Prepositions after "useful"

"useful for", "useful to" or "useful in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases useful for is used

Useful for those at-work times.

Useful for test and development.

Useful for including inline CSS.

Your bravado may impress your wife but not useful for the emancipation of the people.

We need to make students aware of the types of lexical items that are useful for them.

According to me, each and every tip of yours is important and useful for the interview.

Elevating women within Hui-style Islam proved productive and useful for the community, and the practice flourished.

The goal of the mind is to simplify, to reduce the complexity of the external world to what is useful for the body.

Botanical insecticides Insecticides of botanical origin have been reported as useful for the control of mosquitoes.

The system is useful for the production of a large mass of routine work; it may not be favorable to creative genius.

In 25% of cases useful in is used

Useful in leadership positions.

Really useful in addition to smart.

It'll come in useful in the Future.

With this exception, blood sampling is extremely useful in the management of epilepsy.

Useful in everyday life (80%) Examples of responses are: - Yes, for general knowledge.

However, these later meetings are extremely useful in terms of thinking about structure.

This will be useful in terms of figuring out which of the always-polling apps is hitting your 3G dongle the hardest.

Letters of intent are particularly useful in the construction industry where the relationship may be very long-term.

This classification is not quite satisfactory, but it does present a broad grouping that is useful in many contexts.

Everything is useful in relation to certain ends, and even the worst things are useful from a certain point of view.

In 22% of cases useful to is used

The film proved useful to the U.

This could be useful to the EGI.

Useful to Akin as a politician 2.

On that point, she is highly useful to the establishment, not so much to the Republic.

True; but geometry is not useful to the calico-printer, nor chemistry to the carpenter.

To enable the content of the slides to be reused, if it is felt to be useful to others.

Although lycopene is available in all ripe tomatoes, a greater supply is more useful to the body in cooked tomatoes.

Make useful website content: Make sure that your website content is interesting and useful to the targeted audience.

You will take up an activity useful to the Community and at the same time conducive to your integral personal growth.

Such mercantile states, however, are not only useful, but greatly useful to the inhabitants of those other countries.

In 3% of cases useful as is used

He is useful as a concrete parachute.

IE may be useful as a polishing step.

A list is useful as a collection tool.

It's morally and politically bankrupt, and is only useful as a historical perspective.

The only difference is that these will be kind of useful as opposed to the other ones.

Best of all, it also allows you to earn money and is very useful as well as fun to use.

The compound borax (boron combined with oxygen, water, and sodium) is useful as a cleaning agent and water softener.

Useful as a weapon hand to hand, can be thrown in a pinch and also can chop wood, for which a gladius is unsuitable.

The tutorial is written using VB3!, it covers most aspects of using VB3 and is useful as a reference to this course.

Yes, they were also useful as a buffer against the Indians, but mostly it was free land that drew them ever westward.

In 1% of cases useful at is used

This too can be useful at times.

He could be mightily useful at No.

I'd told I can be quite useful at times.

Note: Inviting people from other cultures to these events can also be useful at times.

But I would suggest that they are useful at the end of a process, not at the beginning.

It was extremely hyped up with CF9, but I think it's just too young a tool (in CF terms) to be useful at the moment.

Instead, whether an instrument is useful at the service level depends on more than the stability of its total score.

If this is an expression of class tension it is, however, not one that is useful at all from an anarchist perspective.

In 1% of cases useful by is used

The scripts are also useful by themselves.

The NEHRS may start being useful by the end of the year.

That makes the Pi more open and more useful by definition.

Producers competed to make their machines the most useful by providing the best software.

Aposematism: evolving a type of protective coloration found to be useful by other species.

The police could make themselves useful by volunteering to do guard service for us instead.

Besides bringing it to the mass market, another challenge has been making it useful by going beyond simple dictation.

I think I can be more useful by pursuing some of the things I believe in from a position where I am freer to do that.

I have found Twitter incredibly useful by judiciously following only people within my industry whom I can learn from.

They can also prove useful by outlining organizing principles and proposing initiatives for Member States, says McHenry.

In 1% of cases useful during is used

Very useful during the transition.

Useful during the celebration of the.

That may be useful during these next few months.

I found this really useful during the world championships in Weymouth, August 2009.

Not to be forgotten that the keyboard LED backlight is really useful during night time.

The pocket is a low end android device with a small screen and was really useful during the rewrite of version 1.

It's therefore a useful tool to follow conferences/events and post to them so may be useful during Twitter chats.

So, I find this particular method of organization useful during the times that I am employing my discriminating eye.

It was the knowledge that Fox acquired during his visit to France that enabled him to be so useful during the peace.

In 1% of cases useful from is used

You can learn something useful from anyone.

It will be useful from a diagnostics perspective.

This can be very useful from poem to poem as well.

But please let me know if there is anything I can do that might be useful from here.

Still, it's an incredible improvement and insanely useful from the moment you have it.

Facebook is useful from a corporate, in house recruiter point of view as a brand builder.

M was useful from a personal and knowledge perspective because I already had considerable work experience in India.

Everything is useful in relation to certain ends, and even the worst things are useful from a certain point of view.

Currie implies that we can't expect to learn anything useful from people who are as crazy as many writers seem to be.

By which I mean; take what you feel useful from each teacher, question it inwardly and ask questions if you are unsure.

In 1% of cases useful on is used

Probably useful on the weekend.

Useful on its own isn't enough.

However, still useful on occasion.

Note that they use sh instead of bash, to make them useful on a wider range of systems.

Static B scans are not very useful on their own B scans form the basis of sector scans.

A zoom lens can be extremely useful on safari and the minimum recommended size is 200mm.

I would also argue as woeful as Fields has been he is still more useful on defence than the human turnstile (Bargs).

The future will tell, I'd sure there will be also a number of other things that will be useful on a quantum computer.

Projectbrainsaver (BrainSpace) is designed to be useful on multiple levels and, therefore, profitable, on many levels.

In 1% of cases useful with is used

It can be equally useful with adults.

Go do something useful with your life.

The -y option is often useful with this.

Just two days of working on something useful with other people has given her energy.

So you can do something useful with them like displaying the RSS feed on a web page.

Sites like ShakeOut will also become useful with all the links to regional agencies.

He added that the new NIC card would be particularly useful with respect to safe financing and banking facilities.

Every one of these is anticipated to regulate the performance making it more useful with the anticipated condition.

Surely this would be an ideal project for a back bench MP wishing to do something useful with a Private Members Bill.

His presence and movement, in my opinion, are currently more useful with a partner who exploits the resultant spaces.

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