Prepositions after "upbeat"

upbeat about, on, in, for or after?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases upbeat about is used

I'd feeling upbeat about Arsenal.

I am pretty upbeat about all that.

Warren was upbeat about the Shockers.

His wife Reiko Yanai said McIntyre was initially upbeat about fighting the charges.

Hughes, while wary of the challenge St Brigid's pose, is upbeat about their chances.

Carter said he remained upbeat about his mission even though he had no interlocutor.

The survey showed that fFirms were more upbeat about their business outlook, with an Ifo sub-index rising to 108.

But Dominick Stephens, Westpac chief economist, said Wheeler seemed notable more upbeat about the global economy.

They are also more upbeat about their preferred candidates chances in November than are Democrats or independents.

Mr Senkut, who was Google's first Product Manager, is upbeat about the potential for angel investing in Hong Kong.

In 8% of cases upbeat on is used

Ms Khar sounded upbeat on the state and course of the bilateral dialogue.

Nevertheless the European Commission remains resolutely upbeat on the EU FTT.

The Washington Post: Both Sides Appear Upbeat On Opening Round Of ' Fiscal Cliff ' Talks Since Nov.

You go to any E-Commerce conference and the mood is upbeat on the potential and future of E-commerce.

The global technology research firm IDC is also upbeat on the potential for online shopping in India.

Asked which Asian markets HSBC was most upbeat on, Lunt said that in the medium to long term, all markets looked favorable.

We are very positive and upbeat on the political stability of virtually all of the Central African gold-producing countries.

Though US economists are upbeat on their economy next year, the current global economic situation shouldn't be taken lightly.

That said, everyone seems pretty upbeat on it, and for the current price point it could be worth a chance to see if it fits my use case.

In 6% of cases upbeat in is used

This song is upbeat in quite a cheesy way.

Republicans are definitely the more upbeat in the room here.

The driver also did his best to sound upbeat in a team statement.

Manishka is shown to be an empathetic friend, but who is not too upbeat in her academia.

You've stuck with all the challenges and you're always positive and upbeat in your comments.

In a sudden turn of fortunes Shankar returns, established as a successful singer, and mood turns upbeat in the family.

The offsetting force, however, is the macro picture of the US economy, which is looking decidedly more upbeat in recent months.

In comparison, the figures are far more upbeat in other BRIC countries: 78 percent in India, 67 percent in Brazil, and 62 percent in China.

Concerns over global demand are hurting Asia's export engines, with autos, technology and shipping sectors among the least upbeat in the survey.

In 5% of cases upbeat for is used

Unusually upbeat for cynical old me.

But then again the SBP is surprisingly upbeat for SF.

For one grand, I want odds, but I'll do a straight upbeat for $500.

Outlook Management is upbeat for the year 2012 and expects net earnings to come in at $5.

Companies remain upbeat for the year ahead despite the decline in demand across the UAE in 2011.

Gosh, that was rather positive and upbeat for me, wasn't it? I must be due for my pills and a nice lie down.

The news was nowhere near as upbeat for the ASX which dropped to 48 on the ladder of world stock market performers.

US consumers are feeling the most upbeat for five years, according to the latest survey from the University of Michigan.

Actually it was a bit upbeat for the Cook, I thought he'd be rallying the troops for BSM as those REDaction lads have been doing.

The second movie is often a dark movie because that is where the conflict occurs and the third movie is often upbeat for the resolution.

In 4% of cases upbeat after is used

Brisbane manager Kevin Jordan was upbeat after the match.

On race weekend, I was upbeat after the practice session.

Martin knew he was fortunate but was upbeat after the wreck.

Hart, who was beating Fennell for the second time this season was very upbeat after his win.

If they bowl first, they should contain Ireland, who are upbeat after their victory against England and.

The players are upbeat after winning the ODI series and I hope we would take the confidence along with us.

Coach Stephen Kearney was reasonably upbeat after the 18-10 loss, despite the fifth consecutive loss to the Kangaroos.

Despite not getting the win Jaafar remained upbeat after leaving Silverstone with a six-point lead in the championship.

But like the other residents trying to stay upbeat after the fire, even Ron couldn't hide how frightening the bushfire experience was.

Integrated communication firm Safaricom have entered five cars for the season ending round with team member Nzioka Waita upbeat after reconnaissance.

In 3% of cases upbeat at is used

I think Suarez's display left me pretty upbeat at fulltime.

Roberts once again appeared upbeat at work, Colonel Miller said.

But despite all these concerns, the mood was upbeat at the AFL-CIO's phone bank.

I am now entering into week 2 on my confinement and things are looking pretty upbeat at the moment.

Still, the mood is upbeat at Bhagnanis, what with as many as five premiers being held for the film, a first.

FAMILY UPBEAT At the border to receive her husband, Harbans Kaur could not meet him at the border due to the rush.

The chief of the state-owned company Turkmengaz, Sakhatmurad Mamedov was upbeat at the conference about the project.

The organisers of the world's leading trade fair for the automotive aftermarket were upbeat at the end of the show in Frankfurt.

No doubt buoyed by Dassault Aviation's Rafale being selected as the winner of the MMRCA contract, the mood was upbeat at the French pavilion.

Never Take Responsibility This is a guest post by Robby SlaughterWe all want engaged employees who are highly productive, efficient and upbeat at work.

In 3% of cases upbeat despite is used

Some were upbeat despite long journeys ahead.

The tests proved very successful and he remains upbeat despite the weather.

You seem very positive and upbeat despite all of this hardship and that is so inspiring.

Fox who remains irrepressibly upbeat despite coping with early onset Parkinson's disease.

At the start of the season it would have been a frustrated figure walking back to the pits, but the Brit remained upbeat despite this.

He remains upbeat despite the change in plans, as it means that he and the other youth participants will be able to attend the entire summit.

New Year's Eve, 0800: I arrived at work resigned to my fate, but determined to remain upbeat despite what I perceived to be my great misfortune.

In a pub off Trafalgar Square, she's upbeat despite her head looking like it's been blown open and her chest looking like patches of skin were torn from it.

It's a glorious pop song, upbeat despite the recessionary subject matter and guaranteed to be a singalong fave when The Script resume touring before Christmas.

In 3% of cases upbeat with is used

Vent at home, but stay upbeat with colleagues.

It is breezy and upbeat with a quick drum line.

You want to keep the set upbeat with the band? Yeah.

Upbeat with tourism boom in the state, Abdullah wants to build a new golf course in Ladhakh.

There was scene of jubilation as the result filtered as most Nigerians were so happy and upbeat with the result.

It ended upbeat with him walking down the mountain happily, so I'd like to think that was the path to his future.

I am very upbeat with the results and I find an increase of 45% of registered non religious people a very positive.

But will it? Polls give reason to be upbeat with improving numbers in the African-American community as the key factor.

Be wary and be upbeat with economic news and data because these are the times of emotional investing! WeAryBat A rise has a fall.

As to whether the mood of the dressing room will be upbeat with Yuvraj coming back, I believe it's not dependant on any particular individual.

In 2% of cases upbeat as is used

It's been tough for the team to remain upbeat as the losses continue to mount, he said.

Psychologically, they should be upbeat as a they are at 10 in the world the highest ranked team.

Back at Bobby McGee's the mood is upbeat as the predominantly Democratic crowd grows in confidence.

The Dancing Pandas, initially so upbeat as the race started, were getting gloomier and gloomier and if you knew those guys then you would know it takes one hell of a lot to get them down.

In 2% of cases upbeat of is used

In a country founded on optimism he is among the most upbeat of all.

And the 2009 U-20 World Cup winner appears very upbeat of his chances of beating the other competing goals in the category.

In this song, the band plays with it one step further, emphasizing the upbeat of the doublets for a very cool syncopated rhythm.

The note shifts from the downbeat of 3 to the upbeat of 2 (2+) shown in Segments 3, 5, 7, and 8 are especially very common in Jazz.

Despite the win over Tarlac, Tolete remains upbeat of their chances in the tournament considering the odds against Rizal and Laguna.

Despite the setbacks, the three-time Asian Tour Order of Merit winner remains upbeat of producing his best golf among the biggest names in the world of golf.

In 1% of cases upbeat ahead is used

The boys looked thrilled to be in the Big Apple and appeared upbeat ahead of Tuesdays appearance on the Today Show.

Bryan added that they have worked extremely hard in their preparations and everyone is very upbeat ahead of the tournament.

Upbeat ahead of the audio launch, scheduled on September 22, the director is confident that Harris Jayaraj's six songs for the film will become instant hits.

In 1% of cases upbeat by is used

Although The Twilight Sad use synths, well mostly from their four studio album ' No One Can Ever Know ' I wouldn't call these guys upbeat by any means.

In 1% of cases upbeat over is used

And, in grains, Mr Ofon was particularly upbeat over wheat prices, which he forecast averaging $9.

In 1% of cases upbeat to is used

I've seen some close friends go from upbeat to morose.

The tunes ranged from the soulful to the upbeat to the positively hilarious.

Despite, loosing vibe, investors were upbeat to textile sector which gained by 2.

The soundtrack of my life rushes from happy and upbeat to dark and tired without pausing.

Human musicking is enticed to respond upbeat to the gainability of all that is in every direction.

They are upbeat to showcase their potentiality as far as music is concerned and exhibit how best and competent they are.

The tone of the voices ranged from upbeat to serious to sympathetic as it asked questions regarding various health-related topics.

In 1% of cases upbeat without is used

He manages to be upbeat without being complacent, complimentary to other teams and drivers without sounding fake or, conversely, unduly worried.

But the other day he was grumpy all day, we were traveling so I'd sitting there trying to keep myself upbeat without him communicating in any way.

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