[ UK /ɐbˈɔːʃənˌɪst/ ]
[ US /əˈbɔɹʃənɪst/ ]
  1. a person (who should be a doctor) who terminates pregnancies
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How To Use abortionist In A Sentence

  • If the anti-abortionist can show that the foetus is a person, then ‘you mustn't kill people’ becomes a good reason not to allow abortion - although it's also, on the face of it, a good reason not to allow capital punishment.
  • You left out the bush whackers, rump rangers, fifth column traitors, child pornographers, baby rapers, brain addled dope smoking malcontents, serial abortionists, incorrigible violent criminals and drug pushers as well as the Clintons that make up the Filthy Left wing of the Liberal Losers. Think Progress » Rumsfeld on Iran Today = Rumsfeld on Iraq in 2002
  • O'Reilly went on to say, "clear-thinking Americans should condemn the murder of late-term abortionist Tiller, because what he did was legal. CNN Transcript Jun 2, 2009
  • As their total opposition to abortion has made little popular impact, the anti-abortionists are instead focusing on restricting women's access to abortion.
  • And not just pregnant - she even tracks down a back-alley abortionist (played with lip-smacking subtlety by singer Macy Gray) who nearly kills her. Marshall Fine: HuffPost Review: For Colored Girls
  • A woman might well conceal her condition for four or five months and procure an abortion, at the actual climax of which the abortionist might be prudently absent.
  • For example, anti-abortionists have argued that since it is good to show a dead fetus on TV, it must be right that all women requesting abortion see images of fetuses - preferably their own.
  • This is supposed to reassure critics that certain groups, like anti-abortionists, will not grab control of hospitals.
  • BIG BLUE WAVE: Bizarre twist in the Bill 34 controversy in Quebec: late-term abortionist AUTHOR of restrictive guidelines skip to main Bizarre twist in the Bill 34 controversy in Quebec: late-term abortionist AUTHOR of restrictive guidelines
  • But many of these activists - despite having been hard at work painting the Democratic Party as a harborer of "abortionists" and Barack Obama as a supporter of "infanticide" - seem to be giving the John McCain campaign and the GOP a free pass. Chris Korzen: John McCain: Just How Pro-Life?
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