Prepositions after "untainted"

untainted by, with, in, amidst or despite?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 88% of cases untainted by is used

It was untainted by human manipulation.

Someone with dreams untainted by failure.

He is altogether untainted by evil in any form.

In a country where little is untainted by politics, Wang sticks simply to the facts.

The Last Amateurs detalis a league untainted by shoe contracts, agents, and TV money.

Some might view him as sober leader, untainted by the internal disorder within the ANC.

Clearly, not all participants agree that their virtual experiences should remain untainted by real cash purchases.

The knowledge they reveal is intrinsic: located within the unconscious mind and relatively untainted by conditioning.

What is needed is not just someone younger but someone who is untainted by what now passes for leadership in the PNP.

Is that clear enough? The whole point of a referendum wording is that it be clear and untainted by obscure references.

In 5% of cases untainted with is used

Being untainted with corruption does nt mean your an effective manager.

The spirituality is your existence beyond and untainted with the Bipolarity.

I would think they'd want to keep it as a holy city, untainted with government and politics.

We had to be rescued by one of our own! But where would God find such a human? Where would He find someone untainted with Adam's sin.

Jesuits were seen to be going back to the ' old ways ' and they were untainted with the poor standards of Catholics priests circa 1517.

Labour needs new people untainted with that past but if they come to the table with the same old ideas they will fail to change anything.

I am sure that had my love for her been absolutely untainted with lust, she would be a learned lady today; for I could then have conquered her dislike for studies.

In 3% of cases untainted in is used

His greatness and musical skills remain untainted in anyway.

May this spirit (LUMEN SPLENDEAT) of Xavier remain untainted in centuries to come.

In 1% of cases untainted to is used

He was exceedingly conscious of the nature of the legacy that was handed over to us by our leader and which we should all strive to hand down untainted to another generation.

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