Prepositions after "unparalleled"

unparalleled in, by, to, for or among?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 76% of cases unparalleled in is used

It's unparalleled in modern times.

This time is unparalleled in history.

I think it was unparalleled in it's horror.

Ultimately, the long term benefits of a large stadium are unparalleled in football.

The record of Korean church growth was unparalleled in any other part of the globe.

The record of our military services is unparalleled in the history of British India.

Sri Lanka is a poor country but it has a free health care system that is unparalleled in the developing world.

We also have the shareholder base, global insight and financial resources that are unparalleled in the industry.

Here we see the most frightful crime against human dignity, a crime that is unparalleled in the whole of history.

In 6% of cases unparalleled by is used

But at 30, his music was unparalleled by anyone.

Without compromise, our compassion for the sinner is unparalleled by anyone.

The fuel effectiveness of the vehicle is unparalleled by any other in its category.

The gasoline car also influenced society in a manner unparalleled by other products.

Such sustained population growth is unparalleled by any other species on the planet.

The entertainment that is found here is unparalleled by any other destination in Asia.

And the team pride and player sacrifice displayed in hockey is unparalleled by any other sport.

Today, Ondo prides itself as having the lowest mortality rate, a feat yet unparalleled by any government.

Finally, I have personal experience of this subject to a level probably unparalleled by other obesity researchers.

The student support was unparalleled by any of the competing bidders and played a large part in Cornell's success.

In 5% of cases unparalleled to is used

That journey was unparalleled to any other flying experience I've had.

The harassment was unparalleled to anywhere else I had traveled in the country.

Bibile's service to humanitarianism in his chosen field remains unparalleled to date.

This business smothers you with a kind of rejection unparalleled to anything else I know.

The city is unparalleled to you will be presented with the classic architecture of the building.

Those thrills and the element of suspense they offer are unparalleled to any other genres in gaming.

Coach Joe developed a pre-game infield drill that was, I think, unparalleled to what other teams displayed.

Anime and Manga is know here to a lesser extent although, unparalleled to the popularity of Anime &; Manga in Japan.

How strange a country with population of two different extremes, who are unparalleled to each other in every respect,.

I can always escape to the mountains, but there's something unparalleled to the connection I have with the place where it all began.

In 3% of cases unparalleled for is used

Economically their prosperity was unparalleled for centuries.

The Vikings were ingenious engineers and their shipbuilding technology unparalleled for the time.

I project an explosion of human well-being and wealth unparalleled for extent and speed in recorded history.

His ability to scare opponents and produce game-changing hits and fights was unparalleled for someone of his age.

The Aryan invasion theory has been used for political and religious advantage in a way that is perhaps unparalleled for any historical idea.

The whole structure of the Jagamohana unparalleled for its grandeur and structural propriety, is surmounted by an effective contrast of light and shade.

The Cuban internationalists have made a contribution to African independence, freedom and justice unparalleled for its principled and selfless character.

In 2% of cases unparalleled among is used

Internationally, his record is unparalleled among NHL players.

The scale of planned improvements is unparalleled among research libraries.

Its nutritional density, in fact, is virtually unparalleled among green leafy vegetables.

He is accompanied by his body guard, a girl named Jessica with power unparalleled among their kind.

As a man, Faraday was an exemplar of the Christian virtues to a degree probably unparalleled among great scientists.

Yangtze River and the three Gorges Dam The Yangtze River Three Gorges are unparalleled among China natural highlights.

Being unparalleled among services rendered by other international brokers, the ForexCopy system has turned InstaForex Company to a market maker in innovations.

Scientific justification for the regular use of chlorella as a preventative nutritional supplement is unparalleled among any of the other algae or so-called green super foods.

In 2% of cases unparalleled as is used

Jon Lord was unparalleled as a composer, innovator, organist, musician.

It produces very melodious tunes and is unparalleled as an accompaniment.

It is unparalleled as a review, as a catch-up course, or as an introduction to the truth of the Catholic Faith for converts.

It does derive most of its earnings from oil, but this market is under no threat any time soon: oil is unparalleled as a transport fuel.

It is unparalleled as a review, as a catch-up course for the poorly informed, or as an introduction to the truth of the Catholic Faith for converts.

Social Anthropology Cambridge is unparalleled as a place to study for a PhD, combining world class teaching and resources with a friendly but intellectually challenging atmosphere.

In 1% of cases unparalleled at is used

They are unparalleled at replicating patterns, even with their limited expertise.

This degree of adaptability and outsourcing is unparalleled at any other production place at the time.

Harlequin was one of the best local-bred horses ever to race in Jamaica and unparalleled at up to a mile.

The completion of the tunnel was an engineering feat unparalleled at the time, which combined three different tunneling methods.

While Tuck hasn't always been a first-choice selection, his ability to win the ball in close is nearly unparalleled at Punt Road.

Bingham is unparalleled at this; he could land in London at dawn, dethrone the Queen, explain the terms of her severance package, and be out of there before breakfast.

The balance of the current midfield 3 -- Song and Arteta as the two ' holders ' (that term used extremely loosely of course) with Rosicky as the furthest forward -- is unparalleled at the club.

In 1% of cases unparalleled on is used

Birdlife Africa's array of birdlife is unparalleled on earth.

Carmen's award-winning Sunday Champagne Brunch is unparalleled on the Gold Coast.

Known for its rich culture and diverse landscapes, Tanzania boasts a wildlife population that is unparalleled on the African continent.

In 1% of cases unparalleled with is used

In either case the taste is unparalleled with the amazing sweetness from the prawns.

Their experience and knowledge of Kilimanjaro is unparalleled with hundreds of summit ascents and extensive training in evacuation procedures under their belts.

Views from the dining hall are unparalleled with the expanse of the Serengeti plains in full splendor, making for an unforgettable sundowner each and every night.

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