Prepositions after "usable"

"usable for", "usable in" or "usable by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases usable for is used

The classroom will not be usable for some time.

AS it stands now, it's not usable for me at all.

The interface could be made usable for other GUIs.

Leave nothing usable for the America haters to benefit from - just smoking wasteland.

I don't disagree that the Underground area is just not usable for musical performance.

Even North and South Dakota have hot aquifers that may be usable for geothermal power.

Django is create for small CRUD applications (and there, it isn't that bad ), but it's not usable for bigger things.

I know Arduino aims more on beginners than on hackers, but nevertheless, Arduino is usable for serious applications.

The glossy design of the phone might be uninspired, but company has been able to make it highly usable for consumers.

In colder climates, the heat will hardly ever be ' wasted ' - it is a usable form of additional heating for the home.

In 23% of cases usable by is used

Make a marking scheme usable by non-experts.

Make your site usable by everyone if possible.

The Web should be usable by people with disabilities.

Plain vanilla stairs, the great equaliser, are usable by everyone and liked by no one.

Less than 1 percent of available water is usable by humans and other members of the biosphere.

The city investigated areas in which sets of data could be made public and usable by Calgarians.

Many of their connections were rendered unusable by criminals using same band to uplink to pirate radio transmitters.

But others might actually be usable by linguistic experts seeking precision in speech and definition of word meanings.

The interface between the application and the DLL is an API that is usable by C or C++ and is exported with DLLScreenCap.

In 18% of cases usable in is used

It is very usable in both cases.

The ram thing is usable in OS 3.

Out of 6 cabins 2 were usable in that one.

The algorithm should be fast enough to be usable in the final image processing system.

Produce an interface that is understandable and usable in the user? s native language.

The Evil Stewie costume will be usable in Story Mode, Multiplayer, and Challenge Mode.

Selectors have been optimized for use with HTML and XML, and are designed to be usable in performance-critical code.

I use both Linux and BSD desktops, and I have not figured ou if the board will be fully usable in either environment.

PEGs As stated earlier, unambiguous parsing algorithms such as LL and LR aren't easily usable in grammar composition.

The complexity of extracting/ processing the information Information is usable in the form in which it is obtained, e.

In 8% of cases usable on is used

This driver is only usable on the Linux base platform.

By the way, CM10 is smooth &; completely usable on the Touch.

That it looks the same doesn't mean it's usable on every device.

As a developer/designer, I want my work to be usable on as many platforms as possible.

For this to happen, Apple had to make iTunes usable on more platforms than just their own.

But as a general rule I prefer independent tools, each usable on their own, hooked together.

The buckle you win for doing that is pretty damn immense, and I'd intrigued to know if it is actually usable on a belt.

Make sure you don't miss it! Well from what I saw on the Debian based LiveCD, its far from being usable on a daily basis.

This means that only CPC and not ECLA will be usable on that database (but IPC as before can be used in a separate search box).

In 5% of cases usable with is used

Top Contacts is usable with other launchers.

The Nexus 4 is still very usable with one hand btw.

All FD, New FD and FL lenses are usable with the AE-1P.

Props for keeping the whole site usable with Javascript turned off -- nothing breaks.

With some modifications, it might be usable with other alphabets, like Greek or Cyrillic.

However, I fully expect this to be just as usable with Ubuntu packages of perl compiled with, e.

If you're creating script-driven mouseover menus, these are unlikely to be usable with a keyboard or screen reader.

Not all nouns are usable with all verbs, mostly for security reasons, but nouns don't get to define their own verbs.

With a responsive design it is easily usable with any devices like Desktop, tablet, iPad, iPhone, and Android Phones too.

If in doubt we recommend you purchase the Zip(main) format which is usable with nearly all music applications and software.

In 4% of cases usable to is used

Actually, only 1% of the worlds water is usable to us.

Not everyone is capable of having a certain amount of specific knowledge usable to them.

He founded it in 2009 to make the Web more available and usable to more people in the world.

When I make a website I want it to be usable to every visitor, no matter what kind of computer.

Following these guidelines will also often make your Web content more usable to users in general.

Evolved it, made it useful, made it usable to non-techies, but pioneered? No, not by a long shot.

If style sheets are not supported or turned off however, the site is still usable to its fullest extent.

Nothing is too difficult as both John and Gerry want to have the trails usable to a variety of skill levels.

Obama is avoiding this in order to keep what powder he has, dry and usable to whatever extent the future will allow.

We're also going to be introducing changes to the space game to basically make it more usable to the endgame players.

In 3% of cases usable as is used

And it is perfectly usable as a business machine.

UMWHAT doesn't seem very usable as a daily driver.

The idea is that the mzungu stands in the red tub (also usable as a baby bath).

The Badtr Nam Montr/Khan Nam Montr is also usable as an ' Apo ' Kasina Meditation Object.

The inner space was a wide open tube, and actually was pretty usable as a recreation area.

If you have taken part in a murder and have film of it, the film may be usable as proof against you.

GTKPerf showed a 19% improvement in X Windows GUI operations, which should make the Raspberry Pi more usable as a desktop.

Verdict: Good job! Both of these improvements should make the iPhone much more usable as a speaker phone, which was barely functional previously.

I expect that we'll need at least a few iterations before that can become usable as a day-to-day phone, and it's unclear whether that'll ever happen.

Alongside this, we wanted it to work across browsers and on tablets too, so the visualisation would need to be robust and usable as well as innovative.

In 3% of cases usable at is used

There is no simple explanation for it which is usable at this level.

The atlas will be made available online and will be usable at different spatial scales.

This year we got a t-shirt and a $10 gift card only usable at a gift shop they set up at the conference.

I don't mind dealing with bunch of codes but it's just that I want my phone to be usable at any given time.

Ammo is fairly common, and balistically similar to the 30-30WCF, making it usable at hunting type distances.

And he could make a start by looking at Waterloo Bridge and making that cycle lane usable at night and at weekends.

First, big data can unlock significant value by making information transparent and usable at much higher frequency.

PureTone players will be portable, everywhere players, usable at home, in the car, or in your pocket with earphones.

The site is usable at the moment, but there are still a few things I want to do to it before I push it live anywhere.

In 2% of cases usable from is used

The submission form will be live and usable from 15:00 (U.

Most developers ' tools integrate into the IDE in order to be visible and usable from this desktop.

If it's not then it stays grey and says UNavailable but the rest of the db must still be usable from it's internal tables.

To start with I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to tell the usable from the beyond-the-pale, but I think I got the hang of it.

To facilitate flash photography, the 1/125 sec marking is also painting in red to indicate that flash sync is usable from 1/125 sec down to B, the bulb setting.

Examples include: equipment or machines that provide arm ergometry, free weights, and weighted pulley systems that are usable from a wheelchair or mobility device.

Quirks mode While the JDBC driver can be used as-is to execute ad-hoc Cypher queries, to be usable from normal SQL-aware tools there is a little more work required.

An electronic passport would have to be approved by an international standards organization, and it would have to be usable from country to country, according to the U.

The J-8s are usable from northern airfields but are not effective in combat except when thrown in large numbers (which may be possible a couple of times but is not effective as a campaign strategy).

In 2% of cases usable without is used

Still, I doubt this would be usable without consent.

While the website is still usable without JavaScript,.

This would be an ideal design that could make the lamp usable without a diffuser.

Other packages which the system will not run well or be usable without will be here.

Importantly this data is usable without restriction and therefore removes the issue of derived data.

Any sprocket spacing would become usable without introducing any cable friction or modifying the trike.

While the website is still usable without JavaScript, it should be enabled to enjoy the full interactive experience.

If you saturate the sponge and put it in a Ziploc bag it will freeze and be usable without dripping all over everything when it warms.

However, an autosuggest field is meant to be an unobtrusive enhancement to the user experience: the form should still be usable without the javascript.

In 1% of cases usable across is used

I was of the opinion that the PMP methodology is usable across many business applications.

Any app that is designed has to be usable across various devices, even though they all use the same OS.

And that's not all; each of the new costumes which they purchase will also be usable across all three games.

That way, I can build up a pod of training materials which I hope to make usable across criminal justice and health / social care.

Google had to take it upon itself to alter the situation to make Google Docs more usable across smartphone platforms including its very own Android.

They are the keepers of the content, but more importantly they are responsible for ensuring that content is understandable and usable across generations.

Choosing openly published interoperable formats also provides the best chance of your content being usable across different software platforms and into the future.

He opened the Supercharger network of fast charging stations in the US that aims to make the Model S as usable across country as across town: they come to mainland Europe next year.

We believe the demand for software that is usable across languages and cultures is the beginning of the next wave of demand from users? and the next great challenge for software designers.

In 1% of cases usable after is used

I need someone to tighten/oil my elliptical machine to see if it'll make it usable after Danny's asleep.

And I know from experience that the the plain non-waterproof yellow glue is still usable after years, and.

Last Resort, introduced in Generation IV, is a powerful move usable after every other move has been used by the Pok? mon at least once.

In 1% of cases usable during is used

There is a pond with small paddle boat and above-ground swimming pool usable during summer months.

The river flooded frequently and the fords that existed were only usable during times of low water.

Trebs? s new organ was usable during 1714; he had done 14 days? tuning by 19 May, and was paid off on 15 September.

Smaller towns and villages, however, are served only by smaller roads that are not usable during the rains between April and May.

Many of the park viewing roads are not usable during the rains and because of the loose ashy nature of volcanic soil, the roads become very dusty during the dry season.

Some of our farmers say they now know of better buying prices in other markets, but they can not transport their farm produce to such markets because the roads are not usable during certain seasons.

In 1% of cases usable within is used

The credit is a sort of borderless currency usable within the Image Library.

With this support and more hard work, Chris estimates that MediaGoblin will be usable within a year.

DRS will only be usable within the pre-defined zones that activate the system during the race on the Sunday.

Some are running out like oil, others are unsuitable, and some are not usable within the period that we are looking at.

Configuring core's memory allocators: regionalloc This is the allocator containing the virtual address regions that are usable within core.

Good decisions, strategically or tactically require appropriate data within a marketing information system (MIS ), accessible and usable within the value chain.

Currently it is only inwards facing, so usable within Nimbuzz's ecosystem only, but Saxena admits that the scheme could be expanded to include outgoing e-commerce.

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