Prepositions after "unsuited"

"unsuited to" or "unsuited for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 68% of cases unsuited to is used

It is wholly unsuited to any other kind.

While being totally unsuited to the work.

The original site proved unsuited to settlement.

In the Insurance Act they have a flat rate which is entirely unsuited to the people.

His mentor Lord Ashdown on Sunday said Mr Brown was personally unsuited to coalition.

It is not unsuited to age group because, it has, in my mind, very important messages.

But if he is allowed to continue imposing measures unsuited to our liberal conception of the state, how long will.

The basal ganglia may also act as a filter, blocking the execution of movements that are unsuited to the situation.

Later on, the leadership concluded from this experiment that? Western? democracy was unsuited to China? s situation.

And in the low turnout expected, it will result in the appointment of many persons totally unsuited to the PCC role.

In 29% of cases unsuited for is used

Otis was clearly unsuited for his job.

It is completely unsuited for any other.

So the woman was warned she was unsuited for the route.

I deride the economic philosophy of the communists as being unsuited for modern times.

Small ones having a high rate of axial revolution are wholly unsuited for life habitats.

In my opinion both the main Presidential candidates are unsuited for the job that they aspire to.

If anyone said we are unsuited for the job, or that medical school is unnatural for women, we would die laughing.

Consider the state of American politics in the 1930s: the President was a spoiled rich boy, unsuited for the job.

FJ: The criticism from the other quarters is that both you and Indrani Sugathdasa were unsuited for this position.

The ideal database for one task may be unsuited for another task, and in fact may even be damaging to the business.

In 1% of cases unsuited as is used

Its size and location, however, made it unsuited as the capital of an ambitious Parish.

As I detailed in blog entries of September 13 and August 1, Romney has shown himself to be surprisingly unsuited as a diplomat.

In 1% of cases unsuited by is used

In need of the run and unsuited by the slow pace, he still dug deep to repel his stable-mate and those battling qualities will stand him in good stead in a fast-run race in March.

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