Prepositions after "vote"

vote for, in, against, on or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 62% of cases vote for is used

This is why we voted for Obama.

Fine, vote for whoever you like.

My colleagues all voted for it.

I definitely wasn't implying that all active members vote for Romney because he is LDS.

In 1918, women were allowed to vote for the first time at that year's general election.

It was the final mental battle that pushed me over the edge to actually vote for Obama.

That was the party's 2010 campaign strategy in Kigoma Town: convince people to vote for the candidate Kabwe endorses.

Whilst 92 percent of African Americans voted for Obama, they only represented 13 percent of the total voting public.

Give us a referendum where we get to vote for or against that sort of program and I guarantee you a turnout over 80%.

In 13% of cases vote in is used

Make sure we vote in the coming.

She isn't old to vote in the election.

MacAulay voted in favour of the motion.

Lets vote in, the best possible candidate because our destiny as country is intertwined.

The town's Central School delivered a Yes vote in all but one of its boxes, but Gorey C.

However, Romney's improved performance in national polls has moved the projected popular vote in his favor by a mere 0.

Does the Chairman have a right to cast a vote? Ans: The Chairman has a casting vote in the case of an equality of votes.

If a certain percentage voted in such a manner (it may have been above 50% ), the election would have to be held again.

In 7% of cases vote against is used

If it doesn't we vote against it.

I also voted against this format.

Thirty-nine countries voted against the.

Pinckney as steadily voted against slavery prohibition and against all compromises.

Hon CLAYTON COSGROVE: He is voting against the bill, is he? Oh, that is interesting.

And I may be the only one up here who actually voted against China trade because of the concerns I had that the U.

That means that, under a system of plurality, a candidate could win with 59% of the voters voting against him or her.

To the apoplexy of the whips, he was for a time the only person appointed to government who voted against the Iraq War.

In 7% of cases vote on is used

What's important is they vote on it.

And we will vote on it again in about 12 months.

The NCAA All-Time March Madness Voting on NCAA.

Opening up so that any student can vote on decisions of their association is imperative.

Then the next day in sometimes-contentious sessions, they vote on who should be selected.

However, Rybak is confident the 7-6 vote will stand when the subject is voted on Friday.

So people will basically vote on the platform each candidate is running on more than their personal affinity for them.

The primary: Precinct workers are reporting that droves of voters in red precincts chose to vote on a Democratic ticket.

In the selection of a new chief, one must first be voted on favourably by his family before the day of his inauguration.

I almost want to put some of these faces next to pictures of farm animals and have people vote on which is more attractive.

In 2% of cases vote at is used

PEOPLE start voting at every election! It's SOOOOO important.

Voters will only vote at the centres where they were registered.

Which candidate would the Chinese pick if they could vote at the U.

Cuomo had given displaced New Yorkers the right to vote at any polling place in the state.

So long as they were allowed to legally vote at a State level anyway (which in WA and Queensland they still were n't).

We used to vote at the church next door but the powers that be decided we should vote at a trailer park miles away now.

Lowery urged young people to vote at the event where a voter registration march was planned but cancelled because of the weather.

In 2% of cases vote by is used

It says he voted by text -- you can't even vote by text.

It says he voted by text -- you can't even vote by text.

Thats voted by Top Managers, Top Journalists and Players.

She decided to vote yes and voted by post almost two weeks before the 10 November vote.

Voice your opinion and vote by listening to local shows and patronizing local advertisers.

He has been voted by his peers as one of the Best Doctors in America every year since 1993.

Nearly 100% preaching to the choir, and a choir that, on election day, has usually already voted by the time I get to them.

Instead, we can implement an early in-person, no excuse voting and vote by mail to make up for the disenfranchising nature of weekday voting.

I argued that he had no history of performance in office, and should therefore not be voted by anybody who was desirous of seeing a prosperous Nigeria.

Meanwhile, our Governor wants to further diminish CAs vote by creating a super-block of votes for Democrats, by tying the CA vote to other large blue states.

In 2% of cases vote with is used

If yes, I will vote with the past.

People vote with their pocketbooks.

I prefer to vote with my feet, my way.

Ultimately these consumers will be voting with both their pocketbooks and their mice.

We have voted with our dollars and you don't have to respect it, but it's the way it is.

FidesetRatio members voting with their feet It is very interesting for you to mention that.

We have to ask what is to stop Band 5 parents voting with their feet and changing schools based on these bandings.

The second-most moderate senator remaining is Lisa Murkowski (R-AK ), who votes with her party 66 percent of the time.

The new speaker of parliament, Mohamed Osman Jawari, has urged MPs to vote with their consciences, according to the BBC.

The Tamil people almost en bloc voted with the TNA and for sure, no other ethnic group voted with the TNA, other than Tamils.

In 1% of cases vote into is used

For me its not about who has been voted into office hell they are all thief's.

The candidates were asked about how they will deal with the issue of corruption when voted into power.

The repub rank &; file is just as responsible as the politicians whom they voted into office, for the messes we have today.

Lady Jane May I say one more time??? We are not free and the terror from without is the terror our government is voting into place.

It was a long, methodical process put into effect by thousands of elected officials, voted into office by complicit purposeful votes by millions of people.

They can not stomach politicians who get voted into office on one party's ticket and then decide to jump ship, causing that party's popular state government to topple.

Mahamudu Bawumia has reiterated the commitment of an NPP government to providing free secondary, technical and vocational education in the country if voted into power.

Mensah Otabil, had made scathing comments, criticizing the one-point campaign promise of free Senior High School by Akuffo Addo if he is (touch wood) voted into power in 2013.

He also served on the Council of Stellar Management (CSM ), a panel of players voted into place by other players who represented player concerns in meetings with developer CCP.

In 1% of cases vote out is used

He must be voted out to save America.

And if Obama is voted out the new republican administration will not be any better.

Obama isn't go to be voted out of office in 2012, he is going to be laughed out of office long before that for being the biggest loser since King George.

He should be voted out of his seat, and his coalition sent back to Opposition once again, until they can learn the very minimal components of statecraft.

Resignation Once elected for a four-year-term, Federal Councillors can neither be voted out of office by a motion of no confidence nor can they be impeached.

Every center right or center left political party that has presided over forced austerity in the EU during the past three years has been voted out of office.

In 1% of cases vote to is used

Yet politicians still voted to (virtually) abolish it.

It was the 33rd time Republicans have voted to chip away at, defund, or repeal the health care law.

That is why Akua Donkor has the conviction that free port will be possible in Ghana if she is voted to power.

Along the way, the House voted to block funding from numerous agencies to implement the health care provisions of the law.

The range of interpretations stretched from the symbolic ideal being linked from the freedom to vote to conspicuous consumption.

Many good scholars believe, (and I also do vote to this) that the KJV is the most accurate of the English translation available today.

The sheer magnitude of the national popular vote number, compared to individual state vote totals, is much more robust against manipulation.

The opposition leader said that the officers removed ' unlawfully ' from the army and police would be reinstated if her party was voted to power.

As the tallies moved through the district it was the Yes vote that was holding up, with no change in the earlier predicted 55% Yes vote to 45% No.

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