Prepositions after "unpaid"

unpaid for, on, after, in or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases unpaid for is used

These tax cuts were also unpaid for.

You can unpaid for a district patronage.

Its employees unpaid for several months.

The rent must remain unpaid for 14 days or more before they can give you this notice.

The rent must remain unpaid for not less than 14 days before this notice can be given.

Many frustrated businessmen -- some unpaid for years -- think the situation is hopeless.

When she graduated from university Milena started working unpaid for an environmental organisation based in London.

The idea that articling students are working unpaid for profitable law firms and government agencies is ridiculous.

Most importantly, Khan has pledged to rid the club of the debt which has left players unpaid for parts of the campaign.

In February 2010, workers at the mortuary went on strike to demand arrears on a special allowance unpaid for two months.

In 14% of cases unpaid on is used

Their liability is limited to the amount, if any, unpaid on shares held by them.

The member's liability is limited to the amount, if any, unpaid on the shares they hold.

Limited Liability: Each member's liability is restricted to the amount unpaid on his shareholding.

The liability of the members of a company is limited to the amount (if any) unpaid on their shares.

In this type of company, members ' liability is limited to the amount, if any, unpaid on shares held by them.

Your only financial obligation is to pay the company any amount unpaid on your shares if you are called on to do so.

My employer wants us to agree to set targets and if they are not met to work unpaid on saturday and sunday to meet them.

Surcharge Interest This is additional interest that may be charged on the amount unpaid on any repayments due on a loan.

In the case of a company limited by shares, the liability of a member of a company is the amount, if any, unpaid on his shares.

This means that the members liability in the winding up of the company is limited to the amount, if any, unpaid on their shares.

In 6% of cases unpaid after is used

Items of bank credits representing checks, drafts or notes returned unpaid after the date of statement.

At least they seem to have decent holidays, however the unpaid after hours prep work required would offset this.

If the charges remain unpaid after 2 months, the local authority can discontinue the water supply to the premises.

Late Fee's If an invoice is still unpaid after 18 days, a 25% late fee will be added to the overall price of the invoice.

That is, as a result of registration cancellation or automatic de-registration where licence fees remain unpaid after 12 months.

Any demand notice unpaid after 30 days will attract interest at the rate to be prescribed by regulations issued by the FCT Minister.

If any fees or charges remain unpaid after the Due Date, we may charge interest (applicable before and after judgment) at the rate of 1.

If the fine remains unpaid after the due date, a warrant is issued to the garda?, with details of the court order authorising arrest in lieu of payment.

If it is not paid within 28 days, the charge is increased by 50% and if it is still unpaid after a further 28 days then court proceedings are initiated.

If contribution is payable, you are still required to pay the contribution or any balance which remains unpaid after the discharge of the Legal Aid Certificate.

In 6% of cases unpaid at is used

Twelve months late 5% of the tax unpaid at the date.

Photo: Daniel Saint LEger Many professional musicians have been asked to perform unpaid at the London 2012 Olympics.

I was lucky that my firm had a very generous paid maternity leave followed by the option to spend up to a year unpaid at home with your new baby.

Also, if an amount is unpaid at the end of a taxation year and is not deductible in that year by virtue of subsection 18(9), section 78 does not apply.

If this fee remains unpaid at the time of the conference or workshop, you may be denied entry to the conference or workshop, with no reduction in your liability to pay the fee.

For now, at least until a time comes when I'd not working a full time job, while planning a wedding and having more or less a second (though sadly unpaid at this point in time) job.

Now my youngest is starting preschool next yr I have looked at the options of getting back into nursing only to be told i have to re train for 3 months unpaid at a personal cost of $10,000.

About 40 per cent of early-career graduates are in non-graduate jobs - almost double the rate for people graduating in 1999 - while 41 per cent had worked unpaid at some point, the survey says.

In 6% of cases unpaid by is used

Parental leave is unpaid by the employer.

Tax bills unpaid by Whyte seems to have been the big issue.

Second, it advises the landlord to recover the rent unpaid by assignee from the Guarantor.

These are shipment contracts with the shipment point named, and carriage unpaid by the seller.

Any amount due and unpaid by a payment date will attract a daily interest charge on the overdue amount.

He concluded that inspite of such various steps, the arrears of outstanding demand remained unpaid by the company.

SECTION II: Members whose fees are unpaid by the end of the calendar year shall be withdrawn from the membership roll.

A weekend paper on last Sunday said in her editorial that hotel bills to the tune of millions remain unpaid by the Government to date.

Since funding was abrubtly cut and many bills unpaid by the UAE, there are concerns about the morale and viabilty of mainting the troop.

The Customer shall pay Astro all fees, penalties and handling charges for cheques made payable to Astro and returned unpaid by the Customer's bank.

In 6% of cases unpaid in is used

I would have gladly worked an unpaid internship during college.

If someone is doing an unpaid internship and don't like it they are free to leave.

My child accepted an unpaid internship after completing a Masters degree in her field.

I'd learned a five-minute act that I did unpaid in front of people eating Mexican food.

I would only add that unpaid internships, sometimes, are only unpaid in the sense of cash.

I cant afford to get more experience in this field as it interning is unpaid in the NGO world.

Yes, if there weren't such a glut, companies wouldn't be able to get away with having unpaid inters.

Each year an estimated $160 billion is unpaid in tax to developing countries by multinational companies.

They realized to their dismay that their scanty monthly pittance or allowances had been unpaid in March this year.

I've had some unsolicited e-mails offering me unpaid internships based on the strength of my online photography portfolio.

In 3% of cases unpaid to is used

So the 14,000 remains unpaid to this day.

You and I know that most of these moneys are still unpaid to government.

A huge amount of money has remained unpaid to the aircraft company in Germany, he added.

In the 20th century, Church offices have become unpaid to a degree they never were in the 19th century.

Much of the early growth in manufacturing industries such as clothing represented a shift from unpaid to paid work.

According toward him Bangladesh's evidence in this arrangement of the pastime is not imposing unpaid to in concert less match.

The disputed roaming bill was not the reason for partial withdrawal of services as it forms part of a larger bill that remains unpaid to date.

Farai admitted that he was more than prepared to marry his mother and would pay off the lobola balance his father had left unpaid to his grandparents.

As a result, instead of increasing productivity, these policies may have in effect shifted work from the unpaid to the paid economy (and from men to women).

This shall not only disqualify him from receiving the bonus for the accounting year in which he was dismissed but also for the past years which were remained unpaid to him.

In 2% of cases unpaid since is used

KPMG also qualified the accounts of Lebar Daun Bhd, as it was unable to confirm trade payables amounting to RM22mil that had remained unpaid since 2008.

Sustained by donations from labour organisations around the world and the communist trade union federation, the Halyvourgia steelworkers have also been unpaid since October.

In 1% of cases unpaid as is used

The position I hold is unpaid as the place makes no money and is forever on the brink of being closed down.

If my memory serves me, the children attended the school, and the father worked, unpaid as a tradesman on the church property.

Credit Insurance usually covers the whole turnover and pays an agreed percentage of an invoice or receivable that remains unpaid as a result of payment default, insolvency or bankruptcy.

In 1% of cases unpaid during is used

The principal loan remains unpaid during this period.

The interest which remains unpaid during the schooling years, are capitalized after graduation.

I have always wanted to publish, but working unpaid during University was not an option for me.

I also had to do some hard work in the professional kitchen unpaid during my holiday to pick up the speed &; other reality in that environment.

Cazorla wants to leave Mlaga, the club he joined for 19m last summer from Villarreal, after wages went unpaid during the campaign and promises were broken.

In 1% of cases unpaid from is used

Cheque or direct debit returned unpaid from your account (out) 12.

Debt pressures are often the result of credit card balances that go unpaid from month to month.

In 1% of cases unpaid over is used

The project came to over a year of over time, more than half that was unpaid over time during the week.

The second issue relates to the massive write-off of government loans given to Perwaja Terengganu Sdn Bhd that were unpaid over the last 14-17 years amounting RM 1,626 million.

In 1% of cases unpaid under is used

As for the unpaid under the scheme.

Plus the 12 weeks unpaid under FMLA.

If you are willing to pay for the privilege of working unpaid under difficult conditions for four weeks or more, we can offer you the possibility of a life-changing experience.

In 1% of cases unpaid upon is used

Whatever balance remains unpaid upon his release from prison will be paid in $200 monthly installments, Noonan ruled.

In 1% of cases unpaid with is used

If your fine remains unpaid with the Court after 28 days, it may also have a $102.

Thousands of pounds of tax and NIC never made it to HMRC but went walkies and many staff went unpaid with P45s never being issued.

Federal Government Contractors - Many of the private contractors may go unpaid with this government shutdown and may be until a budget accord is reached.

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