory and canopy.
  • It lived up to its reputation with violaceous trogon, cinnamon and other woodpeckers, woodcreepers, antwrens, antbirds, antshrikes, purple-throated fruit-crows, wrens and flycatchers.
  • Some ant followers are versatile enough to find food by various methods, but others such as the white-plumed antbird, Pithys albifrons, and the rufous-throated antbird, Gymnopithys rufigula are specialists, depending utterly on the armies they follow. The Song of The Dodo
  • Small flies laid their eggs in the bodies of the escaping insects; antbirds grabbed most of the bugs the flies didn't claim.
  • Birds found here and in only few other places include white-bellied seedeaters Sporophila leucoptera, grassland yellow-finches Sicalis luteola, chalk-browed mockingbirds Mimus saturninus, tropical peewees Contopus cinereus, rufous-throated antbirds Gymnopithys rufigula, black-breasted puffbirds Notharchus pectoralis, and plain-bellied emeralds Amazilia leucogaster. Marajó varzea
  • Only 7 percent remains of the original 400,000-square-mile forest, home to hundreds of species of trees and animals like tapirs, jaguars and the rare marsh antbird.
  • Carlos was already outside and ready to go when I hurtled out of the front door, and within a few minutes we were through the gates and heading down Semaphore Hill's winding road … an earlier post (actually, probably several of them) that any bird with the word 'ant' in its name is likely to be a very good one: antbird, antwren, ant-thrush, all of them difficult to see, often stunningly well-marked, and unknown outside of Central and South America. 10,000 Birds
  • Because of their cryptic coloration and secretive habits, ground antbirds are more often heard than seen.
  • Here we report an 8-year study of this system in a tropical passerine bird, the dusky antbird.

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