Prepositions after "unsafe"

unsafe for, in, at, by or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases unsafe for is used

I consider them unsafe for winter.

It was unsafe for women to walk about.

Unsafe for all HE's stashed and stayed.

It became unsafe for those who lived there and even it became unsafe for the visitors.

This would make life extremely unsafe for those SLFPers who are not Rajapaksa-stooges.

On a daily basis tubewells are marked unsafe for drinking in every area of Bangladesh.

Residents in the area support the initiative because they said having so much trash around, is unsafe for children.

MS has broken boens in his neck following a bike accident and doctors told him it was unsafe for him to drive in F1.

The German said the plane was unsafe for flight for many years and that the plane developed fault almost every time.

This struck me as extremely unsafe for cyclists, especially the most vulnerable such as the very young and very old.

In 15% of cases unsafe in is used

Guns are unsafe in anyones hand.

I never felt unsafe in the city.

Imam Hussain felt unsafe in Mecca too.

For example, people who feel unsafe in their local park will be less likely to use it.

The Skagit and Kalama were the only WSF boats that felt unsafe in a Puget Sound storm.

Many people felt unsafe in Leigh with a perception of a low police presence in the area.

This referendum is unsafe in legal terms because the result does not represent a fair choice on behalf of the people.

Some firms elect to sell in less developed countries products that have been banned as unsafe in their own countries.

Comments that we had been hearing for months, that people would feel unsafe in the central city, seemed to be unfounded.

Should he ever had felt unsafe in Mecca, he could easily have gone over to Abyssinia and live safely among his disciples.

In 7% of cases unsafe at is used

I have never felt unsafe at TAM.

You're starting to make me feel very unsafe at TAM.

Two-thirds of queer and trans teens feel unsafe at school.

This can affect blood flow to your baby, which is unsafe at any stage of your pregnancy.

I constantly felt threatened and unsafe at school and often feared walking down the hallways.

That same road could be unsafe at 40 mph for an average Joe when it's raining &; there's traffic.

Qasim had said the relics were unsafe at the police station after reports emerged that some had already been stolen.

Lillard's Eden in Jeopardy, Bernard Rudofsky's Architecture Without Architects, and Ralph Nader's Unsafe at Any Speed.

I'd always happy to meet a fellow Jamaican: -) I never thought I'd ever live to see the day when I'd feel unsafe at home.

His landmark book Unsafe at Any Speed prompted an investigation of the auto industry and led to the passage of vehicle safety laws.

In 4% of cases unsafe by is used

You can't tell if food is unsafe by its smell or taste.

Then the sandwich is usually soggy and warm and unsafe by lunch.

Plants on this list that are found to be unsafe by viewing members.

All were rejected, primarily on the basis that they were fundamentally unsafe by design.

Even the road between the two imperial cities, Delhi and Agra, was made unsafe by the marauders.

A fuel fabrication facility is also not far from the city and is considered unsafe by most accounts.

This feature lets users know whether an app they try to download is unsafe by comparing the app to known reputation data.

Terrorists in Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere have been given every reason to feel unsafe by American drones and Special Operations forces.

The block - home to seven classrooms, a library, teacher resourcing area and an administration area - was closed after being deemed unsafe by engineers.

Thursday, July 06, 2006 Sean Paddock Wasn't the Only One Susan Lawrence talks about her campaign to get ' The Rod ' declared unsafe by the US government.

In 3% of cases unsafe because is used

She *still* feels unsafe because of cars whizzing by at 40+ mph.

You shouldn't be made to feel unsafe because of what you have said here.

I am sorry that four Americans were killed and lots of others are unsafe because of one useless film.

Love deserves celebrating, not shaming, and no one should feel harassed or unsafe because of who they are.

It is not that in former East Germany, or life in Saddam Hussein's Iraq, has become unsafe because of a lack of privacy.

This might be a nuisance with an electric dryer, but with a gas dryer it could be actively unsafe because of exhaust fumes.

The streets are not unsafe because of Spurs supporters; they are unsafe because of hooligans from all clubs, including your own.

Bus passes are very important but many buses are unsafe because of poor driving and lack of space for shopping trollies and wheelchairs.

The 256 residents of Priory Hall were evacuated on 17 October after the council deemed the property unsafe because of fire hazard concerns.

In 3% of cases unsafe to is used

This might seem reckless and unsafe to some.

It is unsafe to response calls while driving.

It is unsafe to camp anywhere in the wild in Jamaica.

They could cause skin rashes on epidermis contact plus are very unsafe to the surroundings.

They had to cite newspaper blogs in Pakistan to tell their court that the country is unsafe to tour.

But many people in urban areas are worried that it is unsafe to cycle and that bicycle theft is rife.

A report on this chemical I read one time said that E1420 had not been proven to be unsafe to humans, but needs more testing.

The matter of food safety in Bangladesh is complicated further by farming methods that are themselves unsafe to food producers.

Only if the food was mishandled before going into the freezer, or mishandled after thawing, would the food become unsafe to eat.

For the reason that they are brighter and may be noticed at longer distances, 400mW Green Laser pointer are extra unsafe to eyes.

In 3% of cases unsafe on is used

Point 11 -- I have never felt unsafe on a train.

But I never ever felt unsafe on all these trips.

Three digit speeds are unsafe on Indian Roads - especially for a bus.

Carboncopy: Will the police please escort me to work everyday? I feel very unsafe on the streets.

To date, no vaccine lot in the modern era has been found to be unsafe on the basis of VAERS reports.

The city was dangerously ablaze and life was unsafe on account of the general massacre, arson and loot.

That being said, I've never yet felt threatened or unsafe on the bus, even while riding the busy routes with my kids late at night.

When stores run out of food because truckers can't afford fuel or because it's unsafe on the roadways with roving gangs and few police.

Feeling unsafe on the glass trail? Taking a look at how the workers build the bridge may boost your confidence on the glass trail to skywalk.

A few years ago people in Zurich began to complain that they felt unsafe on trains at night, largely because of antisocial behaviour, not because of actual crimes.

In 2% of cases unsafe with is used

Even Yemen is unsafe with increasing American drone strikes.

The area became unsafe with crime, bombings and I believe kidnappings.

It is snowed-in, unsafe with riots because Americans had only recently burnt the Koran.

Some HIV+ people decide it's OK to be unsafe with each other, since they've already been infected.

The area near the Onsea felt a bit unsafe with night time bands of men roaming the dark roads with sticks.

Phone the person who you were unsafe with and find out whether the other person feels safe having you back.

If you mess around with other people when a woman is in your company, this would make her feel unsafe with you.

Care to provide any evidence that Labour were unsafe with the economy, Andrew? Sure, they left a deficit, but also growth.

They all came to me and complained that they started feeling unsafe with him around but didn't want to worry the guys too much.

Essentially, the problems are (1) Getting a visa to enter a number of the countries enroute (2) Some countries are highly unsafe with bandits along the way Those are the main two.

In 2% of cases unsafe due is used

It also appears a little unsafe due to the wooden rails sticking out.

It was a pity we couldn't explore them further as they were unsafe due to dilapidation.

Italy declares Lampedusa unsafe due to the condition of its port and the lack of a proper Hospital.

This route is not only unsafe due to its depleted condition but is also notorious for robbery and kidnapping.

We were unable to take accurate field measurements because the quarry walls became unstable and unsafe due to the wet weather.

In October 2000 Auckland Council deemed the tree unsafe due to its dwindling health after a number of attacks in recent years.

Any decision made now could be said to be unsafe due to this horrendous lack of judgement on the part of the Council Spokeswoman.

HRT is up for sale and Spanish media reports had claimed that the two cars could be unsafe due to a lack of spare parts in Austin.

Collecting blood from paid donors is notoriously unsafe due to HIV risk and banned in most African countries, but still happens as a last resort.

Weather Policy In the interest of students ' safety, we reserve the right to cancel classes when a venue is deemed unsafe due to inclement weather.

In 1% of cases unsafe during is used

Conditions such as asthma and diabetes may make regular exercise unsafe during pregnancy.

If you do anything illegal or unsafe during the test, the Testing Officer can stop the test at any time.

She added that she never felt unsafe during the shooting but did not know that the man had been killed until after she left the building.

Withdrawal of license- If any vessel becomes unsafe during the terms of its license, the Conservator may withdraw the license until it is properly repaired.

Certain medicines, even those sold over the counter, are unsafe during pregnancy, may conflict with other medications, may cause side effects including drowsiness, or may lead to liver damage.

In 1% of cases unsafe without is used

I am a big boy, I told her, and I can decide what is safe or unsafe without input from others.

Katja -- yes, but only if you completely ignore the rules and go places that are unsafe without backup.

And yes, calling an event unsafe without giving its organizers the opportunity to handle harassment is uncool.

Here's a simple example of code that's unsafe without autoptr: // Example 1(a): Original code // void f() T* pt (new T ); /*.

In 1% of cases unsafe from is used

However, only 6% of people thought that voting at polling stations was fairly or very unsafe from electoral fraud.

For the first time in my life, I felt unsecure and unsafe from the city whom I first saw the light of life 21 years before.

As long as you don't feel unsafe from the attention that you are garnering, in some cases it is best to just ignore the comments.

At home, ACC is hard at work ensuring that few of the women who are unsafe from violence get access to the counselling they deserve.

In 1% of cases unsafe about is used

Nothing unsafe about Dasani so far.

There was nothing unsafe about it and it was a great atmosphere for a kid.

Migrant women and lesbians may feel ashamed or unsafe about speaking out in their close-knit communities.

I am an electrician and there is nothing wrong, legal, or unsafe about tunneling your cord through the wall.

Kodak, which began operating the device, called a californium neutron flux multiplier (CFX ), in 1974, insists there was nothing unsafe about it.

You won't get that much comfort from a cheaper policy that is actually from a firm that has a bad reputation, and the last thing you want is to feel unsafe about the policy you obtain.

Prior to the ECA when workers had strong union representation and a check inspector system in place there was strong support if you felt unsafe about what you had been asked to do at work.

In 1% of cases unsafe as is used

So Obama has certainly made us unsafe as the attacks on Americans all over the world cknowledge.

Singapore is becoming more and more unsafe as of late, and the GPI ranking is a reflection of that.

Once we'd cleared the trauma of the attack and the notion that she was unsafe as a slim person, she found that she no longer sabotaged.

An extremely runny cheese is not considered fit for consumption, and may be unsafe as well as inedible, although some French might debate this point.

To my way of thinking it seems unlikely, though not impossible, that a traditional use of yohimbe bark could persist in West Africa if it fundamentally unsafe as the FDA insists.

We were told, just as we were told initially, when the tsunami struck in Fukushima, that ' there was no reason for concern ' over the nuclear power plant becoming unsafe as a result of this storm.

In 1% of cases unsafe around is used

And give up on the stereotyping of what you consider to be dogs that are unsafe around children.

It's so creepy and unsafe around here! Back when I was staying in Changi I've rented my apartment for 2.

That S feels unsafe around me (even though I am smaller than her) was mentioned at least six more times in the meeting.

A man who holds himself slightly apart from gentiles, someone who has a sort of shattered pride, someone not entirely comfortable out in the world, someone who feels unsafe around non-Jews.

In 1% of cases unsafe after is used

The world is not unsafe after all.

Come half a year or so later, Council suddenly decided that a zebra over three lanes WAS unsafe after all.

People genuinely feel unsafe after the Fukushima accident about a year back and are concerned about their lives and livelihoods.

Supporters were incensed as teams wearing Michelin tires, which had been deemed unsafe after an accident in practice, boycotted the race because of safety concerns.

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