Prepositions after "veer"

veer into, towards, away, off or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 18% of cases veer into is used

The barrel veered into Big Bass eddy.

He just veered into YEC-land, I've heard.

The smokey eye veered into drag queen terratory.

In fact, this bizarre experimental album from Richard Francis and Bruce Russell doesn't even veer into any remotely similar category.

Spotting one when you're only twenty yards from it, doing 40 in the wet, with a queue of cars behind you is not a good time to slam on the brakes and veer into it.

This sudden unexpected change in speed/air peddling was enough to surprise me, affect my momentum and nearly caused me to veer into the oncoming direction of the car.

After Udaan and Shaitan, he has veered into bankrolling projects that are far removed from his characteristic dark cinema with films such as Aiyyaa and Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana.

Bukola started his literary enterprise as a poet, but has since veered into other genres of literature, putting his abundant talent to use in raising the social consciousness of his generation.

In 18% of cases veer towards is used

I find myself veering towards Frieze.

I veered towards some dry stream beds; she veered in my wake.

In March 2007, Mr Marinello was walking along the street in Edinburgh when a white minibus veered towards him.

Also, they play far too much mediocre Australian music, (god, skip hop ), and they really veer towards the commercial end of alternative these days.

On the afternoon of July 25th 1911, Bobby Leach climbed into an eight foot long steel drum at Navy Island where the current of the Niagara River veers towards the Canadian shore.

The band is still going strong now with many of the original members although as they've got older they have veered towards power ballads which are not really our cup of tea here at VoEA.

I want to do whats right for children, I wish the participants weren't acting like them so I could make the best decision! I too, was on the fence, veering towards a No vote, but undecided.

In 14% of cases veer away is used

Trying to veer away from lazy Irish stereotypes is difficult enough for us as it is.

She veers away from the advertising profession and travels down equal rights alleys, and seems to get lost in those alleys.

Just by veering away from the corduroy outside the cable car terminal you find La Rsa, a set of formidable fall-line pitches down a broad convex flank.

Somehow, the Philippines, which is used to many typhoons, is somehow relieved this time as some storms veered away from us and those that passed us left with minimal damage.

Our nation would leap greater steps if the populations especially the most active ones politically, socially and economically would veer away from negative thinking, physical and verbal conflicts.

In 12% of cases veer off is used

I watched one guy veer off the road and collapse in the grass by the side.

It's not unlike the way that everyone lies to Bill to try to make him happy, but I'd veering off topic.

Sadly during the last decade Ontario veered off the prosperous path and began closing the doors of opportunity.

In our sequel, we'll discuss children with movement challenges and where their postural control of veers off the road.

There was a little bit of road noise and at one point we veered off the main path and found ourselves nearly in the middle of the road.

Not to take anything away from major destination or big event road trips, but a greater sense of discovery can sometimes be gleaned by veering off the super highway and into the heart of Americana.

In 11% of cases veer to is used

When faced with a problem I often react by veering to the extreme.

The grasshopper leaped forward, though this time his path of flight had clearly veered to the left.

What has been happening at the Times is far more ominous than just veering to the support of one party or one ideology.

As you drive off the ferry veer to the right, take a right down into the roundabout, take your first right into our parking lot.

In 9% of cases veer from is used

Visit one of these web sites for inspiration if you veer from the t weight loss rack.

Such an individual can be trusted because he or she never veers from inner values, even when it might be expeditious to do so.

Revealing swimwear, tropical sun dresses and gala gowns dominated for women while menswear veered from showy dancehall styles to more sedate suiting, casual denim and sportswear.

In 5% of cases veer between is used

Thematically, I suggest it's a record that frequently veers between love and despair, desire and death.

His images veer between the abstract, the erotic and sometimes towards gritty depictions of urban life in post-war Japan.

Alyse's parents are young and attractive, but they constantly veer between their mutual attraction and contempt for each other.

In 3% of cases veer in is used

I veered towards some dry stream beds; she veered in my wake.

The consensus among my girlfriends when sex conversations start to veer in that direction is that we just won't go there, unless we're talking about Dan Savage and Rick Santorum.

In 3% of cases veer out is used

The camera seems to veer out of focus on a whim, which is weird seeing as how he filmed it on two separate cameras at the same time, one digital and one 35mm.

Then, as you set out on your next drive, position your phone in such a way that you can answer incoming calls on speaker without veering out of your lane or rear-ending someone.

In 1% of cases veer down is used

The poor fool disappeared from view as he turned and veered down a side street.

In 1% of cases veer with is used

The sunken eyes of Kate Houlihan will soon veer with renewed 1848 venom to our EU ' partners ' in Finland, The Netherlands and Germany -- the hoors.

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