Prepositions after "used"

used to, for, by, in or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 94% of cases used to is used

We're getting used to the idea.

TONY Well, I used to live there.

There used to be a stadium here.

I used to think that Americans know disproportionately less about the world than others.

Before then she used to call black, white and asian people brown and white people light.

Provide feedback early on about their blogs, as they're just getting used to the medium.

And you get used to the company of silent women meditators around you -- women on this side and men over on that side.

Once people got used to the different voice, the new songs resonated in the same way that so many of his classics had.

Still not quite used to the fighting style, but but feels great when you chain several melees, grapples, and counters.

You do get used to it! Having said that though, I think it depends on what type of location/trains your talking about.

In 2% of cases used for is used

Was used for Women's Head 2011.

SSL: used for internet security.

Little used for the last 2 years.

Adam once said that the set used more steel than that used for the London Hilton Hotel.

Today, this kind of seating is many used for resorts, lakes, beaches, snow cabins, etc.

Open tenders are the most common form of tender used for the sale of private dwellings.

Used For: Focus groups allow for an in depth discussion on a specific topic with a few people over a couple of hours.

The second one or the offline tools can be called as conventional tools, which are getting used for the manual works.

The Kohen-elect was made to enter a pit beneath the grating used for the altar of sacrifice (the altar of holocaust).

There's also a 2-megapixel front-facing camera that can be used for video calling as well as the face unlock feature.

In 1% of cases used by is used

C4 is not only used by the army.

Only the ring is used by the men.

It is an explosive used by the UTK.

I've seen the word ' prize ' used by another journo today, employed in the same context.

Extinctions are usually caused by climate change, famine, disease or other catastrophes.

Gramatically -- from a prescriptive perspective -- that suggests a reference to a singular model used by all research.

It appears to me that Hocker has shown that short term changes in CO2 are probably caused by sea surface temperatures.

There are many blogging techniques available used by experienced marketers that help to generate traffic to one's blog.

You maintain that autism is caused by vaccine and underlying the autistic shell lies a neurotypical boy or girls, fine.

In 1% of cases used in is used

Often used in virtual reality (esp.

This was not the Gaelic used in Dublin.

A popular algorithmic technique used in gene prediction are hidden Markov models (HMMs).

Daemon and demon are often used interchangeably, but seem to have distinct connotations.

As this paint is water-based it is recommended that it gets used in indoor projects only.

Everlasting flower is not very used in perfumery, but when it is, you can be sure that the fragrance is a masterpiece.

Like is a great word, when used properly! It is diverse enough to be used in most parts of speech, but don't abuse it.

Thus the energy used in a constant pressure atmosphere for volumetric expansion is locked up and shows up as pressure.

Is there a feminine word used in the NT for a female diakonos? If so, then the choice of a masculine noun is important.

In 1% of cases used of is used

Since we are so used of texting.

This word is seldom used of people.

Used of an ancient Israelite leader.

The most frequent complaint in the description section is the alleged used of Photoshop.

I get used of the right arrow to move forward but in this game, you use the arrow up key.

Research and development are making increased used of material relying on nanotechnology.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it of any unauthorised used of your username or password of which you become aware.

The used of dried sea almond leaf to provide natural organic acids, minerals, vitamins and hormone is highly recommended.

Psalm 101:8 );?????? (used of the windings and branches of the main-stream) is a second permutative subject (Psalm 44:3).

Originally of the simpler of two forms of ancient Egyptian writing; broader sense is from 1831; used of Greek since 1927.

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