Prepositions after "unusual"

"unusual for" or "unusual in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases unusual for is used

It is unusual for a few reasons.

This is really unusual for the time.

This is very unusual for the retailer.

It is not unusual for a child to feel anxious about being separated from the parent.

It was also not unusual for a town to be named after a monastery? as happened at St.

It's unusual for the Buddha to aim his words so far over the heads of his listeners.

Akbar's religious tolerance was unusual for the time period; partly this tolerance was born out of practicalities.

In his travels abroad, Xi Jinping has often been something unusual for a Chinese communist leader: an ordinary guy.

It is most unusual for the Pope to send in a high powered delegation of cardinals to investigate a national church.

Even for households who can barely feed themselves, it is not unusual for the household to have at least one phone.

In 23% of cases unusual in is used

Which is unusual in the region.

It's not unusual in a good way.

Humans are unusual in this way.

A TWIST means something unusual in a surprising, intriguing and often amusing manner.

Does not this sound very unusual in a family close to Indira getting died mysteriously.

As I opened my heavy bag, I spotted something unusual in it? a palm-sized black object.

The fragment shown above encodes a peptide (a stretch of amino acids) that is very unusual in the human FOXP2 gene.

Reaction to the unusual interplay between the president and the court -- especially from Alito, President George W.

We were still asleep when the sun came up that morning, and so we sensed nothing unusual in the timing of its rise.

Client's access to the safety deposit facilities increases substantially or is unusual in light of their past usage.

In 8% of cases unusual about is used

There's nothing unusual about it.

There is nothing unusual about it.

There's nothing unusual about that.

I doubt there's anything unusual about my mind in the strangeness of its contents.

Therefore, what is unusual about the coming crisis is that we are the cause of it.

So? What is so unusual about all this? This happens in EVERY country in the world.

Nothing unusual about this, of course - thousands of people successfully pit themselves against Kili every year.

An artist's life, half the time is waiting to get in position for the shoot, there's nothing unusual about that.

There is nothing unusual about individuals from oppressed communities hiring themselves out to their oppressors.

Now an established international athlete, the only thing that is unusual about him is his extraordinary workload.

In 2% of cases unusual among is used

I'd not unusual among cyclists.

One of the best and most unusual among them is L.

This is highly unusual among Western democracies.

Australia is unusual among contemporary Western states in affirming such a policy.

I was hasty to imply that not having a beard is unusual among women in archaeology.

Study the history of the country and you will find it is not too unusual among the populace.

Cancer is unusual among diseases in that surgery is often seen as the potential first resort instead of the last.

These tubes are actually long nostrils that give albatrosses a keen sense of smell, which is unusual among birds.

The Mayans also wrote numbers and they had a symbol for zero, which was very unusual among ancient civilisations.

I'd maybe unusual among atheist Christians - I think Mark is probably more or less correct around the crucifixion.

In 2% of cases unusual at is used

This was not unusual at the time.

Which was pretty unusual at the time.

It seemed a bit unusual at this point.

Again, nothing showed up on the scan, but that wasn't unusual at such an early stage.

Hutchinson took on his nemesis, Roger Clarke - but that is hardly unusual at sittings.

Clara also introduced the idea of solo concerts which were highly unusual at the time.

My father, a school teacher, wanted all of us to be educated, including my sisters -- which was unusual at the time.

The Porsche 959 utilized the four-wheel drive (something quite unusual at the time) to move its 444 hp to the tarmac.

Officers have appealed to anyone who saw anything unusual at the two locations on Wednesday morning to contact gardai.

A love story in which young lovers come together a second time in their middle age would be highly unusual at any period.

In 2% of cases unusual to is used

It certainly felt unusual to me.

This approach is nothing unusual to India.

Perhaps my manner was unusual to him, I thought.

The scene was not unusual to me as water flows over culverts here during the monsoon.

That may sound a little unusual to you but it's true when you factor in human nature.

Starting college at the age of 16, although unusual to many, was not a question for me.

Although it sounds like your teeth need a lot of work, this would be nothing new or unusual to any dentist you saw.

However, there is something unusual to his departure if you compare it to what is happening in Tanzania and Uganda.

Mental Health Links Stress affects people differently, a desire for extramarital sex doesn't seem so unusual to me.

Then I decided I couldnt do it anymore and dropped out while having a B average (probably seemed unusual to others).

In 1% of cases unusual as is used

Break ups aren't unusual as a consequence.

This isn't unusual as the commission is frequently targeted.

The first pair are likely to feel unusual as well as uncomfortable.

The visit was unusual as the owner had her father bring the dog since she lived in Eagan.

Certainly the NHS is unusual as an organization, but I guess the question should be does it work.

It's quite another to explain why do we have friends? We're very unusual as a species in doing this.

The controller arrangement is unusual as the price includes an LSI SAS9211-4i PCI-e RAID card and a 300GB Seagate Cheetah 15K.

The visit was rather unusual as the prime minister had no police around him at all! The three of us discussed many issues back then.

The hanging was unusual as the police and doctor who did the post mortem did not see any outward signs of a person who hanged himself.

Direct conflict was relatively unusual as the gangs rarely felt confident enough to oppose the insurgent organisation (or organisations).

In 1% of cases unusual by is used

The adult resting posture was noted as unusual by Bell.

This was seen as so unusual by other workers that membership suddenly jumped many fold.

It is easy to harden our heart against the strange or unusual by denigrating any estimated value.

But the article is highly unusual by Chinese media standards (and especially from a Party newspaper).

This will use delete your today more unusual by updating alternative windows and receivables based to start fakes.

Your reaction was not unusual by American standards but probably was (you know better than I) by Filipino standards.

Elusive Why do you think it all happened this way to Jane and Abdel? Perhaps it was the seeking for the unusual by Jane.

Not unusual by the benchmark of the average user but that's because we've become used to having our devices with us constantly.

Mr McPherson said while the law did set parameters, names that might be considered embarrassing or unusual by some were allowed.

Behe's criticism is made unusual by the fact that he accepts common descent, but believes that it was guided by an intelligent designer.

In 1% of cases unusual from is used

It is not unusual from cycling.

This game is quite unusual from most car games.

Nothing unusual from the judges comments about Chris.

My first pregnancy was unusual from the start, with it being a twin pregnancy and all.

I can not recall why I looked out the window perhaps the sky looked unusual from my bed.

Houston, TX-- NASA is reporting this morning something unusual from Mars--music is playing there.

Gifts that are sent towards the people are unusual from what they utilized to become a couple of many years in the past.

Binod: In the life of the party, this Central Committee meeting has been unusual from the point of view of ideology and debate.

They thought we were expecting something grand and deep and unusual from them, not knowing that they were so without even trying.

What else can I say? Susan Very pleasurable The whole buying experience was very pleasurable, kind of unusual from previous experiences.

In 1% of cases unusual of is used

It was too unusual of him but she could not object to it.

And Sophie visits 3 gardens in the most unusual of places.

His post is the most unusual of those I have collected here.

Quite unusual of me, I have taken time to educate him on the back page of Thisday of Jan.

Finally, perhaps the most unusual of all is the failure to develop a nationwide party system.

Love will find a Sagittarian in the most unusual of places and in the most unexpected of ways.

I did read the whole of your story, which was rather unusual of me, in spite of the concerns regarding your writing.

Palin is that most unusual of things: an internationally recognised icon who longs to sound more ordinary than he is.

Probably the most unusual of her visits were several trips to Innishbiggle, off Achill Island, which she made in a currach.

Even outside the discussion of Nobel prize its not unusual of Scientist campaigning for Self promotion and excluding others.

In 1% of cases unusual on is used

This was not unusual on plantations.

Not that this is unusual on that programme.

Not, of course, unusual on the pages of the Guardian.

Would certainly look unusual on Google and give us an edge over all the other Forums.

I went to my room right after she left and discovered something unusual on the dresser.

Pronounced cavity erosion is rather unusual on unprotected carbon steel in soil or water.

If you see them ' shedding ' excessively or has something unusual on their coat, immediately consult a professional.

They pored over the data and could find no evidence of anything unusual on the fault prior to the September 28 rupture.

I'd talking about ordinary houses, because there are few houses that are unusual on its head, may cause unusual ground.

Meanwhile, on the ARK MX+, there is no optical input of any sort, something quite unusual on a product from the Far East.

In 1% of cases unusual with is used

Unusual with its overhead wipers.

I thought that was unusual with his parents being dead.

If there is nothing unusual with Corona's SALN and ITR.

In the early stages he did not see anything unusual with the practice, until his early teens.

They have fallen into the gross but common error of confounding the unusual with the abstruse.

Bansal added that there was nothing unusual with the process in terms of tendering and the premium.

Its appearance is quite unusual with its unproportionally large ears, from which a narrow and pointed tragus protrudes.

Mostly because neither is exactly intuitive (I'd getting the impression that this isn't unusual with editing software).

The car was tiny compared to its rivals, and looked very unusual with its cylindrical fuel tanks running down either side.

The pair had known each other for eight years and McVicar said he noticed nothing unusual with King when they met for lunch.

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