1. of rocks, deposits, etc.; found in a place other than where they and their constituents were formed
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How To Use allochthonous In A Sentence

  • This has led to debate on whether this basement complex is allochthonous or autochthonous.
  • These rocks are also of biogeographic interest because unlike truly allochthonous terranes they are parautochthonous with respect to the craton.
  • What clues from the rock record or the fossils themselves might tell you whether a fossil assemblage was autochthonous, transported only a little bit, or truly allochthonous?
  • An indicator of the degradation of the flora is the allochthonous species that have established themselves in the wild, already accounting for 42%. San Félix-San Ambrosio Islands temperate forests
  • Twenty-five taxons are native (68%) and 11 are allochthonous (32 %). San Félix-San Ambrosio Islands temperate forests
  • However, this does not prove that the Moine rocks necessarily constitute an allochthonous terrane in the North American sense.
  • In our paper, the authors found that the Gaochuan slab is an allochthonous geological terrain and named it as the Gaochuan Terrain.
  • Synorogenic flysch deposits were laid down in front of the advancing allochthonous complexes, and were overridden by them.
  • These sea ice communities can be supported by materials (both dissolved and particulate) that are allochthonous and autochthonous.
  • If we consider only native species, the similarity percentage (Söhrensen) of the flora on the two islands is 64 %; 8 taxons are found on both islands, 15 are found only on San Ambrosio (including 11 taxons endemic to this island and two allochthonous species) and 11 taxons grow only on San Félix and of these two are endemic to this island and 7 are allochthonous. San Félix-San Ambrosio Islands temperate forests
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