Prepositions after "unused"

"unused to" or "unused for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases unused to is used

Not that I am unused to attention.

He is unused to limits on his actions.

People become unused to their own company.

Andrew had hoped he might get special treatment on account of being unused to the heat.

Being unused to the local accent, she had misheard her dog's name when being introduced.

Unused to seeing their authority challenged, officers felt threatened by the new inmate.

In the end, Egypt is new to the art of politics and its actors unused to sharing power and debating issues publicly.

A litter borne by six bearded men, all unused to the work, stopped in the white sand that bordered the whiter plain.

Ventilation: This topic probably causes the most concern to those unused to the concept of refrigerator hibernation.

I, like many other wives in the new administra- tion, was unused to having domestic help except on special occasions.

In 19% of cases unused for is used

It seems to have been standing unused for about 18 months.

Besides, the path that they had taken seemed unused for ages.

Chuck out and shred anything that's been unused for two years.

Poor people haven't got a spare ton to sit around in bank accounts unused for months.

The tea will tend to oxidize and be ruined if left unused for more than a few months.

A PESO official said their brand new training centre has been lying unused for a year.

Although the area has been unused for many years, the site is rich in history, much of it unknown to many residents.

The Mysore airport also known as Mandakalli airport has been functional since 2010, after being unused for few years.

A very low mileage may indicate the car might have been left unused for long periods or used only for short journeys.

I registered on the forums in March this year using a unique email address unused for anything else before and since.

In 15% of cases unused in is used

I have lot of pens lying unused in my pen box.

The walking sticks lie unused in the boot of my car.

Arable land can not remain empty and unused in a national context.

The word was completely unknown and unused in the Church's teaching before the council.

So after years of looking, I uncovered a secret technique that lay unused in this arena.

Any balance unused in this 12 month period will be cancelled and no refund will be given.

If they lie unused in warehouses, part or all of their use value might vanish due to the effect of time, weather, etc.

The study makes clear that businesses need to do more to make the most of the digital skills sitting unused in the youth community.

The average UK homeowner has £2,813 of clutter going unused in their attic, according to research from the Co-operative Bank.

In 6% of cases unused by is used

It became a feature unused by many.

Just as all those buses were left unused by the bitter DEMOCRAT MAYOR.

Power that is unused by the consumer will flow into the electricity grid.

The reason for this is that when surplus energy is unused by out body it converts into body fat.

The transferable portion of the lower tax standard rate band unused by your spouse or civil partner - 7,800 (i.

We may apply towards such payment or expenditure the value of any carriage unused by You, or any other credits (e.

We may apply towards such payment or expenditure the value of any carriage unused by you, or any funds in our possession.

Nathaniel Chalobah (Watford ): Chalobah was named to the bench, but he went unused by Gianfranco Zola's side on the weekend.

U know the millions of litres of Diesel that will be left unbuy &; unused by various industries when the electricity is okay.

Requirements: Must be able to change public IP address to a new public IP address (previously unused by this server) at will.

In 4% of cases unused on is used

So far they have sat unused on the side.

My umbrella, unused on the trek, came in very useful as most of the initial days were wet.

I'd a big believer in the latent potential of our minds and how much goes unused on a daily basis.

Rohan Ince (Yeovil Town ): Ince was also unused on the weekend, but in Ince's case it's a bit of a surprise.

There are rental cars sitting unused on lots every day! Especially if you're willing to drive to the next town to pick it up.

Amin Affane (Roda JC ): Amin Affane was in fine form over the past several weeks, but he went unused on the bench this weekend.

So don't let it end up on a folder, unused on your computer just because the rejection of it decreases your perception of its value.

Do you know what impressed me about this film? The fact that Joy Smithers is such a talent and is so unused on the big screen in this country.

Such efforts will hopefully mean that contingency plans for air strikes on Ethiopian dams remain unused on the desks of Egyptian military authorities.

In 3% of cases unused at is used

This group was largely abandoned and unused at DU2 anyway.

It also has NFC, but it's gone completely unused at launch.

Hence, many of these products are left unused at the corner of the classroom.

You do not see the infinitely rich possibilities of life, lying unused at your feet.

This distinction was a refinement of later theological thought, unused at that time.

In a classroom that was unused at that time, I remember having my portrait taken by her.

It also does not address the situation where the buildings are unused at the date of the claim notice.

Tax credits unused at the end of the tax year, 31 December, are not carried forward to the following year.

The program will allow you to log the IP Addresses that are being used and unused at the moment that you run the program.

There were some really good samples left unused at the end of our session so naturally, I pillaged them and chopped and screwed a load of vintage R &B; vocals over the top.

In 2% of cases unused after is used

If unused after this period, the code will be automatically deleted and and can't be reissued.

If unused after this period, the code will be automatically deleted and and can not be reissued.

They will be carried forward from week to week during a tax year, but if unused after the end of the tax year, they are lost.

De Mel said that Dilshan Munaweera, who was unused after the group stages of the World Twenty20, was a player who could hit sixes.

I also have seen the influx of people going out and buying generators before the storm, just to return them unused after the storm.

In September it was reported that 31 per cent of Fratton's business units were unused after research carried out by The Local Data Company was revealed.

Walcott, who was famously unused after going to the 2006 World Cup as a teenager and was controversially axed for the 2010 tournament, said: ' I'd starting to get there.

For example, if you sell your house, which was in use, then khums will become wajib on the cash from the sale if it remains unused for one year or on whatever remains unused after one year.

Athens built outstanding facilities for thier chance at the olympics, only for them to be left unused after the games left, and it seems that China has had a repeat of the same with birds nest.

In 2% of cases unused during is used

The collegiums are unused during weeknights and weekends.

All the rooms are used during the second shift, but one room remains unused during the first shift.

A portrait of Winston Churchill glowers from behind the former president's desk, which Clinton left unused during our interview.

The lack of quality grounds in provinces is a half truth, as we saw international grounds in Dambulla, Galle and Hambantota etc unused during the first edition of the SLPL.

But, it is crucial to dedicate sufficient time to maintenance both during and at the end of a playing season, even on the rare occasions when a pitch remains unused during school holidays.

On the application level such billable events are already in place; however, they rely on pre-provisioned transmission that remains unused during period in which the application is inactive.

In 1% of cases unused within is used

Cancellation charges - Japan Rail Pass If returned to us unused within 12 months of issue, a Rail Pass Exchange Order can be refunded less a cancellation charge of 10% of the face value.

In 1% of cases unused with is used

But khums will become wajib on you if it remains unused with you for oneyear.

The returned items must be unworn, unwashed, unused with original tags/labels attached.

And it's pretty hard to get unused with a way of doing things which was in my blood for about 6 years.

The little bit of ' rural land ' left seems to be unused with broken glasshouses and a few old vine posts being all that can be seen.

There will be no refunds or credits for partial months of service, upgrade/downgrade refunds, or refunds for months unused with an open account.

PAYING KHUMS WHEN YOU TAKE A LOAN (PRINCIPAL) When you take a loan, then there is no khums on that loan amount (Principal) even if it is kept unused with you for more than a year.

If you pay loan repayment instalments periodically on your loan, then you have to pay khums on all instalments paid at the end of the year if the Principal remains unused with you for the whole year.

In 1% of cases unused throughout is used

It stands alone and unused throughout the day.

In 1% of cases unused since is used

The bumper cars sit unused since 1986.

Our local school closed at the end of 1993 and has remained empty and largely unused since then as an asset to be sold when the local tribe gets their settlement.

In 1% of cases unused into is used

I am a keen shopaholic and I enjoy turning something old and unused into something beautiful and inspiring.

In 1% of cases unused from is used

It is only used twice a week during term time and so remains unused from may of each year.

With the remaining monies left unused from the original maintenance budget, this would make available $1850.

In 1% of cases unused except is used

You may want to choose the? Unused Except Whole Files? option.

This territory is completely unused except for fishing rights.

But so far, the facility remained largely unused except for managing thread contexts.

There were a few trees already planted here, but much of this land was unused except for rough grazing in 2007.

So the Jamaican citizens are deprived of this service and their trains have been deteriorating unused except for the occasional goat or other errant farm animal.

In 1% of cases unused despite is used

The latter, he explains is data collected but going unused despite its value.

In 1% of cases unused because is used

Most of these tracks will finish up unused because of to bad high quality or simply unsuitable to your productions.

The retractable roof arrived from Paris in 1981 and stood unused because of insufficient funds but more likely, municipal corruption.

Organised Nabajug Tebhaga Khamar in Jobra, Chittagong in 1975, around a deep tubewell which was lying unused because of management problems.

In 1% of cases unused as is used

Evacuation buses went unused as the levees broke, flooding the buses and surrounding areas making it impossible to evacuate.

Over the years, silver became unused as a monetary object because the market value for silver was greater than the mint value.

Most of these e-wastes can be in the form of classic, unused as well as broken phone, notebooks, and Universe S3 The new cyber monday.

Apparently the 30m they had set aside to buy Brazilian wonderkid Lucas Moura will go unused as the teenager is set to join Paris St Germain, according to The Sun.

In 1% of cases unused around is used

Now think back to those 49 million mobile handsets that are sitting unused around the country.

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