How To Use Americanize In A Sentence

  • We do NOT need them in Americanized live-action or even 3D form. James Cameron Quickly Updates His Battle Angel Adaptation «
  • That's why the Clinton administration's argument that lifting the arms embargo will "Americanize" the war doesn't make sense. Let Bosnia Control Its Own Future
  • The new immigrants and these ultramontane clerics who came to serve them overwhelmed the small, relatively Americanized Catholic Church they found here.
  • So if she's not calling for his firing, what the hell does she want? please tell me what is "debasing" about that comment. did he lower her in stature??? wait, wait, now i see the angle: shuster african-americanized chelsea. ahhh, i see. that's more in line with Bill and the post-SC colors shining through. Hillary To NBC: Fire David Shuster
  • The diner offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, serving traditional American fare, and some Americanized dishes like chicken Parmesan and gyros.
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  • Not being catered to like the others on her tour who were living in Americanized luxury at the Hilton and other expensive hotels. The Dirty Duck
  • Synonymous with jerk or the more recent nerd, shnook is an Americanized Yiddishism probably derived from the German Schnucke, “a small or weak sheep.” The Right Word in the Right Place at the Right Time
  • This assimilation has been so successful that it is challenging to discover the ethnic antecedents of many families who have become completely Americanized.
  • What I'm wondering is how he is going to "Americanize" the sexual and perverse storylines, which have just as much to do with the film as the angst. Matt Reeves Says 'Let Me In' Will Be Darker Than 'Twilight' «
  • The well nigh inexhaustible field of folk-lore of his own people is ready to be told to the world, whether in the crude dialect of the race, or in Americanized English, it matters little. Twentieth Century Negro Literature Or, A Cyclopedia of Thought on the Vital Topics Relating to the American Negro
  • The black man here is Americanized, and as a sequence, sectionalized. Africa and the American Negro...Addresses and Proceedings of the Congress on Africa Held Under the Auspices of the Stewart Missionary Foundation for Africa of Gammon Theological Seminary in Connection with the Cotton States and International Exposition De
  • VW executives remain scarred by an attempt in the 1980s to Americanize Rabbits produced at a VW plant in Westmoreland County, Pa., with cheaper interiors and a softer suspension. Volkswagen Aims at Fast Lane in U.S.
  • Jonathan Homer of Newton, who was, to look upon, a kind of expurgated, reduced and Americanized copy of Voltaire, but very unlike him in wickedness or wit. The Poet at the Breakfast-Table
  • He makes it clear that such Americanized Mexican items like San Francisco's steak burritos, San Diego's fish tacos and Tucson's chimichangas do not belong in this book and will not be discussed.
  • They quote passages from the Koran and argue that even the most Americanized Muslim secretly wants to replace the Constitution with Islamic Shariah law.
  • The more than three hundred treaties with Native Americans broken by the U.S. government, the "Indian schools" and the reservation system to "Americanize" them and keep them out of sight, the Jim Crow laws, lynchings, legal discrimination, still-existing racist judicial system with its disproportionate numbers of African-American and Hispanic males incarcerated or executed, all resulted. Marginalizing MLK: Ignoring Dr. King's Still-Relevant Speech
  • The successfully Americanized mother stereotype posed as sure a threat to her children as did the nonliterate immigrant. Stereotypes in the United States.
  • This flexibility and adaptability has had a profound effect on first-generation American-born Thais, who tend to be quite assimilated or Americanized.
  • After a year in Iowa, he has totally Americanized
  • The comparison reflects a basic mistake we Americans make over and over again: we "Americanize" the rest of the world's conflicts, seeing them through the lens of our own national experience. Is That Legal?: Books Archives
  • I lived in the U.S. for the next twelve years and became very Americanized, as children will, and although I haven't been back since, I've worked hard to keep my English pure, so that I don't sound like Jacques Cousteau describing zuh most -andsome craytures zaire are in zuh sea. Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates
  • When you become used to never is alone, you may consider yourself americanize.
  • But I suspect your Americanized ears hear it differently, just as they hear "burgled" as if belongs in a board game. A World Gone Nuts: Missing Junk and Missing Pants
  • To break the deadlock, they sent an army of 9,000 men, British and German (known as Hessians to the Americans) to besiege Charleston, S.C. A few victories in the South, they hoped, would inflame Southerners loyal to King George III, causing them to rise up and allow London to "Americanize" the war. Malarial mosquitoes helped defeat British in battle that ended Revolutionary War
  • Similar to the 16% population dilemma mentioned above, this make many marketers assume that English language and a one-size fits all works with this emerging "Americanized" Latino. Lili Gil: Top 5 Reasons Why Latinos Must be on Your Advertising Agenda
  • Instead of saying that we Americanize them, we should confess that we animalize them. Woman and the New Race
  • The year in the US has completely Americanized him
  • Astaire and Rogers came to movies from vaudeville and Broadway, where they had to Americanize their names imagine a dance team called Austerlitz and McMath! NPR Topics: News
  • Today, we have films like “Ringu” (or, for the almost-as-good Americanized version, “The Ring”) that once again shatter the rules of what we know. A Christmas Clarification
  • But none of this will translate in a remake, much less when your goal is to "Americanize" it. Let Me In Director Matt Reeves Offers Further Thoughts on Remaking a Cult Classic, Defends Against Twilight Comparisons | /Film
  • Because not only do we have to dumb down ( "Americanize") Let the Right One In, now The Orphanage too? ‘Orphanage’ Remake Adopted By ‘Arlington Road’ Director Mark Pellington » MTV Movies Blog
  • The Americanized name for maguey is century plant, and they are pretty common in the Southwest. Alb�ndigas Soup
  • As individuals, families, and whole communities emigrate, they bring with them their eating habits and traditions, yet over time must and do change ( "Americanize", "Frenchify") their cuisine, adapting to available ingredients, modernizing to fit a new lifestyle. Jamie Schler: Football, Food and Nationality
  • When you become used to never is alone, you may consider yourself americanize.

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