[ US /ˌænəˈtoʊɫiə/ ]
  1. a peninsula in southwestern Asia that forms the Asian part of Turkey
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How To Use Anatolia In A Sentence

  • For example, the conquering Hittite King Shuppiluliuma I 1344–1322 B.C. stopped in southeastern Anatolia to review his troops and chariots before continuing onward to his goal, the siege of the city of Carchemish. The Trojan War
  • In my previous post Odysseus, Uthuze and Utnapishtim, I finished off with the dangling idea that the name Odysseus had reached Anatolia and the Aegean by the second millenium BCE. A Pre-Greek name for Odysseus
  • The dogs, Anatolian shepherds, live with the livestock on the range and protect them from cheetahs and leopards.
  • Employing a fluent Anatolian dialect and using minimum force Barossa extracts a vital nugget of information from the somewhat stubborn barber.
  • Iyarri Anatolian god of war and plagues, known as an archer “Lord of the Bow”, similar to Greek god Apollo. The Trojan War
  • You can see Roman ruins in Turkey, some of the most famous mosaics are from the place the Romans called Anatolia, which is modern-day Turkey. Violet Eclipse
  • He was an important man from a wealthy region in southern Anatolia. The Battle of Salamis
  • The absence of phalluses and vulvae was remarkable, Mellaart thought, because they were often portrayed in the art of Upper Paleolithic and Neolithic cultures outside Anatolia. The Goddess and the Bull
  • A small part of the ecoregion falls south of the Azerbaidjan-Iran border and is classified as a mosaics of Anatolian Aremisisietea fragrantis armeniaca and Sub-Euxenian oak forest remnants in Zohary. Azerbaijan shrub desert and steppe
  • Anatolia, the main Turkish landmass that historically has been known as Asia Minor, literally translates as "full of mothers". Zeyno Baran: Let the Truth Shine
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