How To Use Ampoule In A Sentence

  • He highlighted the potentially deadly similarity between 5ml plastic ampoules of the clear liquids water, saline and lignocaine, a local anaesthetic.
  • Imagine looking desperately for adrenaline while treating a patient with a cardiac arrest, finding an ampoule labelled ephedrine, and mistaking it for epinephrine.
  • Mes jambes sont gonflées, mes pieds sont rouge plein d'ampoules, j'ai des bleu partout les cuisse les poignet les bras ... Pinku-tk Diary Entry
  • This standard solution was accurately prepared in super-clean laboratory with 1,2,3,4-tetrachlorobenzene(96%) and sub-packed in 5ml ampoules.
  • · Ampoule with 200 mg of sulphadoxine + 10 mg of pyrimethamine/ml Chapter 11
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  • Chon breaks another ampoule and fills the syringe. Savages
  • A moment later he was back with a hypodermic syringe and an ampoule. LET NOT THE DEEP
  • The cost for an ampoule at a private pharmacy is about £30.
  • This standard solution was accurately prepared in super-clean laboratory with o-nitrophenol and sub-packed in 5ml ampoules.
  • They used to - back in the old days, sonny - package triflic anhydride in glass ampoules.
  • This standard solution was accurately prepared in super-clean laboratory with iso-propyl benzene and sub-packed in 2ml ampoules.
  • Glass ampoules and syringes were used to administer emergency medications (eg, epinephrine, hydrocortisone) before Mr L's procedure began.
  • - Adsorbed vaccine (diphtheric and tetanic toxoid and killed bacterial vaccine against pertussis), ampoule with ready to use solution. Chapter 4
  • The study drug was supplied in identical numbered ampoules.
  • The chimera drops the empty ampoule into the bag, and smiles. Archive 2010-04-01
  • The ampoules containing the two allergens could not be distinguished from one another or from the distilled water.
  • (Sodium hydrogencarbonate drinking ampoule or two table-spoonfuls of bicarbonate of soda in 1 l water.) - Only then treatment of secondary wounds, such as immobilization of fractures etc.. 3. Immediate Measures after an Accident Caused by Electric Current
  • Because the pharmacy had no pethidine, the general practitioner obtained an ampoule of diamorphine containing 100 mg and administered the whole dose intramuscularly.
  • I also had a Pevonia Plantomer facial, in which they use numinous ampoules of propolis and lavender to soothe and hydrate the complexion.
  • A French nun who was cured overnight of Parkinson's disease after invoking John Paul's intercession presented the Pope with an ampoule of his blood as a holy relic. Bishop Pierre Whalon: Big Media Events And The Churches That Put Them On
  • One dose vial of lyophilised Anti-Snake Veno Serum with 10 ml. ampoule of Sterile water for injection. Archive 2009-07-01
  • The drugs stolen include an ampoule of adrenalin, which could kill if injected, a police spokesman warned.
  • Dr. McLaren stood in front of the tank with a printout in one hand and an ampoule of pale yellow liquid in the other. 365 tomorrows » 2010 » July : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day
  • The drugs stolen include an ampoule of adrenalin which could kill if injected.
  • ‘Clean it up,’ Zornitza snapped, reaching for her ampoule and hypodermic syringe.
  • - Vitamin B12 at high doses is recommended as an antalgic by certain manufacturers (2 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg/ampoule): this antalgic activity has not been proven. Chapter 4
  • This standard solution was accurately prepared in super-clean laboratory with 2,4-dinitrotoluene(99%) and sub-packed in 5ml ampoules.
  • The print on the ampoules is so small these days.
  • The chimera reaches into the bag at her feet, and rummages around, pulling out a small ampoule filled with yellow smoke. Archive 2010-04-01
  • Alors, quand j'aurai TOUT réécris, TOUT redessiné, TOUT retrouvé et aussi quand j'irais mieux et aussi que j'arreterai de me faire des ampoules au pouce a force de jouer a Soul Calibur III et aussi quand ce putain de programme de mise en ligne fonctionnera comme il faut vous aurez le droit a cette connasse de mise a jour que ca fait 30 ans qu'elle est prete et que j'galere pour la mettre en ligne ... Pinku-tk Diary Entry
  • Ampoule of 0.5 mg/ml, 1 ml of ergometrine maleate for IM, slow IV or intramural injection (injection in the uterus) Chapter 4
  • We examined the proportion of methadone prescriptions per year issued as oral syrup, tablets, or injectable ampoules to identify any change of professional practice.
  • Industry figures indicate that the average monthly demand for diamorphine is approximately 640,000 ampoules of varying strengths.
  • The drugs stolen include an ampoule of adrenalin which could kill if injected.
  • Twice last year the British Medical Journal gave column space to doctors reporting confusion between ampoules of water, saline, and lignocaine (also called lidocaine) for injection.
  • From 1997 the absolute number of prescriptions as ampoules fell annually.
  • The sets of ampoules were made up at an independent homoeopathic dispensary (the Centre for the Study of Complementary Medicine, Southampton) with numerical codes on each of the bottles.
  • The facility will be acquired at its book value as on June 30, the statement said, adding that it will manufacture finished drug products such as glass vials for lyophilized sterile powder and liquids, ampoules, pre-filled syringes and blow-filled syringes. Aurobindo Pharma to Buy Trident Life for About $27.85 Million
  • - Ampoule of 0.2 mg/ml, 1 ml of methylergometrine maleate Chapter 4
  • They watched 2935 float over to the white square of plastic mounted in the far corner of the tank, watched it extract a waterproof pen from its holder, watched it scrawl three clumsy question marks on the square while brown and yellow patches rose and sank on its skin, then watched it shudder, spasm, and sink as the ampoule of anesthetic diffused through the tank. 365 tomorrows » submission : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day
  • He opened a little maintenance hatch and cracked the ampoule into it like an egg. 2935 had stopped eating and squeezed itself into the corner of the tank, watching him. 365 tomorrows » submission : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day
  • The tiny 10 mg and 30 mg ampoules of diamorphine are identical and contain the same amount of powder - only the concentration is different.
  • Working in a busy plastic surgery unit, we have noticed that a variety of water, saline, and lignocaine ampoules all look virtually identical in terms of bottle design and labelling.
  • The anaesthetic had been kept in glass ampoules which were stored in the disinfectant, and became contaminated by seepage through invisible cracks in the glass.

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