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  • WASHINGTON, Aug 26 (OneWorld. net) - Eighty-nine years after U.S. women finally won the right to vote, advocacy groups are pressing the Obama administration to promote women's equality worldwide and paying tribute to an "indefatigable" champion of women's rights, Senator Edward M. Kennedy. (U.S.) - beyond your own borders
  • Consumer advocacy groups are predictably outraged and are calling for fee caps.
  • HONG KONG – The right-wing US advocacy group Freedom’s Watch is reportedly shutting down, as its main funder, casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, becomes one of the high-profile casualties of the global economic downturn. 27 « November « 2008 « Niqnaq
  • And politicians and bureaucrats, not to mention corporate lobbyists and advocacy groups, thrive on their abilities to influence tax policies.
  • One of ACORN's legacies is the thousands of its former staff people who over many years learned organizing, research, and lobbying skills from ACORN and went on to work in many other public interest and grassroots activist and advocacy groups -- unions, immigrant rights and environmental groups, health reform groups, consumer groups, and even as staffers to progressive legislators. Peter Dreier: Why ACORN Fell: The Times , Lies, and Videotape
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  • Some think the advocacy group is more a fearmonger than a watchdog. Houston Chronicle
  • Upper class advocacy groups using identity politics claim that a federal republic will "disintegrate" Nepal, missing the way enfranchisement brings a genuine patriotism that can't be faked, or glossed over by rulers speaking in the name of all. Kasama
  • Such a clear-eyed perspective as offered by a leading economist is refreshing, welcome and must surely add to the voice of activists and advocacy groups around the world.
  • Similar advocacy groups in several other states also are planning legal action modeled on the Maryland and Connecticut suits.
  • The old codgers' advocacy group - AARP - pays only 17 per cent of its revenue in administration.
  • In 1972 the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Legislation, a nonprofit advocacy group, unsuccessfully lobbied the U.S. government to relist marijuana as a Schedule II substance.
  • American students are taking out more loans without understanding the consequences borrowing can have on them after graduation, says a late March report by a public advocacy group.
  • So, many who are on the (more or less) Republican side of the debate in favor of harsh laws and “get-tough” policies and are motivated by a desire for rules being enforced, are actually being led by advocacy groups and elected officials who are much more interested in reducing the numbers (and therefore, illegal immigration makes for a convenient target of opportunity, but the illegality is helpful to their side and therefore they fight against eliminating the illegality). Matthew Yglesias » Immigration and Low-Wage Workers
  • When Sister Carol, along with the liberal advocacy group Network, backed the bill, her religious vocation became the focus of media attention: In a New York Times story, one source spoke of the sisters '"unimpeachable" reputation for serving the needs of the poor. The Daily Register
  • Some modernism aficionados argue that the Long Wharf Advocacy Group is too modest in its counterproposal.
  • This prediction may be optimistic, and it further begs the question of whether the ADF seeks to be a serious advocacy group, or merely a headlining dramaturge. Stuart Whatley: Pulpit Politicking Returns for 2010 Election Cycle
  • And politicians and bureaucrats, not to mention corporate lobbyists and advocacy groups, thrive on their abilities to influence tax policies.
  • DENVER — Animal advocacy groups have sought an injunction to stop a roundup of wild horses in northwestern Colorado that's scheduled to begin Monday. Wild Horse Advocacy Groups File Lawsuit To Stop Colorado Horse Roundup
  • While the CSPI seem pretty cock-sure that aspartame is about as healthy for you as sucking on the devils dick, the FDA doesn't see it that way: "However, the conclusions from this second European Ramazzini Foundation are not consistent with those from the large number of studies on aspartame that have been evaluated by FDA, including five previously conducted negative chronic carcinogenicity studies," Who to believe, the FDA or some advocacy group? Archive 2007-07-01
  • • In the international community, the advocacy group Friends of Earth Europe published "Blissfully unaware of Bisphenol A" (pdf) in June, reviewing the science on the chemical and also urging a revisal of the risk assessment process. Bisphenol A: What you need to know
  • The effect of this was to marginalize all advocacy groups and interest groups that were not corporate.
  • La Raza is an umbrella group of almost 200 Hispanic advocacy groups.
  • This decision comports with 48 other states and the unanimous recommendations of leading medical and child advocacy groups.
  • A study released last month by Convio, a company that provides online software for fundraising and advocacy groups, found that giving via mobile devices and texting is climbing among Gen X donors, who are 30-45 years old, and Gen Y donors, who are 19-29. Technology, social networking transforms giving
  • Sounds like the boys had some fun but If you ask the “Debby Downers” from women advocacy groups like the National Organization for Women, the games lack of estrogen is unacceptable. Coyote Blog » 2009 » October
  • Meanwhile, Hong Kong advocacy groups Tuesday announced plans to fight the proposed changes.
  • OAKLAND - The U.S. has the dollar, Europe has the euro, China has the yuan and if a local advocacy group has its way, Oakland will have the ACORN. Energy Bulletin -
  • They enjoyed researching everything from homeless shelters to environmental advocacy groups.
  • And politicians and bureaucrats, not to mention corporate lobbyists and advocacy groups, thrive on their abilities to influence tax policies.
  • On one of his file cabinets, he’s tacked up a flyer from a British parents’ advocacy group that reads: “Gender dysphoria is increasingly understood … as having biological origins,” and describes “small parts of the brain” as “progressing along different pathways.” A Boy's Life
  • One foreign employee at a legal advocacy group said: 'China wants to be a main player internationally but seems so scared of anything with a foreign connection. Times, Sunday Times
  • In fact, many of the leading philanthropies, such as the ones Crozier cites, involve non-profit public advocacy groups as core partners to make certain that what matters to communities are incorporated into programs they fund. Jeffrey Inaba: How Smart Are Public-Private Partnerships?
  • It is a food label sleight-of-hand that Bruce Silverglade of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a nonprofit advocacy group, calls a "rip-off" for consumers. Nutrition buzzwords make hay out of grains of truth
  • Secondly, a major D.C. advocacy group, the Club for Growth, decided to spend a whopping $200,000 to ensure Bennett's defeat -- the kind of intraparty hit that the Club can only afford to carry out in one or two races per cycle. Bennett Lost in Utah. Should Other Conservatives Be Scared?
  • DeSmog uncovered information that two of the three directors on the board of the Natural Resources Stewardship Project are registered energy industry lobbyists and senior executives of the High Park Advocacy Group, a Toronto-based lobby firm that specializes in �energy, environment and ethics. News of the Underwater World
  • I was about to dismiss this as a sort of think-tanky special interest political advocacy group, but then I remembered that mothers are good. The Volokh Conspiracy » Mothers Against Debt
  • Meanwhile, Hong Kong advocacy groups Tuesday announced plans to fight the proposed changes.
  • The 1993 episode shocked journalists here and drew condemnation from press advocacy groups around the world.
  • Yet hundreds, says the advocacy group, have been deported on minor immigration matters.
  • He added that low pay advocacy groups were also campaigning against the changes.
  • Do victim advocacy groups support this idea? Christianity Today
  • The idea of the subcommittee is to develop consensus on the direction of U.S. laws and regulations on Internet privacy, but consumer advocacy groups wondered how much emphasis the group would place on protecting consumers. White House forms federal committee on Internet, privacy policy
  • But it still left many advocacy groups annoyed at the limited time they had for deputations - or formal presentations to councillors - and concerned that their opinions had little effect on the final outcome.
  • A lawyer with a legal advocacy group said the appeal is a misuse of taxpayers' money.
  • It is not a regulatory body but an advocacy group that is about 100 members strong.
  • The non-profit advocacy group, Let Freedom Ring, is planning to spend several hundred thousand dollars to broadcast the commercial over several days beginning Tuesday, according to Colin Hanna, president of the organization. Conservative Group to Air Anti-Obama Ads - The Caucus Blog -

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