How To Use American capital In A Sentence

  • American capitalism was able to afford this reformist policy because of its unchallenged position of world economic dominance.
  • Warren Buffett, the iconic figure of American capitalism, expressed the new wariness in his annual report released Saturday.
  • Whether called French dirigisme… the quest for shareholder value… or dynamic American capitalism, they all have the same bitter aftertaste: neither voters, retirees, nor shareholders are likely to get what they were promised.
  • The slower-growing economy, along with reduced investor demand for leveraged loans, has caused the prices of many of American Capital's loans, many of which are inactively traded, to drop. Rule Clouds American Capital
  • The Big Board's roots as an icon of American capitalism go back to 1792, when traders signed an agreement under a buttonwood tree on Wall Street. Feds Sink Nasdaq's Bid to Buy Big Board
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  • The undisputed American capital of wine has earned its reputation thanks to seemingly endless picturesque vineyards and world-class wines.
  • The attempt to create the mirage of value through speculative activities independent of the production process had a profound effect on the character of American capitalism and the social physiognomy of its ruling elite.
  • In a speech broadcast on Iran state television, he predicted what he called the demise of American capitalism and corporate favoritism. NYT > Home Page
  • He was alarmed that at this crucial time there was no British ambassador in the American capital. Times, Sunday Times
  • Peruvian cuisine has had many influences - from Indians and Spanish conquistadors, who made Lima their South American capital, to waves of Italian, Chinese, African and Japanese immigrants.
  • An eminent scientist and founder of top Pentagon contractor OsCorp, Norman Osborne / Green Goblin is the quintessential archetype of the greedy American capitalist.
  • They change the world, not always for the better—and that in the U.S. they often choose to pursue entrepreneurship and industry rather than politics is one of the uncelebrated blessings of American capitalism. Steve Jobs and the Death of the Personal Computer
  • Most economists agree that massive government spending is largely responsible for this improved performance of American capitalism. Property and Prophets: The Evolution of Economic Institutions and Ideologies
  • The true entrepreneurial spirit, central to American capitalism, is more often identified with America's newest comers than with its native-born.
  • He was alarmed that at this crucial time there was no British ambassador in the American capital. Times, Sunday Times
  • The U.S. does not need another fledgling democracy - it needs a place to dump its unemployed captains of business and to establish a mini-me of American capitalism.
  • But the off-hand manner in which he posits a major attack on US soil ‘affecting’ the presidential election suggests he is merely echoing a common theme of discussions in the corridors of power of the American capital.
  • In pointing to the alleged exceptionalism of the United States, they fail entirely to take into account the unique role of American capitalism as the dominant world power.
  • But these young folk in the suburbs are in general more consumers than critics when it comes to American capitalism.
  • It's a sharp economic slowdown caused by a mood of irrational despair fed by press and political hype about what's rotten in American capitalism.
  • It was based on a restructuring of American capitalism. DOT.CON
  • The symbols of American capitalism and military imperialism have been struck from the skies, the financial markets have been spun into chaos, and the global economy has been sent tottering to the brink of recession.
  • American capitalism, to be sure, has been politically and economically hegemonic through its state and its capitalist enterprises.
  • The team has given the American capital something else to talk about besides politics.
  • As opposed to the jingoist neocons who want to export the wonders of American capitalism, abortion, liberalism, and Starbucks all over the face of the earth. Matthew Yglesias » All Presidents Engage With Tyrants
  • Fighter jets scrambled into the clear blue skies above the American capital.
  • Left to itself, it would be sagebrush and cactus, but American capital and hydro-engineering wizardry have made it greener than wet Seattle.
  • The national consolidation of American capitalism set the stage for its extraterritorial expansion.
  • Because the British laborer is disinclined to scab, that is, because he restricts his output in order to give less for the wage he receives, it is to a certain extent made possible for the American capitalist, who receives a less restricted output from his laborers, to play the scab on the English capitalist. THE SCAB
  • This policy is founded on the conception that Washington's unchallenged military supremacy gives it a free hand to use force to assert the global hegemony of American capitalism.
  • If he can do what F.D.R. did -- make American capitalism stabler and less savage -- he will establish a Democratic majority that dominates U.S. politics for a generation. Good News, D.C. Unemployment's Up
  • But in inter-war Shanghai, the style's lavish ornamentalism represented more than that - it was an aesthetic meeting ground for the neoclassicism of the British Empire and the brash spirit of American capitalism.
  • It is deeply rooted in the social relations and political structures of American capitalism.
  • But the latest tradition in American capitalism is self-reward the CxOs with lots of bonuses no matter how they do, while laying off and exporting American jobs. Think Progress » FACT CHECK: Combating Global Warming Does Not Require ‘Economic Castration’
  • If the grammar was to teach declarative sentences, examples were sentences like “The American capitalist imperialist is unfair to the worker.” July « 2006 « Bill Ayers
  • In the political destabilization of American capitalism, accompanied by extreme economic dislocation, political events are intensifying the process of a serious economic downturn.
  • And she has come to the American capital in a last-ditch attempt to preserve her people's unique way of life.
  • The undisputed American capital of wine has earned its reputation thanks to seemingly endless picturesque vineyards and world-class wines.
  • An unusual experiment featuring equal parts science, environmental optimism and Native American capitalist ambition is unfolding here on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation in southwest Colorado. POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: August 17, 2009
  • Such a survey would show, I think, that Professor Galbraith is very sensitive to the moods of the moment, moving with but little resistance and even less acknowledgment from a kind of Panglossian optimism in American Capitalism (and the same year's famous New York Times Magazine article 'We Can Prosper Without War Orders'), through increasing skepticism in the middle books (The Affluent Society and The New Industrial State), to something which now displays what is at times ill-concealed alarm. Galbraith's Utopia
  • It is striving for world hegemony, i.e., the political and economic reorganization of the world in the interests of American capital.
  • At the same time American capitalism carried out its own ambitious counterrevolutionary intrigue, through the newly formed CIA as well as other agencies.
  • In opposition to globalization, these groups counterpose an idealized notion of an earlier period of American capitalism when the national market and national state played a more dominant role in economic life.

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