Prepositions after "verge"

verge on, into, upon, as or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 80% of cases verge on is used

In fact it was verging on destructive.

It's spring, verging on summer, and it's warm.

Anyway no artist no creator has verged on unwinding the puzzle of the heart.

I am not so sure about the panel's views on photography, which seem to verge on lunacy.

The spa director was very pushy with the beauty products as well to the point that I found her approach verging on insulting.

You'll notice the common thread of both persecution, paranoia, verging on maudlin self-pity of the Glenn Beck school of thought.

His grip on her arms strengthened to the point where it verged on becoming painful, and he raised his red-rimmed eyes to look into hers.

The ideas sometimes verge on the whimsical: a runaway garden sprinkler, for example, or an emotionally estranged mother and son communicating through a Scrabble board.

Some of the movement verges on slapstick clowning when the dancers imitate each other or play teasing games in their desperate attempts to win approval and be part of the group.

She had a severe mental breakdown that verged on insanity, after witnessing a bloody fight between some African children whose hunger drove them to compete savagely for a piece of mango.

In 5% of cases verge into is used

But nowadays this easily cloned and unstoppable Neeson character seems to be verging into a territory reserved for jokes that have run their course.

In 5% of cases verge upon is used

Gordon was amazed to find himself slowly being overcome by an emotion of dread so intense that it verged upon sheer fear.

In 2% of cases verge as is used

Origin: Native to Central Europe, it is found in and around woodlands, often in clearings as well as grassy banks and verges as well as cultivated areas.

In 2% of cases verge at is used

Armoured Land Rovers were pulled up on the grass verges at either side.

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