Prepositions after "unsustainable"

"unsustainable in" or "unsustainable for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases unsustainable in is used

It is unsustainable in the long run.

This is unsustainable in the long run.

That is unsustainable in the longer term.

Over exploitation of natural resources is clearly unsustainable in the long run.

The current run rate of debt increases is clearly unsustainable in the long term.

This direct intervention is often unsuccessful and unsustainable in the long run.

The housing bubble was unsustainable in it's own right - the slope on the final graph should make that clear.

So we should not bet and bank on a pyrrhic success which is already evident to be unsustainable in the longer term.

People can become wealthy or powerful through evil means in the short term, but it's unsustainable in the long term.

Yet it is also clear that maintaining the level of expenditure reached in 1996 was unsustainable in the medium term.

In 19% of cases unsustainable for is used

This is simply unsustainable for China and the world.

This is what makes it unsustainable for many businesses.

Bank asked us to fill in form and then wrote back saying it's unsustainable for us.

Exchequer funding is expensive and unsustainable for the Irish government, now more than ever.

Negotiating the road, other vehicles and the difficult layout is unsustainable for much longer.

This feels completely unsustainable for the future, where we're all likely to have even more apps installed.

All of the above means the markup studios are trying to get away with for 3D is unsustainable for most films.

Having people live in suburbs and commute to work in large single occupant vehicles is unsustainable for the future.

The globalised, industrial food production system currently in existence is highly unsustainable for various reasons.

In 5% of cases unsustainable by is used

The situation defined as such is unsustainable by itself.

Any rational person can see that our current system is unsustainable by any definition.

The Andhra Pradesh High Court has ruled that his life ban from cricket is unsustainable by law.

Watch out for the cyanide these chips contain, to be used on us when we become unsustainable by Agenda 21.

In North Africa, uncontrolled plans to extract underground water resources have been deemed unsustainable by the UN.

It is unsustainable by nature and the weight of our 16 trillion dollar national debt is absolutely going to crush us.

It's the danger that they lead us to believe that the churches ' traditional way of seeing Jesus is totally out of date, rendered unsustainable by modern knowledge.

In the end the policy of confrontation succeeded, as most historians now agree, by rendering the country ungovernable and unsustainable by a war-ravaged great Britain.

I would have put it differently Your argument that stuff just wasn't written about unimportant folks in outposts of the Roman Empire is unsustainable by your own mythology.

Using nothing more then quotes from current (at that time) politicians and this single math formula to show how some of the most outrageous beliefs are unsustainable by any measure.

In 4% of cases unsustainable as is used

It would be unsustainable as a long-term or permanent solution.

Not only is original intent always debatable, it is also unsustainable as a first principle.

Reagan was of the view that the evil empire of the Soviet Union was right for challenge and close to the point of being unsustainable as a united power block.

However, beyond its role in limiting critical scrutiny, the pure humanitarian perspective is unsustainable as a moral response to global poverty and inequality.

Compounded over multiple algorithm updates, this approach is unsustainable as the SEO tactics would gradually become ineffective or go against search engine quality guidelines.

Society based on conquest is unsustainable as the 19th-century notion of an economy based on constant colonial market expansion must reach a limit, as there are no more productive lands to conquer.

In 4% of cases unsustainable at is used

The human overpopulation is unsustainable at any population level exceeding (here's a guess) 100 million.

Regardless of the reason, pension benefits are unsustainable at their current level unless more is contributed to the fund.

The total debt which was unsustainable at 189% of our GDP in the year 2000 was brought down to about 28% by the end of the year 2008.

Italy has run up over 120% debt-to-GDP and its 10-year bond is in the 6% range, which is unsustainable at current budget, tax, and spending levels.

But even the most bullish bubble deniers admit that housing prices are too high in China and are unsustainable at current levels over the long term.

We think we can drive profitability by driving scale, and we expect tariffs to go up in the next 24 months because it is simply unsustainable at this level.

First Mind CTI's low share price tends to make for thinly traded, erratic price performance, while the payout ratio indicates the dividend is completely unsustainable at current levels.

In 4% of cases unsustainable over is used

This situation, however, is unsustainable over time.

The OAS program, in its current form, is unsustainable over the long term.

Its borrowing costs are currently bordering levels that are seen as unsustainable over the long run.

Players at two sets up are likely to have exerted themselves at a rate unsustainable over a five sets.

Inflation induces people to try to consume more than they produce, which is unsustainable over the long run.

It is partially in this view that I see the Euro as unsustainable over a long period (more than 15-20 years).

Over-reliance on huge exercise requirements is not the best option (ala Biggest Loser) because it's unrealistic and unsustainable over the longer term.

Spain's borrowing costs have shot up to levels that many experts consider unsustainable over concerns about the cost of bailing out the countries ' troubled banks.

On the other hand, Israeli growth was even stronger in two other sectors that are almost certainly unsustainable over the long term and should be cause for concern over Israel's long-term prospects.

PPACA Cost Controls: The health reform law included a number of cost controls for Medicare and the exchange subsidies which are now part of current law but may prove unsustainable over the long-run.

In 3% of cases unsustainable from is used

It was unsustainable from the word go.

REPEAL! It's a game that was unsustainable from the beginning.

Even If nothing changed, their own projections tole them it was unsustainable from the very beginning.

Ultimately, the CBO concludes, the AFS would lead to a level of federal debt that would be unsustainable from both a budgetary and an economic perspective.

His argument shows that precisely the characteristics that make many urban systems resilient can also make them deeply unsustainable from an environmental point of view.

Lighted billboards or electronic signs beam unwanted light into homes and businesses, are unsustainable from an energy conservation standpoint and can be lethal distractions to drivers.

In 3% of cases unsustainable without is used

This career would be unattainable and unsustainable without an education.

Ponzi schemes are illegal because they are unsustainable without new money constantly coming in.

This is unsustainable without an immediate and extended surge to economic growth, which few expect.

Price cuts may lead to temporary improvements in gates but they will be unsustainable without success on the pitch.

Hakim's more serious point is that sexless, celibate relationships are unsustainable without some kind of sexual outlet.

If it is false, and our moral beliefs are unsustainable without this false premise, then we should be glad to be rid of false and unjustifiable beliefs.

Ultimately, however, nuclear restraint by India and Pakistan is unsustainable without China doing more to restrain its nuclear weapons programs and exports.

As Europe's prospects for economic growth dim, such remarks come amid anxiety in Government circles that the debt may become unsustainable without a relief deal.

In 3% of cases unsustainable to is used

We all know that the ways we produce and consume our food are unsustainable to our planet and to ourselves.

If central government were to move its incentives from unsustainable to sustainable practices the gates would open.

In a nutshell, the programme aims to ' switch ' from unsustainable to sustainable patterns of development in Asian countries.

For Asia, sustainable consumption, generally, means making a ' green leap ' from the unsustainable to the sustainable development path.

It takes up so much water and grains to harvest to feed all the mass productions they force breed to torture that it is extremely unsustainable to the earth.

And I have to say that it's bad enough that Fine Gael take this stand, but for the Labour party to stay in government while this issue is unresolved is unsustainable to my mind.

And the two people most responsible for my transition from unsustainable to (more) sustainable? That's right, Chris and Joel, preachin ' the same gospel that got me to join the choir.

If we have to get a required teacher-to-pupil ratio with all primary schools having graduate teachers, the salaries will not only be unbearable but unsustainable to the country's economy.

In 3% of cases unsustainable on is used

It is unsustainable on the one we are moving into.

Actually, the bit about cancer almost never going away is unsustainable on the evidence.

Completely unsustainable on the earth's surface, even with solar shades and factory food.

That is unsustainable on a politically level in the United States, perhaps on economic level.

That which is unsustainable will go away, and the Status Quo is unsustainable on multiple levels.

Matching exercises are always required followed by the errors being manually fixed, which is extremely time consuming and unsustainable on a regular basis.

From that point onward bank/finance credit sufficiency has been replaced by central bank credit, a condition that is unsustainable on its face; solvency can not be cured by liquidity.

Many people argue that the current net migration levels are unsustainable on a number of fronts, in particular, when considering our natural environment and our country's infrastructure.

In 2% of cases unsustainable because is used

However, their work is largely unsustainable because of excessive demands on their energy, strength and resources.

This type of farming is inherently unsustainable because of the negative impacts on animals, people and the planet.

Our current way of life is unsustainable because of our reliance on limited resources such as fossil fuel and water.

S agricultural system is unsustainable because of the continual attempt to get the highest possible production with the smallest number of workers.

Studies of the sustainability levels of small holder farm management practices showed that fallow system is unsustainable because of the persistent grazing by domestic animals.

In 2% of cases unsustainable with is used

This fuel mix is also unsustainable with regard to climate change.

Bolt &; the Sun see his blog as unsustainable with a federal government (watch out for Ackerman next).

Our acute services will become unsustainable with increasing pressure on available resources as demand rises.

Unbundle them and the dynamics become unsustainable with growing student numbers that no longer mean a growing number of academics.

It is the unfunded liabilities -- the pensions that are unfunded, the generous benefits that seem unsustainable with a shrinking tax base.

Heads of the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force have indicated that fighting two wars is unsustainable with current capabilities and budgets.

Cubbie in any case is a blight on the water system and is absolutely ecologically unsustainable with vast losses to evaporation and major loss of flows downstream.

This would be very serious for UK -- given the public and private debt burden -- probably unsustainable with high risk of a house price crash that would put us in a deficit/debt spiral.

In 1% of cases unsustainable about is used

I could ask what is unsustainable about it.

That goes to the nub of what is unsustainable about the current forms of representation in our democracy.

In 1% of cases unsustainable due is used

A consequence of an ailing model unsustainable due to a lack of domestic consumption and a serious fall of exports.

If the league is financially unsustainable due to the owners, not the players, then the NHL has nothing left but to fold.

The continued provision of highly subsidised livestock and other services by the government proved unsustainable due to budgetary and other constraints.

Price controls are notoriously ineffective -- because health-care providers adapt by ordering more tests and procedures -- and politically unsustainable due to lobbying pressure.

We can not run an industrial civilisation on renewables, and an industrial civilisation powered by nuclear (if that is even feasible) remains unsustainable due its underlying growth imperative.

In 1% of cases unsustainable after is used

The Bush tax cuts without corresponding spending cuts proved to be unsustainable after 5 years and adding to the budget deficit.

But the business became unsustainable after Japan's entry into World War II, because of rising fuel costs and economic sanctions.

Unfortunately the newly independent Haiti's peasant farmers continued to farm the weakened land in a manner that was unsustainable after the Haitian revolution.

Colonialism became unsustainable after WW-II when various Colonizers including the British suffered heavy economic losses and could no longer sustain massive Armies and other staff in their Colonies.

In 1% of cases unsustainable within is used

Large domestic demand deficits were macroeconomically unsustainable within affected economies.

The tension between this visual sense and its snarky undertones is pleasing, if unsustainable within the broader context of the exhibit and its strict categories.

NOT: to encourage British business in a reliance on gangmaster-directed immigrant labour, infinitely exploitable, cheap, and ultimately, unsustainable within a stable society.

In 1% of cases unsustainable across is used

As noted at the beginning, current conditions are inequitable and unsustainable across many scales and dimensions.

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