Prepositions after "unsure"

"unsure of" or "unsure about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases unsure of is used

Unsure of the validity of this.

But I am, in truth, unsure of it.

We are still unsure of the practice.

So, where can he go to look at quality breed dogs? He is unsure of the breed he wants.

Every attempt should be made to find that animal ASAP unless you're unsure of the hit.

And drink only bottled water or canned beverages when unsure of the local water supply.

If you're working on a project (or you're unsure of the client ), you should also ask for half the payment up front.

The most compelling part of all: I no longer feel anything for him, and am unsure of the direction he wants to take.

By that I don't mean they're hooligans, rather that they're unsure of the appropriate response in certain situations.

Unsure of whether or not to expect angry rioting and looting, I was met by what was in essence a massive street party.

In 30% of cases unsure about is used

However I am so unsure about it.

I'd unsure about the prosecutors.

Now I am unsure about the whole thing.

Both Brady and Sommers are now living apart and are unsure about a future together.

The population is beginning to feel unsure about the future and generally insecure.

Plus a FULL MARATHON is a lot of commitment and a crazy distance I am unsure about.

Hopefully this article will help to either clear up what you were unsure about, or give you some new information.

If you're unsure about the amount you'll earn from your salary or wage, you should still apply for the exemption.

For those of you still unsure about the raw food diet idea, there are a number of healthy alternatives available.

If you are unsure about the compatibility or the banking systems, contact your credit card company or local bank.

In 8% of cases unsure as is used

We are a shade unsure as to what Mr.

I'd unsure as to what the Government.

So I was unsure as to what to expect.

Firstly, your next of kin may be unsure as to whether or not you have prepared a Will.

Many who had to abandon the week and infirm yet are unsure as to what happened to them.

For now, the chairman of Templeton is unsure as to the exact time the crisis will occur.

She was unsure as to how it started, but said it was continual to the extent that no food would make any difference.

I've been looking at business degrees for a while now, but I'd really unsure as to what will follow if I'd accepted.

However, my relationship with Arsenal has now changed and I am unsure as to whether it can recover in the short term.

It was he who mentioned that in a few days a tailor would come to take our measurements, but he was unsure as to why.

In 2% of cases unsure on is used

Edit: unsure on times, will re-check things.

If you're unsure on something, get more information.

Unsure on her first pass, she nailed it on the second.

Plus im contemplating studying fashion for a future carrer but im unsure on what to do.

Where leaders are unsure on decisions, advice for the better for the people can be made.

His passing was erratic and although he dominates aerially, he looked unsure on the deck.

I try and be positive about who I am but like every other 14 year old girl, I'd unsure on how I feel about my looks.

I have been told to research symbolism but i am unsure on what i should do with the background of this research page.

As to whether the fetus is sentient or not is still a matter for fierce debate and TBH I am still unsure on that one.

If you are unsure on the best way to have your clothing cleaned, check the labeling which usually includes the clothing.

In 1% of cases unsure at is used

How long that will go on I'd unsure at this stage.

If you are unsure at any time -- consult a doctor.

If you or your clients are unsure at any stage, seek medical advice.

So is it suppose to mean something if I'd unsure at this point??? Don't worry about it.

Borden, adding that he was unsure at this point of how long the pause is intended to last.

And that's how we like it like to do our own things and I think mid iron is unsure at this morning.

I'd unsure at this time how official this is, but, IMDB has the film pegged for a March 5, 2012 release date in the UK.

Please feel free to discuss the separation process with me or a teacher in your child's room if you are unsure at this time.

He continues to make the reader's head spin as the story unfolds making you unsure at times whether things are dream or reality.

Please feel free to discuss the separation process with me or the head teacher in your child's room if you are unsure at this time.

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