Prepositions after "vanish"

"vanish from" or "vanish into"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases vanish from is used

She had vanished from history in August 1851 when Mr.

The earth - the thought of earth, vanished from his soul.

Within a few months, this feeling vanished from both groups.

More than 90% of suitable habitat has also vanished from Merseyside, Surrey and Dorset.

If people figure out there's about to be a shortage, food will vanish from the shelves overnight.

The records have vanished from court, but the victim still remembers what happened, and who did it.

In the dark of the night, the Flotsam vanished from Tarawa lagoon as secretly as she had entered it twelve years before.

But with such a high price, this important staple may also vanish from the list of affordable food items for many families.

After increasingly rarer sightings, it vanished from the wildlife radar for decades from 1959, prompting fears that it had died out.

Some have proposed solving this by eliminating the Electoral College, calling it a relic of a pre-industrial electorate long vanished from the American scene.

In 21% of cases vanish into is used

Others may vanish into obscurity.

The ring vanishes into the Rhine.

Had FF been an IE clone, it would have vanished into obscurity.

They are too busy slaving for precious metals that inevitably vanish into our atmosphere.

In fact the banks just keep rolling prosperously on, and we watch our money vanish into a foggy distance.

But when it comes to organising our financial lives, the energy to plan sometimes seems to vanish into thin air.

It sounded like it got close to happening, but Warner ended up not making it, and the film vanished into a development morass.

Apparently, a passenger who was booked for Delhi from Ranchi decided to vanish into thin air at Patna airport, without informing the flight attendants.

Men vanish into thin air during this time faster than a squirrelly ex-con with a bag of money, leaving us to wonder if they'll ever call and if so, when.

With that sound the veil was rent - it parted - it seemed to vanish into air: and a scene, which no Sybarite ever more than rivalled, broke upon the dazzled gaze of the youthful priest.

In 11% of cases vanish in is used

Ilyas appointed Al-Yasa ' his successor and vanished in the protection of Allah.

If he had been indifferent or very slack, everything would have easily vanished in no time.

Little thought has been directed as to how storm systems will behave once the ice vanishes in the summer.

The whole reason the merged company was bought, because their technology was in some way superior to the in-house technology, vanishes in the turf wars.

I'd quite aware that the licenses differ and most are bound up in NDA so tightly that they may just vanish in a takeover, but for nVidia, this could be a moot point.

His solution was to vanish in thin air, quicker than any of us could realize it! (Note from the editor: All of the while Laurent remained incredibly calm, and surprised all of us.

In 6% of cases vanish after is used

He vanished after 3 days after stealing Rs1.

All amynodonts in Asia and North America vanished after the Early Oligocene.

LORI: I've never subscribed to the theory that a person's psychological problem will vanish after a wedding ceremony.

Pre-match nerves vanished after the kick-off when Portlaoise's fast ball handling surprised Tullow and led to a practised running movement.

If there was a sense of complacency among the Ghanaian players, it should have vanished after the Forlan strike as they played their hearts out desperate for a win.

In 5% of cases vanish with is used

Houdini allowed himself to be shackled, then plummeted down from the bridge to vanish with a splash.

Later, he came back and targeted another house in Anandnagar after changing his name and vanished with Rs70,000.

The euro itself might vanish with in a cloud of dust but all the EU instruments of finance repression will remain in place.

The crafty view of some optimists is that the political problem has also vanished with the annihilation of the LTTE May last year.

In 4% of cases vanish at is used

Our heirloom, tried and tested varieties are vanishing at an alarming rate in favour of the mass produced and commercially grown.

It vanished at the moment they both saw it, but the image they were both left with was of a humanoid creature, curious to see them but not alarmed.

The 23-year-old van der Sloot has been the prime suspect in the disappearance in Aruba of American Natalee Holloway, who vanished at age 18 while on a graduation trip.

In 2% of cases vanish without is used

D: They come into being not having been, &; vanish without trace going nowhere.

In 2% of cases vanish to is used

Occasionally the ball would still kiss the blade fleetingly and vanish to the boundary as a reminder of the artist we had in our midst.

In 2% of cases vanish over is used

She vanished over the bank from his sight.

In 2% of cases vanish on is used

Bryn Martin, a Perth businessman who regularly swam in the waters off the city's busy Cottesloe Beach, vanished on Monday while swimming toward a buoy about 380 yards offshore.

In 2% of cases vanish off is used

Just vanishes off the face of the earth.

Once the window gets smaller than 980px in width, things start to vanish off the right hand side.

In 2% of cases vanish like is used

Give your misguided opinion, poor hate on everyone who has a different opinion to you, then up and vanish like a fart in the wind.

In 2% of cases vanish for is used

So so glad to have other people my age to hang out with! Internet time is getting close to out and I've got much more to do but just wanted to check in before I vanish for a bit.

It seemed the topic, admittedly outside of the judge's broad terms of reference, vanished for a short time, only to rear its contentious head in the last month of witness evidence.

In 2% of cases vanish due is used

Gretna, after a season in the SPL, promptly vanished due to bankruptcy.

Now the experts say the Sundari trees of the Sundarbans will soon vanish due to the top-dying disease as it has spread to thousands of these trees.

In 2% of cases vanish along is used

It is a big frustration to see all small gains vanish along with your big loss.

In 1% of cases vanish by is used

There must be the power of will for expansion and the fear has to be vanished by getting will to do is self imposed rigor of duty.

In 1% of cases vanish behind is used

Just when you think you know where it is, it vanishes behind another stucco turret.

In 1% of cases vanish since is used

In the decade since thousands more, again mainly Tamils, have vanished since being taken into government custody.

In 1% of cases vanish alongside is used

Soon after, this girl vanishes alongside Jasper.

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