Prepositions after "unprepared"

unprepared for, by, in, at or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 89% of cases unprepared for is used

I was also unprepared for the size.

Unprepared for the national debates.

They were unprepared for the attack.

His comment is that this will leave the party unprepared for the general election.

The military health service was unprepared for the huge demand for X-ray diagnoses.

These moments occur most often to parents who are unprepared for the parenting job.

Completely oblivious and unprepared for the insanity that was about to ensue, I was wearing runners and shorts.

I'd unashamedly an adventure game neophyte and I will say I was unprepared for the brain taxation on offer here.

We had heard that England was like a garden of flowers, but we were wholly unprepared for such wealth of beauty.

And I was completely unprepared for the depth of the revulsion against the idea of talking about contraceptives.

In 2% of cases unprepared by is used

The Spanish Jaleo was usually danced unprepared by a supple, to a guitar.

The president was probably caught unprepared by what a skilled liar could do.

The sense that the Government was caught unprepared by this move was palpable.

A lot of people tend to hide their nerves and their being unprepared by using a lot of words.

Yes, he was unprepared by the standards required, but so what? He was not trying to escape from it.

If you get caught unprepared by some nasty criticism, fifteen percent may seem like a best case scenario.

I felt woefully unprepared by both my education, as well as my personal reading for this trip because I've sadly read very little about.

Joe Louis: After the KO loss to Schmeling, he was known to be unprepared by drinking alcoholm doing drugs, womanizing, and being lazy on training.

To practice meditation or contemplation in a mind unprepared by non-adherence to the moral precepts is like building a house on a rotten foundation.

But the imprint foisted by the recognition to constantly adapt and reinvent oneself in order not to be caught unprepared by the next cataclysm has remained.

In 2% of cases unprepared in is used

Awan came unprepared in the meeting and took the PAC proceedings lightly.

We fought a global war after being mortally wounded and unprepared in WWII.

The SWAT team appeared uncoordinated and unprepared in the face of the crisis.

So while I'd unprepared in the clothing department, one thing I've got down is this soup.

Rule one: Always pack the essentials, yah? You don't want to be caught unprepared in the wild.

With the aid of the services offered by these Dallas attorneys, you won't feel unprepared in court.

Joe took to centre stage totally unprepared in front of about two and a half thousand people and delivered forty five minutes of pure professional stand up comedy.

Simpson Miller was supposedly unprepared for this debate, what does that tell us about her leadership? It totally suggests that she will be unprepared in many aspects of government.

It seems Brandstack was unprepared in developing a solid framework for transactions and other policies entailing intellectual property, instead focusing too much onto profit making.

We now know 9/11 revealed that our country was unprepared in terms of national security, but it also showed we were intellectually and morally unprepared to deal with such a barbaric act.

In 1% of cases unprepared at is used

Akufo-Addo who came to the debate much unprepared at one point in time even forgot that he is yet to be president of the nation.

Seemingly unprepared at the sudden strict stance of the tribunal, Prosecutor Zead Al Malum asked the witness to complete the deposition without any unnecessary details.

On January 4 1897, the Benin strike force composed mainly of border guards and servants of some chiefs caught Phillips army totally unprepared at Ugbine village near Gwato.

In 1% of cases unprepared on is used

Unprepared on this design 100 texian military got 20 the most important.

Then, too, the United States was caught essentially unprepared on September 11.

Boehner, Cantor, and Pence are not unprepared on any issue that they could have been discussing.

These inadequate software tools may have the same results of being unprepared on the job itself.

Read the Design Brief: Going unprepared on a client meeting is the worst mistake a designer can commit.

This article has been written for you to follow and make sure that you will never be unprepared on your honeymoon.

Technical Issues While the social aspects of production were encouraging, we were unprepared on several fronts: Quality Control.

As new expectant parents, we were not only unprepared on how to handle this curiosity, but on how opinionated people, especially our own family members, are about the potential names we liked.

In 1% of cases unprepared to is used

He failed because the LTTE was unprepared to decommission.

The role of these workers are then, not to deliver her unprepared to this system, but to constructively engage with it.

Guess who appears to have come unprepared to the table? Second, much of the public spending that will be slashed in Greece is waste, pure and simple.

At the beginning of the game, the pressure of Phoenix Suns was enormous and San Antonio Spurs were apparently unprepared to such pressure from the part of the hosts.

In 1% of cases unprepared with is used

His questions seem to be endless and more often, I am left unprepared with his questions.

I'd actually quite shocked that the NBR has got someone quoted who seems to be wholly unprepared with the facts.

Not doing so can lead them to be unprepared with the information they need to give accurate performance reviews.

NEVER attempt to hike Half-Dome unprepared with some of the items on the list above or if you are not physically fit.

Students out of these schools typically come to school unprepared with little support within their home and have little motivation to succeed in school.

I recall an attorney who always professed being rigorous in his dedication to his clients yet always came to meeting unprepared with respect to the latest decisions of relevance.

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