[ US /ˈæktɪˌnaɪd/ ]
[ UK /ˈæktɪnˌa‍ɪd/ ]
  1. any of a series of radioactive elements with atomic numbers 89 through 103
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How To Use actinide In A Sentence

  • In this, up to ten percent of the neutrons could come from the spallation, though it would normally be less, even where actinide incineration is the main objective. Accelerator-driven nuclear energy
  • Local magnetism occurs in rare-earth metals (such as gadolinium) and the actinides (such as neptunium) due to the incomplete filling of electrons in the inner atomic shells.
  • Second, he emphasizes the economic value of actinides and fission products in the spent fuel but does not acknowledge either economic or proliferation concerns.
  • The actinide mix is then burned in on-site fast reactors. Fast neutron reactors (FBR)
  • Like the lanthanide elements, the actinides have very similar chemical properties.
  • They do, however, create actinide-free waste that is much less radioactive, with a half-life of a couple of hundred years (as opposed to tens of thousands of years for LWR waste). Think Progress » Demoralizing His Supporters, Obama Calls Nukes, Coal, And Oil Drilling ‘Clean Energy Jobs’
  • This can become plutonium-239 (239Pu) and by successive neutron capture 240Pu, 241Pu and 242Pu as well as other transuranic or actinide isotopes. Mixed oxide fuel (MOX)
  • Actinides - the radioactive chemical elements that span from actinium to lawrencium on the periodic table - have generated a great deal of interest in recent years.
  • The elements that make up this family are also known as the actinides, after the first member of the family.
  • Here, the blanket assembly is actinide fuel and/or spent nuclear fuel. Accelerator-driven nuclear energy
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