Prepositions after "uprooted"

"uprooted from" or "uprooted by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases uprooted from is used

Uprooted from the face of the earth.

Our DNA can not be uprooted from Jamhuri.

Eliza is completely uprooted from her society.

Like all life, it grows sick and dies when it is uprooted from its proper element.

At the same time, they risk becoming uprooted from their own film-making cultures.

While Trekking down I found a tree uprooted from its base but still hanging around.

Give proper compensation to people as job or education who are uprooted from their place due to economic growth.

Those who were harming others with their tongues will have their tongues uprooted from their base in their mouths.

The case of an evil word is like that of an evil tree, which is uprooted from above the earth and has no stability.

In 27% of cases uprooted by is used

E Palestinians uprooted by force of arms.

Hazel is completely uprooted by the city.

BH may possibly be uprooted by cleaning up that place.

Just think of the tears and sufferings of those vulnerable people uprooted by force.

Arrows of infirmity fired into my husband's body, be uprooted by fire in Jesus name.

Any person anywhere sitting on my seat of promotion, be uprooted by fire in Jesus name.

After Botha's departure, wicket-keeper Tim Ludeman followed quickly, his stumps uprooted by Michael Hogan for a duck.

In total, there are now some 800,000 people displaced in the province, including those uprooted by previous conflicts.

Barrier reefs help stabilize mangroves and seagrass beds, which can easily be uprooted by large waves and h6 currents.

Through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR ), it provides aid for those uprooted by war or famine.

In 8% of cases uprooted in is used

Masses of people were uprooted in the Enclosure Movement.

An actualy tree, uprooted in our front garden, and from parts unknown.

Every deeply rooted problem in my life, be uprooted in the name of Jesus 2.

Cut up that tree that uprooted in the backyard after the storm tide weakened the roots.

Islam, uprooted in Makkah, struck new roots in Medina, burgeoned and soon became viable.

The example of a hypocrite is like that of the cedar tree, which does not yield until it is uprooted in one go.

In order to compete effectively, old-style vines were uprooted in the 1980s and classic vinifera grapes were planted.

Since the beginning of this year, more than 650,000 people have been uprooted in the regions of North and South Kivu.

As they are uprooted in the heavy winds, a lot of infrastructure both above and below ground is going to get wrecked.

If there had been a scheme for helping Jamaicans to emigrate, whole parishes would have been uprooted in a few months.

In 3% of cases uprooted for is used

The underlying tendency of pride and conceit is only uprooted for the Arahant.

The underlying tendency of pride and conceit is only uprooted for the arahant.

Keino is among those who returned to Kiambaa recently after being uprooted for more than four years.

As in Germany, any handy evergreen tree might be uprooted for the purpose; yews, box trees, pines or firs.

Uprooted for moot reason, they'll be forced to live outside the community they chose and lived in just because it's too monoethnic.

The CPAG report warns that thousands of homeless families already placed in expensive temporary accommodation in the capital face being uprooted for a second time.

In 2% of cases uprooted with is used

The shelter was uprooted with its concrete foundations and carried 60 feet.

They are uprooted with little warning, enduring great hardship during their flight.

Governments often believe they must balance humanitarian concerns for the uprooted with concerns about security and the needs of their own populations.

In 2% of cases uprooted to is used

Their music is based on the Scottish Gaelic tradition, uprooted to Australia during the Highland clearances.

By mid-2006, almost two million people - nearly 90 per cent of the population of the north - had been uprooted to 200 camps.

Hopefully, as this kind of information is disseminated more widely, an Indian wife will put her foot down and refuse to permit her family to be uprooted to USA.

When his family is uprooted to Canada, the ship taking Pi, his family and many zoo animals, sinks in a storm, leaving Pi alone and clinging to life in a raft boat.

Perhaps they are getting worse too? As now with us becoming so individualistic, there is very little support for those who are either left behind or uprooted to a new place.

In 2% of cases uprooted during is used

Growing trees very close to pavements are also dangerous as they may get uprooted during rains and strong winds.

Forget the fact that thousands of people uprooted during those days are still condemned to live a life of internally displaced persons.

When trunks are uprooted during storms, they sweep down rivers and batter the legs of the bridges, which fall one by one into the water.

How bad was it? Gavin Coates: About 1,000 trees were damaged and uprooted during the typhoon, but it was mainly the younger plantings that suffered.

The trees have shallow root systems and the wood is weak; they are therefore liable to being uprooted during strong storms and broken by strong winds.

Xi Jinping was affected directly by the party's purges; the whole family was uprooted during the Cultural Revolution, Xi's father was tortured and his sister died.

In 1% of cases uprooted without is used

If people are uprooted without any arrangements of humanitarian aid to which they can fall back, then the consequences of war will be far higher than anyone can imagine.

Let us not forget that more than fighting territorial enemies, it is imperative that an immediate war is waged on corruption and ensure that it is uprooted without a trace.

In 1% of cases uprooted after is used

As it turns out this is the intent, but on the neighbouring plot called Gordonne, which is indeed currently planted up with cereal, the vines having been uprooted after the 2011 season.

In 1% of cases uprooted within is used

Most of the people who settled in Vanni was uprooted within 24 hours from Jaffna and brought to Vanni by LTTE directive.

In 1% of cases uprooted through is used

The conflicts, he added, created a sense of despondency and added that terrorism could be uprooted through a solution of these problems.

Repressed memories, painful emotions, narcissism and destructive energies can all be uprooted through Buddha's teaching on suffering, delusion, wisdom and non-attachment.

In 1% of cases uprooted out is used

Your kids may be uprooted, but they'll be uprooted out of a toxic situation.

Once they were uprooted out of Bakara and in the northern part of Mogadishu, it marked the major beginning of the end of the whole offensive against al-Shabab.

In 1% of cases uprooted on is used

Others uprooted on principle, choosing to remain loyal to the Crown.

Tree Uprooted on our Block The miracle is that the floodwaters of the Gowanus have already receded.

Then, suddenly, with a great cracking and splitting the oak tree (4) over and (5) uprooted on the ground.

In 1% of cases uprooted like is used

Why are the least healthy items the easiest to eat on the go?? ), and I guess just being uprooted like that for 24 hours is hard on a small person.

The pop-up pet shelter will offer free boarding and veterinary care for as many as 700 dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets that were uprooted like their owners because of Hurricane Sandy.

In 1% of cases uprooted due is used

Well, we could not prevent the trees from getting uprooted due to the cyclone.

He has been living in Europe since that time and all this time Louis has felt displaced and uprooted due to the politics of South Africa.

In 1% of cases uprooted before is used

They are victims of Satan's corrupt world because they're uprooted before their natural time to pass over to the other side.

But did they have any alternative way to strike back against the rockets and the rhetoric? Hamas has to be uprooted before its poison worsens the current situation beyond control.

In 1% of cases uprooted at is used

I'd origionally from South Africa and uprooted at a young age to Canada.

Our neighbor's old tall pine tree was uprooted at 12:19 AM EST which woke me up and crushed into his yard shed.

These are uprooted at around three and a half months and eaten as a vegetable, or dried into a starchy food known as pulukkodiyal in Tamil.

Trees were uprooted at a PSEG Customer Facility on Century Road in town so things like that will make it difficult for the utility to get the power back on for the rest of us.

After an early childhood itself divided between Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh (her parents are doctors ), Rabab found herself once again uprooted at the age of 12 and whisked off to Long Island.

In 1% of cases uprooted as is used

Heedlessness is uprooted as the meditator progresses on the Noble Path and proceed from one stage to another.

Iran also provided asylum for 1,400,000 Iraqi refugees who had been uprooted as a result of the Persian Gulf War (1990-91).

From 1 st May 1960, the Fort Simmonds line was closed and uprooted as the upper three miles of the line had been taken over by Alcan Jamaica Ltd.

By further terms, the Assembly would deplore the plight of millions of refugees and displaced persons uprooted as a result of such acts and reaffirm their right to return home voluntarily in safety.

In 1% of cases uprooted along is used

Several trees were uprooted along the Old Harbour Road, which made motoring treacherous at times.

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