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  • This Amerindian descent is still evident in the northern countryside where pottery and other Indian crafts are made with traditional methods.
  • The location is typical of an Amerindian settlement in that it is located on the windward side of the island (a location more difficult for enemy landings due to the constant battering of wind and waves).
  • In pottery, woodcraft, and basketry, Amerindians produce for the domestic and foreign markets.
  • Alberto Vilar, the multimillionaire Royal Opera House donor, and Mike Sandifer, launching their charm offensive this week, are set now to talk up the prospects for Amerindo's diverse portfolio of unquoted technology investments.
  • In some cases, the Southern Amerind loanwords acquired by English through the filter of Spanish, Portuguese, French, and New Latin had already passed through another language. VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol IX No 3
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  • Particularly in Amerindian communities, curanderos function as healers who communicate with nature gods and spirits.
  • CACIQUE Term is still used in Haiti to refer to the pre-Columbian Amerindian rulers and divisions of the country. The Serpent and the Rainbow
  • The general legal status of Amerindians has evolved over the generations but the general question was resolved well over a century ago: anyone of genetic Amerindian descent has certain rights and privileges stemming from the dubious “dependent sovereignty” status of the tribes as sloppily defined back in the 19th Century and mangled through a series of treaties negotiated in bad faith and dishonestly managed by the federal government. Matthew Yglesias » Goldberg: The Middle East Is Complicated and It’s All the Arabs’ Fault
  • Getty Images/Gallo Images An Amerindian village in the savannah-dominated region of Rupununi in southern Guyana. From Guyana to Guiana
  • These Amerindian-Spanish people are known locally as Ladinos.
  • He got stuck in the ice near what is now Quebec city and spent the winter there, saved from scurvy by the Amerindians who taught them how to make thuya infusions… A first attempt at a settlement was made in 1641, by about 30 people, but that ended up in disaster, because they nearly all died from the harsh winter. Unprecedented Warmth in Sweden « Climate Audit
  • Rather, he looks Caucasian , so it is unlikely his DNA would resemble a modern Amerindian's.
  • These projects include the production of cassava bread, farine and cassareep according to traditional Amerindian methods, fans, baskets, mats and carry cases.
  • An unwalled, conical straw shelter - the carbet - still dots the landscape and is reminiscent of Amerindian days.
  • The only "non-Mexicans" in our family are Tajo (Tahoe) Amerinds. Flour tortillas | Homesick Texan
  • About 90 percent of the people are mestizos, people of mixed European and Amerindian ancestry.
  • The island was called Iere, meaning ‘the land of the hummingbird,’ by its native Amerindian inhabitants.
  • The studies of craniometric variation in American human remains dating from that period have shown morphological differences between the earliest settlers of the continent and some of the later Amerindian populations. ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science
  • A few root decoctions of the beardtongues were used for toothache by the Amerindians, but I found no mention of any economic uses for slender beardtongue.
  • Caquetio Amerinds, members of the Arawak tribe, migrated from Venezuela and were the first inhabitants on this arid, barren, cactus-filled island that is south of the hurricane belt and has an average year-round temperature of 82 degrees. Dwight Brown: Aruba: The Beach Is Just the Beginning...
  • She was a shining example of excellence to the Amerindian community, and a good friend. Alyson Renaldo: Guyana: A Small Nation with Great Concerns
  • That may reflect an Amerindian tradition of collective decision - making.
  • The Tucayana demands included the cancellation of the Kourou accord and autonomy for Amerindian areas in the interior.
  • Derived mostly from French (with sprinklings from African, Amerindian, and English dialects), Creole is particularly expressive and idiomatic, using a relatively simple grammatical structure.
  • You may even see an opossum-like manicou or the large agouti - a rodent introduced as food by the Amerindians.
  • Ladinos are usually mestizos, people of mixed Amerindian and European descent.
  • Similarly recent works, like the ones you cite, that revise "upwards" our understanding of the cultural and economic level of indigenous Amerindian civilisation also strengthen the case. New World Apocalypse, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • There are many genetic studies that confirm that human intrapopulation genetic diversity decreases with geographic distance from Africa, and that the Amerindians suffered a genetic bottleneck PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • The total approximate "Amerindian" or aboriginal population of the New World at the present day is 16,000,000, of whom about Pioneers in Canada
  • Two-spirited ones (formerly known as berdache) were commonly found in many Amerindian cultures. Christopher Ryan: The Prehistory of Prop 8
  • Their 500-year history of miscegenation was an unhappy one, the result of European colonisation, exploitation of the native Amerindian population and a long history of African slavery.
  • Canadian art, contemporary art, Amerindian art, and decorative arts.
  • S : The people are largely an amalgam of Amerindian, Spanish and African.
  • According to most modern historians, the Amerindians were generally taller, stronger and healthier with longer life expectancies than the short, dirty, smelly, underfed Europeans that confronted them at the end of the 15th Century. The Logic of the Anti-Columbians
  • About 7 or 8 percent also speak an Amerindian language as their native tongue.
  • The pre-Columbian Amerindian civilizations in particular produced a variety of vessel flutes, compound pipes and wind instruments.
  • The Tucayana demands included the cancellation of the Kourou accord and autonomy for Amerindian areas in the interior.
  • Chavez is a “pardo” of mixed black, Amerindian, and European ancestry. Blog Articles » Print » The Love Life Of Hugo Chavez
  • With regard to the claim of respect for Amerindian rights, government has always stated that titled Amerindian villages have the right to opt in or not to opt in," the statement said. EcoEarth.Info Environment RSS Newsfeed
  • I guess that the great typological difference in the use of labials can speak for the great genetic difference in AmerIndian languages.
  • The pre-Columbian Amerindian civilizations in particular produced a variety of vessel flutes, compound pipes and wind instruments.
  • Amerindian men perform a dance in the local church to the accompaniment of fife and drums.
  • For one thing, we can support the indigenous Amerindian politicians in Latin America, when they try to gain political power from the Hispanic upper classes in their countries. Columbus: The Far Left is Dead Right, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • Découvrir les îles des Caraïbes comme nos ancêtres amérindiens et pouvoir ressentir les moments forts de leur arrivée sur une terre inconnue Global Voices in English » Caribbean: Following the path of the Caribs
  • The territories once held by the Amerindian nations are now American territory, with limited treaty rights still held by Native Americans and their recognized tribes a subject of negotiation between tribal, federal, and state officials. Matthew Yglesias » Goldberg: The Middle East Is Complicated and It’s All the Arabs’ Fault
  • Christian saints are often credited with the supernatural powers attributed to the gods of native Amerindian religions.
  • Sorry, how did the legal status of Amerindian vs non-Amerindian Americans drop into the conversation? Matthew Yglesias » Goldberg: The Middle East Is Complicated and It’s All the Arabs’ Fault
  • In Izalco, the period between Christmas and the Feast of the Epiphany is celebrated with nightly processions and Jeu Jeu, an Amerindian rain dance.

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