How To Use Academicism In A Sentence

  • In these ways he created and perpetuated a counter discourse to the Shaftesburyian "civic humanism" or academicism, of which so much has been made of late by art historians. Lenin's Paintings
  • It was about this time that Sarris suggested that the director's style had ‘degenerated into an all-embracing academicism, a veritable glossary of film techniques.’
  • The intellectual fiasco of the Sovietology “left,” who camouflaged their ideology with the robes of academicism, should not be forgotten. Apparently, the MSM coverup of Climategate has worked
  • He believed that the worn-out academicism of the day could be revitalized by direct contact with peasant life and with the genuine folk art of the people.
  • At any rate, the string writing is jaw-droppingly expert, particularly startling in one so young, the independence of parts preternaturally clear, without a trace of academicism.
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  • Her sculptures are characterized by full, rounded shapes, possibly echoing the French sculptor Aristide Maillol (1861 – 1944), to whose work she turned with a sensitivity far from academicism. Antonietta Rapha��l.
  • The political corollary to rationalism was democracy in politics and academicism in art; both were undermined by the ‘antirationalism’ of the Futurist program.
  • The intellectual fiasco of the Sovietology “left,” who camouflaged their ideology with the robes of academicism, should not be forgotten. Apparently, the MSM coverup of Climategate has worked
  • In other words, while retaining the basic format of a scholarly paper he does not argue against academicism in a purely academic fashion. POETRY AND CULTURAL STUDIES: A READER, Eds. MARIA DAMON & IRA LIVINGSTON
  • He kept the school a bastion of Germanic academicism while the musical mainstream went elsewhere.
  • The homespun quality of his materials and processes reveals, rather than masks, a keen formal and historical sensibility, while also serving his devastating wit and cold eye for high-art academicism.
  • What was originally intended as a reprisal against the stuffy, airless academicism of government-approved filmmaking is now becoming mired in its own set of cliches.
  • She is a pianist who always thinks, always invests her performances with a point of view, while managing in the process never to allow the clouds of calculation and academicism to hover above the keyboard.
  • Hirst's portrayal of the scene is reminiscent of Gilles Deleuze's description of his escape from the bondage of academicism in postwar French philosophy.
  • Not surprisingly, theory offers a darker view of fan/academicism, complicating our understanding of possible relations to the past. Introduction
  • All of modern art since the middle of the previous century had been based on rebellion against academicism and Ingres was the painter most associated with academicism.
  • I don't want to sound like I am advocating for: 1. a return to academicism or more coursework in the fundamentals of painting, drawing, etc. or 2. more trendy courses that train the art student who is chasing the carrot of market success to make stuff that will fit in with whatever the flavor of the year is. Uh
  • There's a passion in his playing of these glorious variations that reflects the man - both men - and easily beats plain, severe academicism.
  • This is the great vice of academicism, that it is concerned with ideas rather than with thinking and nowadays the errors of academicism do not stay in the academy; they make their way into the world and what begins as a failure of perception among intellectual specialists finds its fulfillment in policy and action. Apparently, the MSM coverup of Climategate has worked
  • Yet "On Becoming an Artist" begins not with modernism, but with high academicism. Evolution of a Sculptor
  • There is also a sense of joy and sheer pleasure in composing and in sound worlds which comes across, no sterile academicism.
  • Some are succinct and moving on the reasons why we can't live without music, others fully representative of the dense academicism that puts so many people off the stuff altogether. Living daylights?
  • But they are also rooted in the progressive academicism of Dickinson's teachers.
  • I make no real apology for such academicism but 1 will offer an explanation.
  • At a time when I was becoming very disaffected by the academicism of contemporary music, Louis's music showed that you can be sophisticated, adventurous, uncompromising, and utterly direct at the same time.
  • In a period in which artists divided into strict artistic camps - naturalism, Realism, impressionism, academicism - Moreau fell between the cracks.
  • Evans skilfully avoids the gratuitously voyeuristic while never sinking into safe but dull academicism.
  • She writes that ‘Black artists such as Lois Mailou Jones, Palmer C. Hayden, and Henry O. Tanner were more inclined towards a conventional academicism, despite Paris's reputation for modernity’.
  • Perhaps Elie avoided this approach in order to give priority to his subjects' biographies and avoid any taint of academicism, both of which are commendable aims.

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