How To Use American coot In A Sentence

  • Of course, native birds such as the American coot, mallard, and Brewer's blackbird also used this valuable oasis.
  • We see two American coots, which are black, white-billed rails that behave very similarly to ducks.
  • However, there were plenty of resident shorebirds hanging out in the lagoon as well, such as the American coot, killdeer, and American avocet.
  • Among American coots, for example, chicks hatch already sporting a red head splotch, and when feeding their broods, parents consistently favor offspring with the reddest adornment.
  • The American Coot is a medium-sized bird with a white bill, yellow legs, and lobed toes.
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  • American coots also nest at quite high densities so there are more potential host nests available.
  • However, the American coot's most surprising defense against sneaky egg-layers is its ability to count.
  • A recent study shows that American coots are able to distinguish between parasitic eggs and their own, and are able to ‘count’ their clutch size.

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