1. absence or suppression of normal menstrual flow
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How To Use amenia In A Sentence

  • Girls rarely conceive before the catamenia appear.
  • Conclusion: Chromosome abnormality is a major genetic factor that causes abortion, amenia and dysgenitalis, and should be highly emphasized by clinicians.
  • From this point on the male's contribution is typically termed gonê (semen), and the female's katamenia (menses). Aristotle's Biology
  • A dark gray complexion indicates prolonged stagnation of blood such as a consumptive disease with blood deficiency accompanied by menoplania or amenia.
  • During the catamenial period, _i. e._, during one week out of every month, a woman should abandon intellectual or physical labor, either because she is already incapacitated for it, or because she will be so ultimately, if she does not take the precautionary rest. The Education of American Girls
  • It often happens, however, during the first critical epoch, which is isochronal with the technical educational period of a girl, that after a few occasions of catamenial hemorrhage, moderate perhaps but still hemorrhage, which are not heeded, the conservative force of Nature steps in, and saves the blood by arresting the function. Sex in Education or, A Fair Chance for Girls
  • I am of opinion that, if the general health were perfectly good, the cessation of the catamenia would always be accomplished naturally.
  • I know that the Yale Law School doesn't just let anyone in (and the only language missing from the frequent quotations at Scott Horton's Harper's blog, as far as I can tell, is Hittite), but what are the chances that this law student being interviewed would a) know the word "catamenial" and b) use it in conversation? Jonathan Goodwin
  • D'Andradé 1.6 cites an account of a healthy Parsee lady, eighteen years of age, who menstruated regularly from thirteen to fifteen and a half years; the catamenia then became irregular and she suffered occasional hemorrhages from the gums and nose, together with attacks of hematemesis. Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine
  • _ When the defect of the due action of both the absorbent and secerning vessels of the liver affects women, and is attended with obstruction of the catamenia, it is called chlorosis; and is cured by the exhibition of steel, which restores by its specific stimulus the absorbent power of the liver; and the menstruation, which was obstructed in consequence of debility, recurs. Zoonomia, Vol. II Or, the Laws of Organic Life
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