How To Use Altitude sickness In A Sentence

  • Whether it was the beginnings of altitude sickness, hypothermia, or simply fatigue I have no idea.
  • Only for altitude sickness, according to her spokesman. Times, Sunday Times
  • As the trek ascends and descends on a switchback ascent, an ever-present extra hazard is high-altitude sickness brought about by the ‘thinning’ air
  • Altitude sickness, parasites, frostbite and being gored by a yak are some of the reasons most people prefer to travel in their armchairs.
  • The climbers failed to reach the summit because of altitude sickness.
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  • Her dizzying climb prompts few signs of altitude sickness now. Times, Sunday Times
  • Several medications can treat and even help prevent altitude sickness, including acetazolamide (sold as Diamox) and sildenafil (better known as Viagra). Pentagon's Uphill Battle
  • This is a comprehensive source of information that helps surfers diagnose ailments, from altitude sickness to heatstroke, advises on first aid and discusses issues such as exercise programmes.
  • Temperatures will drop to minus 26 degrees centigrade and the team of eight are likely to suffer altitude sickness on a mountain used by many as final preparation to summit Everest.
  • For thousands of years, indigenous Bolivians have chewed coca leaves, which contain small amounts of cocaine, to ward off the altitude sickness that can accompany living at high mountain elevations.
  • An expert on altitude sickness says he hasn't got long to live.
  • Much higher and the body can suffer from altitude sickness. Times, Sunday Times
  • Some have been hit by altitude sickness. The Sun
  • That's when the altitude sickness hit me like a bus. The Sun
  • According to research altitude of more than 3,000 meters often cause altitude sickness in mountain climbers.
  • Theroux had a deep gash on his face, neckache, altitude sickness and a damaged wrist.
  • The former tennis star Martina Navratilova has been forced to abandon attempts to climb Africa's highest mountain after suffering from altitude sickness.
  • It is fairly easy to gain altitude fast on Mount Kenya and many fall foul of altitude sickness which is not at all pleasant and potentially very dangerous. Ben Colclough: Mount Kenya -- Is This the Most Beautiful Mountain in Africa?
  • They survived altitude sickness, enormous blisters, countless frozen snowdrifts, known as sastrugi, and blinding whiteouts. Renegade Futurist
  • That's when the altitude sickness hit me like a bus. The Sun
  • Legend has it that, struggling with altitude sickness and tropical bugs, he has crawled into caves to rescue music written on goatskins and covered with bird and bat droppings.
  • When you get High Altitude Sickness, if you don't go back down a thousand or two thousand feet, and rest until your body acclimates to that altitude, High Altitude Sickness turns into one of two things: either it goes into your lungs and turns into pulmonary edema or into your brain as cerebral edema where your brain swells, both of which can be fatal. Gary Stein: Craig Kiser's Blind Ambition to Benefit Thousands in Need
  • During the conflict, frostbite, sun-burn, and other high-altitude sicknesses caused large numbers of casualties.
  • In fact, it's also used for some lung diseases and altitude sickness. The Sun
  • This second album from the Hoosiers is being touted as a more low-key affair than its predecessor, which is a relief considering their 2007 debut was so daffily upbeat, you risked altitude sickness listening to it. The Hoosiers: The Illusion of Safety
  • Although there are effective drugs like Diamox acetazolamide to prevent and treat altitude sickness, buying drugs in mass quantities for an unknown number of soldiers is expensive and wasteful, and some drugs have unwanted side effects such as blurred vision and excess blood acidity. The Full Feed from
  • It used to be known as altitude sickness or tropical sickness, but it seems to be more and more prevalent.
  • Some have been hit by altitude sickness. The Sun
  • Much higher and the body can suffer from altitude sickness. Times, Sunday Times
  • I am light-headed, perhaps from a mild attack of altitude sickness.

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