Prepositions after "unsympathetic"

unsympathetic to, towards, about, in or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 82% of cases unsympathetic to is used

So I am not unsympathetic to the man.

I am not unsympathetic to the railways.

Governments are unsympathetic to aging.

He? s frustratingly unsympathetic to Elaine and I didn? t want him to come back.

He was equally unsympathetic to the rising spirit of nationalism in his own country.

And it's amazing how many mums are unsympathetic to my plight and get annoyed at me.

On the other hand, there are a couple of things about Baio's case that incline me to be unsympathetic to him.

Just because it is racist doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad poem, or that it is unsympathetic to its subject.

Graeme Bird: 07 Mar 2012 5:34:35pm Its not that one is unsympathetic to the points that Swan is trying to make.

In their nature, such theories tend to be unsympathetic to male pride, considering that to be part of the problem.

In 6% of cases unsympathetic towards is used

I have not seen a post that is unsympathetic towards her.

This article is truly biased and unsympathetic towards manu.

Even worse, the allied commanders were unsympathetic towards French sensitivities.

You people are utterly unsympathetic towards the innocent Tamils who suffered a 30 year long brutal war.

Given the economic meltdown, a lot of people who were formerly unsympathetic towards the downtrodden will be receptive to this sort of message.

Number 4: Strict AHTs Many customer service agents feel that their managers are almost robotically unsympathetic towards their daily trials and difficulties.

Don't be upset if someone is particularly unsympathetic towards your work; it is bound to be the case that some people will be more open towards your work than others.

Companies who at one time seemed unsympathetic towards the atmosphere earth and local vicinity now willingly adopt policies which hold our surroundings in high regard.

Be guided by your supervisor, he or she may have heard through their contacts that the big name scholar you wanted to be examiner is unsympathetic towards approaches like yours.

In 3% of cases unsympathetic about is used

I'd unsympathetic about podcasts.

I spoke to Sony and they seem unsympathetic about it.

Nicely written! People can be bloody insensitive and unsympathetic about things they have no knowledge of.

In 3% of cases unsympathetic in is used

So I am not unsympathetic in that respect.

The trouble for the unequivocal Dodo/ Inspector types is that they look unsympathetic in most people's eyes, and downright backward in the eyes of almost anyone under 40.

While he was in London Franklin became the self appointed interpreter of American life to Britain, one that was increasingly unsympathetic in the crucial years before the outbreak of war.

In 1% of cases unsympathetic at is used

Appearing very direct and unsympathetic at times, the character of Silvio is the perfect contrast to that of Marco's character.

In 1% of cases unsympathetic for is used

It will be improper for anyone in Ghana to be unsympathetic for any death occurrence.

In 1% of cases unsympathetic toward is used

It is not that we are unsympathetic toward a better future for everyone.

It's easy to label your date negatively when you feel he has been unsympathetic toward you or perhaps doesn't pay you much regard.

In 1% of cases unsympathetic with is used

And for that reason, at the last, I am not unsympathetic with Dawkins, Hitchens, and the rest.

Cubans, Mexicans, Russians, Japanese, unsympathetic with Japan's invasion of China and the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo axis.

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