Prepositions after "useless"

"useless for", "useless to" or "useless in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases useless for is used

Maybe my blog is useless for now.

It is absolutely USELESS for gaming.

It's useless for us to keep blaming.

All this is useless for mankind unless first thing is done first ie the rule of law.

It can be very useful for researching certain topics, but almost useless for others.

Reciprocal links have been useless for a long time but people still try to get them.

It took tiny little images that were largely useless for anything other than viewing on a low res computer screen.

The lack of VCL source make it useless for it's intended user base, and the ridiculous conditions in the license w.

The also showed the lineups post-Sandy for pay phones as she cut all power, rendering cell phones useless for many.

There is a fascination with weapons that are essentially useless for anything other than shooting other folks with.

In 20% of cases useless in is used

Averages are useless in the UK.

They are useless in the eyes of God.

It's virtually useless in this case.

The bottom-line message here is that linear thinking is useless in a nonlinear world.

Nokia Drive is slick, simple now offline but useless in a country without post codes.

Katrina Kaif, despite the western dress, was relatively useless in the Hindi version.

This can make her a decent spy, but it's useless in combat, especially when you consider her best friend is a witch.

Your training courses and certifications are practically useless in the market, regardless of country in my opinion.

Your methodical approach renders me useless in your search for more thoughts of sensitivities based on observations.

I remember asking Herbert if I was going to be useless in God's Kingdom (that was how many educators thought of me).

In 17% of cases useless to is used

This game is now useless to me.

However, this is useless to me.

Their treasure is useless to me.

All of these are suggestions are fine, I'd sure, but they were totally useless to me.

In the same way if our citizens own data they have no access to it is useless to them.

As soon as this became a major issue, Paul became useless to the libertarian movement.

He thought Bastia was useless to England and Hood should have stayed in the Channel and co-operated with Earl Howe.

The ASX200 predicts attendance of the Big Day Out, not the other way around, making the whole model useless to you.

The politicians are useless to many of them are in bed with this bunch of people as Mandelson clearly demonstrates.

There could easily be restrictions, such as blackout dates, that will render such rewards completely useless to you.

In 9% of cases useless at is used

I'd utterly useless at exercising.

It is simply useless at the moment.

If I remember he was useless at maths.

Is not it a waste because it will have paid for car insurance is useless at such time.

Just 2 years ago I was slating him for being useless at Bayern and he proved me wrong.

Mind you, having a white cat probably doesn't help but he's useless at washing anyway.

Play beach volleyball -- I defied childhood taunts of me being useless at volleyball, from smelly boys in my class.

India ended up being British because The East India company were a trading company and useless at running a country.

As a male teacher, I can say that I can't build a house and I'd useless at fiddling with the dvd player/printer etc.

At the time, being useless at archiving material, I fear it's lost to time, but it will live on forever in my memory.

In 6% of cases useless as is used

It's almost useless as an excerpt.

Its effectively useless as a guarantee.

I agreee that it is useless as a picture.

The inherent cronyism of the Federal Reserve renders it utterly useless as a watchdog.

So-called holy books are full of ambiguities, they are useless as a source of guidance.

What happened was inevitable and logical but not at all useless as what most of these media pundits are portraying.

Heck, I've even seen some people complain that they can't run Windows on the Pi, and that it is useless as a result.

No melt downs, but the three newer designs have all proved pretty useless as the batteries hardly retain any charge.

Take something like back pain, ' treated ' with drugs that become useless as the patient develops a tolerance to them.

In 6% of cases useless without is used

A car is useless without either.

They're useless without a reader.

Knowledge is useless without action.

But the equation is broken; time is missing, and rates are useless without time.

Heart of the team but useless without a Williams alongside to open up the defense.

These themes are useless without a substantial investment in the education sector.

Prescriptive rules are useless without the much more fundamental rules that create the sentences to begin with.

I got my nice cyan TouchCover and looks pretty neat, but it's fairly useless without a Surface to connect it to.

Any student of mathematics will tell you that numbers (or any data for that matter) are useless without a story.

Meso Explosion is useless without it (you just blow up meso you should really be picking up) so get it after PP.

In 3% of cases useless by is used

Most research is useless by any objective measure.

Barcelona are very useless by targeting our own Song.

XP will be useless by then, just as Win98/ME is useless now.

Smoking destroys the aveoli or render them useless by overstretching them as in emphysema.

Evict them and render the wood useless by sawing it into unusable pieces that can't be used.

Bombers rendered all but two of those sites useless by April, and only two ever launched V-1s.

Even Bisi confessed she was also mercilessly, thoroughly abused, used, manipulated and rendered useless by this man.

You should also realize that the Supreme Court of SL has already made the 13A useless by demerging the North and East.

He must feel very impotent by being rendered nearly useless by the likes of Harry Reid foiling the House's every move.

I understand that we are running out of miracle-drugs to take over from the ones that have been made useless by over-use.

In 3% of cases useless on is used

They will be useless on a tablet.

Your Jedi powers are useless on me.

Those are not useless on the 1-series.

Ramsey was also useless on the counter because he could never make that key first pass.

So a lot of these tests are pretty useless on the scale of an individual piece of work.

He was in one of the new Churchill tanks that were useless on the round rocks of Dieppe.

I like a lot of what D'Souza writes on America and communism and the Cold War, but he seems to be useless on Islamism.

The knowledge required to pass a standardized intelligence test is useless on the production floor of a cheese factory.

Labour are utterly useless on this - as usual - they have an open goal in front of them here and are wringing their hands.

The witness ' testimony is quite useless on the point of whether or not cluster bombs and phosphorous was used by the SLAF.

In 2% of cases useless against is used

But facts are useless against you.

RPGs aren't useless against modern tanks.

It proved useless against a determined foe.

The problem with DMCA, critics say, is that it's useless against overseas sites.

Such weapons are useless against today's threats to international peace and security.

But ombre, there are many types of attacks that strong passwords are useless against.

The police are largely useless against local thugs and he looks after the shop owners and residents of his area.

Once an elephant learns to breach an electric fence, the fence becomes useless against the particular individual.

However these are completely useless against human rights activists or issues like the right of self determination.

And the ace in Gaddafi's sleeve, the air force, is useless against a protest that has spread to every city in Libya.

In 2% of cases useless with is used

It was useless with people, too.

And you know I'd useless with them.

I am equally useless with both my feet.

He examines the man's ID badge, finding his old spectacles useless with his new eyes.

As I'd pretty useless with mobile phones I instructed my daughter to set the alarm for 5.

All of which are useless with regard to preparing for the actual BMAT (apart from the official site).

And I hated the game -- how unresponsive it was and how it tried to make my efforts useless with every move I made.

She is an absolute Superstar Mum, and has to put up with the fact that I am useless with men, and single yet again at 37.

My blood boils when I think about all the blogs and forum posts that will now be rendered useless with the disappearance of Webshots.

He was also absolutely useless with money, so if he wasn't being hunted down by cuckolded husbands he was being chased to pay his debts.

In 1% of cases useless after is used

Perhaps I am not that useless after all I thought.

So you see, old people aren't so useless after all.

Pretty useless after enemies are level 6-7 and above.

A severed finger also dies rapidly typically becoming useless after around 10 minutes.

If it was by word of mouth - then Paine is right - it becomes useless after the first person.

The fact that my Spore game is guaronteed to be useless after three years is a MAJOR problem.

It can change the background of the system, and make many program useless after modifying related registry keys.

Heat excites the passive transport processes but also cauterizes food making it useless after a certain point for flavor infusion.

Hi spadow, I remember you mentioning that monster crystal refined from monster etc drop will become useless after this professional patch.

Audio tapes of the soundtrack recorded on the shoot were rendered useless after sand scratched them and the whole film had to be revoiced in post-production.

In 1% of cases useless because is used

Only to find out it was useless because of the number of illegals in Florida.

Often perfectly good, expensive bags can be rendered useless because of jammed zips.

Throwing inventory items -- like poisons and oils -- at enemies is similarly useless because of a lack of aim.

Chandrika, when contacted, said that the loaders and bins had become useless because of the closure of the Vilappilsala plant.

People thinking you are completely useless because of your mental illness or not realising how restricted you are by your symptoms.

The so-called two-state solution, which could have saved the Israelis, has been rendered useless because of their own intransigence.

However, the new technology means that all of the stereos and other iPhone accessories are now useless because of the change in adapter shape.

To some online users, dial-up connection is almost obsolete and useless because of the emergence of faster and more sophisticated types of connections.

But although Galilean telescopes of higher magnifications were certainly made, they were almost useless because of the concomitant shrinking of the field.

In 1% of cases useless due is used

Calls to the travel agent were useless due to the time difference.

But it could have become useless due to the lack of managers in management practices.

But I also want to enjoy the races, and enjoying means not just being totally useless due to equipment.

In the next episode, he complains about the Hachiyou powers being useless due to not working when they are needed.

This will render the equipment useless due to the corrosive nature of the dry chemical and the moisture in the CO2.

It is not possible to get perfect protection but you can make hacking of your device to be useless due to high price of attack.

Whatever good deeds they might have brought with them would be rendered useless due to their ill-intentions and heretical beliefs.

They have either gone bankrupt due to neglect or rendered useless due to corruption, a constant menace in all aspect of Nigeria life.

Better to discuss things that are actually being voted on than something so inflammatory and useless due to it's distance from reality.

Medical care, and insurance service were rendered useless due to the shortage of supplies and apparatuses for medical care and treatment.

In 1% of cases useless from is used

Kicking is next to useless from dummy half.

No rush here he's useless from this point forth.

When she only has one, she is useless from tiredness.

That there's nothing useless from our existence, from the life God has given to us.

She might have been useless from a discussion standpoint, but even DeFranco had her uses.

It is estimated that a minimum of 25% hides and skins are rendered useless from butcher cuts.

Great in a crash but useless from a practicality point of view as it then makes the middle of the rear seat unusable.

Throughout history various people and ideologies have tried to remove the useless from society and it continues to this day.

To the tune of NT$100 million, it was useless from day one, which, of course, was just ahead of the 2010 mayoral election (why.

In 1% of cases useless of is used

Mercy is almost the most useless of human compunctions.

If he doesn't then it might be useless of playing 4 day games.

Reading Quran in Arabic without understanding is the most useless of activities to me.

I actually found that particular app the most useless of all the stuff they had out there.

It's the most useless of useless information but it gets stuck in my head on a regular basis.

Unsurprisingly, the most useless of all was the communications companies, who are universally rubbish at communication.

In reality, it's a place where people converge to scream bloody murder like neglected children over the most useless of topics.

Similar to a hedgehog as their exclusively fit inside the useless of night time is going to care to admit they have a much miserable.

Speaking of deadwood, why do we need a FB who only gets 6 rushes a season? If he's that useless of a rusher, he shouldn't be in a skill position on the team.

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