[ US /əˈɫuʃən/ ]
  1. of or relating to the Aleut or their language or culture
  1. a member of the people inhabiting the Aleutian Islands and southwestern Alaska
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How To Use Aleutian In A Sentence

  • But there were many other significant players in the multiservice campaign: carrier-based aviators in Hellcats, Corsairs, Avengers, and Helldivers; long-range patrol bombers from the Aleutians; Mustang pilots from Iwo Jima; and almost everything in the Army Air Forces inventory from Okinawa. Whirlwind
  • Yamamoto's Midway Force had also detached a powerful Aleutian Screening Force to act as distant cover for Kakuta but this was withdrawn when the battle off Midway failed to go Yamamoto's way.
  • Bering Straits or the line of the Aleutian Islands was the pathway of successive immigrations, on occasions perhaps far apart, or maybe near together; and there is hardly a stronger demonstration of such a connection between the two continents than the physical resemblances of the peoples now living on the opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean in these upper latitudes, with the similarity of the flora which environs them on either shore. Great Epochs in American History, Volume I. Voyages Of Discovery And Early Explorations: 1000 A.D.-1682
  • Carolina Pagli, a geophysicist at the University of Leeds in England, said there were risks that climate change could also trigger volcanic eruptions or earthquakes in places such as Mount Erebus in Antarctica, the Aleutian islands of Alaska or Patagonia in South America. Scientific American
  • He ordered all press of sail, and with the winds whistling through the rigging and the little ship straining to the smashing seas, did his best to outspeed disease, sighting the long line of surf-washed Aleutian Islands in September, coasting from headland to headland, keeping well offshore for fear of reefs till the end of the month, when compelled to turn in to the mid-bay of Oonalaska for water. Vikings of the Pacific The Adventures of the Explorers who Came from the West, Eastward
  • Since we switched to catch shares, one commercial crabber has died in the fisheries in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands. Making 'The Deadliest Catch' Less Deadly
  • The hunters were Aleutian Indians, essentially slaves, operating from the ships using their skin canoes or bidarkas.
  • Stretching from the tip of the Alaska Peninsula to the easternmost Aleutian Islands, the Aleutians East Borough is like no other place on earth.
  • My wife's granddad, a three-war Air Force officer, flew Lightings against the Zeroes and Bettys in the Aleutians and New Guinea before he was shipped back to run a flight school in Texas and met her grandmother, recently widowed from the love of her life by bombing runs over Japan. Where we won the War we started by almost losing it
  • Rocks in the sky made a crescent like the Aleutian islands viewed from high altitude. Mandala « A Fly in Amber
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