How To Use Abortifacient In A Sentence

  • One of its prime uses was as an abortifacient and emmenagogue.
  • Abortifacient effects of mifepristone combined with water bag and rivanol were observed in 187 cases.
  • Whether normal oral contraceptives work as abortifacients (that is, whether they prevent implantation as well as preventing fertilization) has been a matter of some debate.
  • Many chemists had their own mixtures of herbal abortifacients.
  • But instead I suffered through that Vaseline ad with the female vocalist clicking her tongue like an experimental psychiatry enthusiast and that absolute abortifacient which is the soundtrack to the Ford Kuga ad. Arse End Of Ireland
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  • The two forms of birth control mentioned, IUDs and anovulatory pill, are both potentially abortifacient. "[B]irth control ... messes with God’s will, God’s will to permanently relieve me from cat litter duty. Because God has nothing better to do."
  • The World Health Organization has put two abortifacient drugs on its list of essential medicines to offer an alternative to surgical methods that are often used in developing countries.
  • Evidence that women used abortifacient herbs dates back to the Egyptians.
  • Large doses of ashwagandha may possess abortifacient properties; therefore, it should not be taken during pregnancy.
  • Several so-called contraceptive herbs are actually abortifacients and can be dangerous.
  • It answers my question on the availability of data that shows that the Pill is an abortifacient - in short there isn't any.
  • Middle Eastern Unani medicine affirms its abortifacient properties.
  • He asserts that two contraceptives - one of which, the IUD, is not much used in the United States - may on occasion have abortifacient properties.
  • It's an essay that suggests that it's unethical to use oral contraceptives because of their abortifacient properties.
  • Traditional folk medicine offered recipes for abortifacient brews of aloes, pennyroyal, and extracts from wild juniper bushes that so poisoned or irritated the system that miscarriages occurred as a side effect.
  • Also Randy Alcorn, a well-known pro-life apologist and Protestant pastor, published a booklet in 1998 in which he gave the reasons for why the pill is an abortifacient and he has actually counselled couples in his ministry against using the pill for that reason. ProWomanProLife » A remarkably honest abortionist
  • Yet knowledge of the peacock flower and its use as an abortifacient remained confined, by and large, to the slave camps and backwoods villages of the New World colonies.
  • In Biblical times sticks and dubious herbal abortifacients were used in attempted abortions, yet the Bible does not consider this as important enough to even address.
  • Taking herbs like pennyroyal—known as an abortifacient—can be dangerous without expert guidance. OUR BODIES, OURSELVES
  • She's worried that his anti-abortion stance will endanger the future availability of abortifacients as over the counter medication, and the future of RU - 486 to be used for other purposes.
  • When someone who accepts modern biology says that non-abortifacient contraception is unnatural, they are referring to the telos of an action, primarily, and not a person, or they refer to a person only in the sense in which their telos is subject to the "telos" of the action. Archive 2007-02-01
  • McCrystal, 37, trained as a pharmacist but left his job in a Belfast pharmacy in 1993 because he felt he could no longer distribute contraceptive pills, believing them to be abortifacient.
  • Major abortifacients used include infusions from herbs, leaves of special shrubs, plant roots, and the bark of some trees.
  • Pro-life groups opposed to the referendum claim that a ‘yes’ vote will allow the use of abortifacients such as the morning-after pill and the IUD.
  • In pre-revolutionary Vietnam, knowledge of abortifacients did exist, but historical sources indicate that induced abortion was considered an immoral act.
  • Mifepristone has been tested for safety and efficacy and approved in 11 European nations, where an estimated 500,000 women have used it as an abortifacient.
  • He notes that the organization moved from opposing the abortifacient theory to a neutral position in 1999.
  • From this, Meilander concludes that emergency contraception is more like contraception than abortifacient procedures.
  • Many people think the Pill is simply a preventative measure, but it does also act as an abortifacient.
  • Wertheimer acknowledges this in the statement, ‘Some individuals may consider these hormones to be abortifacients if they interfere with implantation.’
  • Parliament must have been aware of these methods and cannot have had in mind a process where abortifacient agents were administered by nurses.
  • After two years they had a file of the names of approximately 10,000 women who had sent for these abortifacients.
  • The pro-life representatives make a distinction between the lives lost to direct abortion, and the "hardly determinable number of victims" of "diverse contraceptives capable of killing human beings in their first days of life," such as intrauterine devices (IUDs), the "morning after" pill, systemic use contraceptive pills, injectable or subdermal implants, and the chemical abortifacient drug misoprostol. Pro-Life With Christ
  • One may claim that it is an an abortifacient if one defines pregnancy at conception. ProWomanProLife » Emergency contraception
  • It's true that some abortion opponents say the pill, along other forms of birth control, is an abortifacient, which is a drug that induces abortion. News
  • At worst, pro-life groups have been actively working to redescribe traditional means of birth control, such as the pill, as “abortifacients,” and have been fighting state laws mandating insurance coverage for birth control by falsely saying they fund abortions. Link Farm and Open Thread #17
  • Nowadays, that usually involves some form of human artifice: e.g., sterilization, anovulant or abortifacient pills, and barrier methods. Archive 2006-05-01
  • In the first instance it was shown that the use of so-called abortifacient drugs was extensively practised and was usually a first resort. Report of the Committee of Inquiry into the Various Aspects of the Problem of Abortion in New Zealand
  • Apparently you have never heard of the term abortifacient? The Catholic Version: Do pro-life policies reduce abortion? Or, Why Good Catholics can be Pro-Choice
  • So you see, one can claim that a drug is not an abortifacient if one defines pregnancy at implantation of the blastocyst. ProWomanProLife » Emergency contraception
  • Also Randy Alcorn, a well-known pro-life apologist and Protestant pastor, published a booklet in 1998 in which he gave the reasons for why the pill is an abortifacient and he has actually counselled couples in his ministry against using the pill for that reason. ProWomanProLife » A remarkably honest abortionist
  • This article led to repeated efforts to prohibit the distribution of all forms of modern contraceptive methods on the grounds that they were abortifacients.
  • The question of a woman's right to choose is going to be a basic issue of the upcoming election with the recent position of the Bush administration grouping birth control with abortion and McCain's VP selection of Sarah Palin who belongs to a group called Feminists for Life, their idea of feminism being outlawing both abortion and what they call abortifacient birth control which pretty much includes everything except rhythm and prayer they even object to condoms because they feel that form of male birth control usually becomes the woman's responsibility. Republican Birth Control: Health Insurance Rules Force Family Planning and Leave Pregnant Mothers in a Financial Bind
  • Because it is reputed to affect the menstrual cycle and to be an abortifacient, its use in pregnancy and lactation is to be avoided.
  • Section 59 criminalizes the supply and procuring of abortifacients or instruments for use in unlawful abortions.
  • Large doses of ashwagandha may possess abortifacient properties so that it should not be taken during pregnancy unless under the direction of an experienced health professional.
  • Major abortifacients used include infusions from herbs, leaves of special shrubs, plant roots, and the bark of some trees.
  • Toting a satchel containing lye soap, a grater, and a red-rubber hose, she visits their dingy apartments, where she administers a toxic abortifacient.
  • (the term "abortifacient birth control" is a codephrase in the dominionist "pro-life" community for hormonal birth control -- partly due to a unique urban legend claiming "the pill" and other hormonal birth control causes abortion and partly because of a unique definition of pregnancy beginning at conception rather than at implantation (the latter is what most mainstream OB / GYNs use) and thus making anything preventing implantation potentially "abortifacient"). Scams
  • The new label states: ‘Because of its abortifacient property, Cytotec is contraindicated for use by pregnant women.’
  • Anti-abortion activists have always claimed that the morning-after pill is an abortifacient as it can work by preventing the implantation of an embryo.
  • They emphasized that trichosanthin only has an abortifacient effect when injected.
  • Claiming that the pill was an abortifacient, the board stated: ‘The proposed indication was deemed unacceptable and the company voluntarily withdrew the application.’

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