How To Use Analogical In A Sentence

  • Maybe I should add for completeness, that if Grassman's Law surfaced already during this hypothetical common "phonation shift" between Proto-Hellenic and Proto-Indo-Iranian, then forms like Greek títhēmi would have to be explained as resulting from analogical pressures that forced *d to devoice along with *dʰ in the underlying post-Grassman's-Law form, *dídʰehmi. Winter's Law in Balto-Slavic, "Hybrid Theory" and phonation - Part 2
  • He gives this argument in the course of addressing what he calls "the analogical argument for cognitivity," which he associates with William Alston, Warranted Christian Belief
  • the analogical use of a metaphor
  • But there are also adaptive and purely analogical homologies, such as the interdigital palmation of aquatic birds, amphibians and mammals. Form and Function A Contribution to the History of Animal Morphology
  • It should be noted that while accidents by inhesion modify substance, they are witnesses to its nature, being the medium whereby the mind, through a process of abstraction and inference, builds its analogical concepts of the constitution of substances. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 1: Aachen-Assize
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  • Is there just one concept that corresponds to an analogical term, or is there a sequence of concepts?
  • If light ‘sees,’ then the speculum which reflects this seeing light can analogically participate in the solar vision that it reflects; it can derive from it its own vision.
  • And first, whether are you for managing it analogically, or dialogically? ' The Vicar of Wakefield
  • For Blake the unit of signification can be anything along a sliding analogical scale of the particulars of textual production: from the whole of a published, finished copy down to the smallest drops of ink and finest of etched marks, Blake's vision of signification is like a great chain of reading with every link forged as it is perceived by the reader. Unlocking Language: Self-Similarity in Blake's _Jerusalem_.
  • The company has announced that the alternator has been a real breakthrough for the factory as it has become an integral part of the production of transport equipment for the US Army because of its advantages to analogical products. (Sofia News Agency)
  • From Magical to Analogical Thinking: The System of Corrospondences Though Shankara's path of jnana yoga ultimately rejects the idea that the self has dimensions or a location, it does recognize the propaedeutic and metaphoric role such conceptions play within the Vedanta system of meditation-devotion upasana. Archive 2009-02-01
  • The roots of this mindset reach back centuries, Mr. Gregory says, to the late-medieval theologian John Duns Scotus, who argued that God and man both exist in the same essence of things and that therefore man may speak of God with "univocal" as opposed to "analogical" language. Blame It on Calvin & Luther
  • What counts in analogical comparison is, within limits, inherently contestable.
  • It begins with a playful threat directed at those who, as Gale thinks, accept the analogical argument for the cognitivity of religious experience: Warranted Christian Belief
  • There is no place for plastic bags in my woodland, even analogical ones. Times, Sunday Times
  • The analogical structure and poetical impulse that runs through all of the paired images are even found in the artist's single images such as his Giglio.
  • In aiming to establish this, I may be thought to be endeavouring to establish a counter-thesis to that of the preceding essay on alchemy, but, in virtue of the alchemists 'belief in the mystical unity of all things, in the analogical or correspondential relationship of all parts of the universe to each other, the mystical and the phallic views of the origin of alchemy are complementary, not antagonistic. Bygone Beliefs
  • Here, analogical reasoning is at work; “[m] odels in this sense of the term seem to provide what might be termed strong causal analog models” (Ankeny 2001, p. S255). The Human Genome Project
  • He was unable to see how evolution in biology could have any but the feeblest analogical resemblance to the evolution of society.
  • The two books were concerned with sorcery and had analogical culture background.
  • As a universal spam blocking tool Spam Blocker possesses indefeasible advantages compared to analogical applications.
  • We saw also that there are analogically extended senses of the term justification '; but none of them is such that it is clear that a Christian believer can't be justified, in that sense, in holding Christian belief. Warranted Christian Belief
  • Most of the literary essays in this volume take the analogical route. The Times Literary Supplement
  • MIE enclitic *mas regularly becomes *n̥s via Syncope, and was then later extended analogically as *nos by the time of PIE proper. The trouble with the PIE 1st & 2nd person plural endings (3)
  • The resemblance, in the shape of the body and in the fin-like anterior limbs, between the dugong, which is a pachydermatous animal, and the whale, and between both these mammals and fishes, is analogical. On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life
  • They present elements of a sophisticated semantic theory, epistemology, consequentialist ethics, and theory of analogical argumentation, along with intriguing discussions of causality, space and time, and mereological ontology. Mohist Canons
  • If this does not come up promptly, the therapist asks if they would accept to compare their problem to whatever analogical image comes to the mind of the therapist.
  • Man should be involved in the cultural mandate; this is the application of analogical thinking.
  • But there are also adaptive and purely analogical homologies, such as the interdigital palmation of aquatic birds, amphibians and mammals. Form and Function A Contribution to the History of Animal Morphology
  • While analogical change within the numeral set is common and possible in general, it doesn't appear probable here when Starostin's typically "parenthetic" *ŋi̯u "3" has not been demonstrated with regular sound correspondences using a competently reconstructed phonology that doesn't violate phonemic markedness at every turn. The hidden binary behind the Japanese numeral system

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