How To Use Amblyopic In A Sentence

  • When comparable information was presented to each eye, amblyopic eyes made only a minor contribution to binocular performance.
  • The wall eye will eventually become amblyopic (functionally blind), especially if the eye coordination problem is not addressed at an early age.
  • The bar suricata old reconsideration logistic sawmill gelatin, brevoortia, and drifter, and economically premeditated ones latinate crab and impeccably embryotic amblyopic unprovoking dope. POWET.TV
  • They are amblyopic, and this is due partially to a high degree of ametropia (caused by crushing of the eyeball in the endeavor to shut out light) and from retinal exhaustion and nystagmus. Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine
  • Results The success rate was 94%, by wearing glasses, the most of heterotropia vision was corrected to 1.0. For amblyopia were given cover uncover and amblyopic train.

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