Prepositions after "untouched"

untouched by, for, in, on or since?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 71% of cases untouched by is used

No one remains untouched by it.

Somehow, though, she was untouched by it.

So too -- nothing is untouched by the Fall.

The standard Android codebase should be absolutely untouched by a manufacturer skin.

Unfortunately this too has not survived untouched by the weather of north west Mayo.

Still, I found a crab-apple tree, untouched by the foragers, and plenty of rosehips.

Her radiant, soft heart was imbued with the four divine abidings * and was unassailable and untouched by the fire.

The small, self-sufficient community seems untouched by the outside world and, on the surface looks like paradise.

The older statutes, which were untouched by the 1854 Act or the Commissioners, continued to be published in Latin.

No one present at the ground, even his opponents, could stay untouched by the breathtaking majesty of this innings.

In 10% of cases untouched for is used

Everything's so new, so untouched for you.

It was so untouched for years, I feel bad.

I left those notes untouched for a couple years.

The place is Vieques and I predict it won't remain untouched for that much longer.

Suzuka is a great track that's remained untouched for a long time, it's a classic.

Gerard Hamlett scooped up the ball and scampered untouched for a game-clinching TD.

From the programme: Counting Sheep chronicles a world, untouched for centuries, struggling with profound change.

Failing to do so means you will remain untouched for the duration will leave with their fee when it's time to go.

The Watchmen has stood as a complete story, admired and revered; and has been untouched for 25 years - until now.

Plus loads and loads of never before seen videos, many of which have sat in the can untouched for many many years.

In 5% of cases untouched in is used

We are not untouched in this life.

Yet they are totally untouched in the IPCC WG1.

There was a single bed, untouched in roughly fifty years.

The parks are truly wild, vast and untouched in a way not even Serengeti can rival.

Under this congress regime, nothing is left untouched in multiples of crores as bribe.

It was the only house left untouched in the village of Artemida in the western Peloponnese.

He spent 18 years of seclusion, having his food delivered in paper bags that were kept untouched in a sealed cupboard.

But once Daddy returned home, dirty dishes sat untouched in the sink for days and we rarely went to the park any more.

Eyewitnesses described torsos hanging out of broken windows and corpses lying untouched in the wreckage-strewn streets.

Her bowl of cereal sat untouched in front of her, the flakes already puffed up and soggy from sitting in the milk too long.

In 2% of cases untouched on is used

However, much of the land is being left untouched on the resort's property.

And it sat untouched on my USB drive for six months, which is short for me.

Many of my creams are still in the original packaging, untouched on a shelf.

A River Island boot cut pair have been left untouched on a hanger since I bought them.

It was no longer locked away, unused and untouched on this holiday meant for rejoicing.

I took one of the blankets for him, but for days it lay untouched on the chair in his hospital room.

Tennis balls were left rolling untouched on the ground -- it was either that or let go of our skirts to reveal all.

For two days, the cleaver lay untouched on the table, as they measured and sifted and mixed, making batch after batch of batter.

I've had to bite the bullet and use Dreamweaver, which has been sitting untouched on our computer since we got it several years ago.

He returned to his hotel room where his pathetic little overnight bag was sitting untouched on the bed just as he had left it three days earlier.

In 1% of cases untouched after is used

Some remains in the fighting zones were left untouched after the war for a variety of reasons.

It remains untouched after 2 weeks now! Libs are all for freedom of speech as long as you agree with them.

Danny Woodhead ripped off a 15-yard touchdown run practically untouched after the Bills were slow to set up on defense.

Lucky escape: Neighbouring buildings are left untouched after torrential rain led to this huge crater forming in the capital.

The site is one of few where visitors can see a Great War battlefield much as it was, its artillery craters and trenches left untouched after the war.

In the afternoon, I switched to a tube jig, and when that went untouched after an hour, I added a slab of salami on it in the hopes of catching a catfish.

In 1% of cases untouched as is used

It accomplishes this by leaving a couple million barrels of oil a day untouched as an insurance policy.

And yeah, both his SM and I, she's got a 16 yr old too, replace the boxes (untouched as of yet) every so often in their night stands.

In 1% of cases untouched at is used

The proposal left staff costs untouched at 62.

This allows Aldon Smith to shoot gaps relatively untouched at times.

The same bag packed the same way is left untouched at every other airport.

A ceramic infrared sauna will lead the skin to be burned at places and be untouched at other points.

In effect, that last third belongs to our buddy, and remains untouched at the end of the dive (barring emergencies).

But guys at night period of young adults spent the nights frequently untouched at the moment modulated 20 kHz sounding.

In August, we almost defaulted on our more than $14 trillion debt, which could skyrocket even further if the Bush tax cuts are continued and spending is untouched at year's end.

Untouched at the time, they have both been defaced in a complicated war between Banksy and some old-school graffiti artists who see him as a ' toy ' with no respect for their traditions.

In 1% of cases untouched during is used

The building remained untouched during the siege.

It was one of the very few buildings untouched during the Second World War.

I saw nearly untouched during whole night Hot dishes Very common and no surpise.

They played an important role in my fathers spirits and soul going untouched during his last few months of life along side his wife.

Inches Kevin De Bruyne was given the particular number Fourteen shirt, the number that has been untouched during the particular earlier campaign.

Lubango was initially settled by the Boers and then Portuguese from Madeira and has a distinctly Portuguese architecture thatwas left relatively untouched during the civil war.

I liked that the trees were left pretty much untouched during construction, so even though there are now open lawns you get a distinct forest feel, unlike most other places in this area.

It is home to one of Europe's best-preserved old towns Known locally as ' Stare Mesto ', Prague's old town was untouched during both World Wars and is one of the most charming old towns in Europe.

In 1% of cases untouched from is used

The mound of sardines was untouched from last night.

Eventually they were returned untouched from the bad finishing.

It had lain untouched from the middle of the nineteenth century.

The IRGC itself has been largely untouched from the sanction's economic impact.

This was mainly to ensure that the commandments would remain untouched from generation to generation.

It is exploring the inner space where you remain absolutely untouched from all ill effects of mind and samsara.

Maybe just in Chernobyl where the city stays practically untouched from 1986, the year when Soviet union started to.

Maybe just in Chernobyl where the city stays practically untouched from 1986, the year when Soviet union started to collapse.

I Happened to have a copy of Heroquest in my Attic (Left untouched from the 1980 's) Although incomplete it had a few of these in.

At that time, the area was untouched from the main highway all the way to the Burmese border, a distance of about seventy kilometres.

In 1% of cases untouched since is used

The current iMac has been untouched since October 2009.

Basically untouched since 2010, it's too small and too hard to operate.

Apparently it was used to imprison Jews in the 1940s and has remained untouched since then.

The central bank had left rates untouched since December 2008 when it lowered the target to 0.

Once the shining star of Apple's complete product line, the iPod classic has been untouched since.

It's sat untouched since then, so I was reluctant to start another long work, but my Muse has other ideas, and I'd under no illusions that I'd her bitch.

In 1% of cases untouched with is used

This doesn't imply that the adults are untouched with the same.

The tower sits there untouched with broken windows and its rusty tank.

Along with skunk you might even be able to come out untouched with the boss.

There are a few churches in the area but so many remain untouched with the gospel.

Besides the mela, the land was untouched with no construction done on it for many years.

But the money has been lying untouched with MLAs and officials showing little interest in the project.

The air is clean, the water is pristine and much of the land is untouched with many lakes unnamed and land uncharted.

Declaration will not ensure the Okavango Delta remains untouched with the entire catchment vulnerable to development.

The Philips Norelco 1250X/40 SensoTouch 3d Electric Shaver leaves no hair untouched with its different trimming emphasizes.

The beaches are untouched with footprints, and there you'll find that some islands have distinctly different sand on different sides.

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