Prepositions after "unnecessary"

"unnecessary for" or "unnecessary in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases unnecessary for is used

It was unnecessary for her to know.

Having a nuke is unnecessary for NK.

It is, therefore, unnecessary for us to pass upon the validity of his contention.

Moreover, there's not a lot unnecessary for the military when you get down to it.

When we were young she showered us with gifts unnecessary for that reason I guess.

Given this finding, it was unnecessary for the Court to consider whether or not the ERA was justified under s.

Instead, it was meant to stress the fact that it is unnecessary for us to take athletes away from poor nations.

In the computerised system, it will be unnecessary for each individual to keep separate logs for such purposes.

It is unnecessary for me to go in detail presenting some of the credentials the Ethiopian opposition has in it.

In 20% of cases unnecessary in is used

There is nothing unnecessary in it.

The lever is unnecessary in this case.

Humidifiers are unnecessary in most homes.

Is it right to say that Pranayama is unnecessary in the practice of Raja Yoga? A.

I think making those points is a waste of time for anyone and unnecessary in 2011.

Abdominal X-rays were done in some patients but was considered unnecessary in most.

A supernatural being is simply utterly unnecessary in science, and hence it does not come up one way or another.

We put more money into things which are unnecessary in life than we put into the necessities of life, like food.

I really don't think the slayer or avenger need a class at all and they were ill conceived and unnecessary in 4E.

All this environmentally unsound galumphing around the globe is arguably unnecessary in the age of live streaming.

In 12% of cases unnecessary to is used

It did seem a bit archaic and unnecessary to me.

I almost feel like an example is unnecessary to back this claim.

Too confusing and some scenes I found were unnecessary to the plot.

This process is unnecessary to planning and it is not a humane way of doing things.

There is a big split between scenes that seems a bit unnecessary to us, as listeners.

Problem is, 90% of those replies were completely unnecessary to completing the trade.

It is quite unnecessary to hand out sops to the editorial staff for carrying out a thankless and exacting task.

It is advisable for one to check whether the policy they have is unnecessary to them or they don't understand it.

It also seems to me to be unnecessary to resort to doctrines for control of discretionary powers in this instance.

However, that does not mean that the right hemisphere is on the whole detrimental or unnecessary to human emotion.

In 4% of cases unnecessary as is used

Words were unnecessary as the two young men stared in dawning horror at the future.

In the Nordic countries, this means censuses are unnecessary as the population register is kept up to date.

The word ' disabled ' is unnecessary as the toilet is not disabled, but is compliant with the Building Code.

The speech is unnecessary as the audience knows all this already but is needed dramatically and thematically.

He hoped his own role would become unnecessary as the FT became more adept at having mobile services at their core.

This makes size classification unnecessary as part of the production process The technology is capable of high productivity.

But he wasn't vulnerable because a large number of people have come to accept the unacceptable and the unnecessary as the new normal.

The wing had earlier maintained that a probe by the state police in this case was unnecessary as the CBI was also was probing the matter.

League of Extraordinary Gents: what's with Tom Sawyer?? he's NOT in the source material and he is totally UNNECESSARY as the movie's second lead.

In 3% of cases unnecessary at is used

Such zones are unnecessary at Tea Party rallies.

Don't start lifting as it's completely unnecessary at your age.

It's unnecessary at home simply because learning is highly interactive.

A year later, another child was born in the family, and Anna felt unnecessary at home.

This trend of spilling out excess personal information to the world is unnecessary at times.

This is a step that is probably unnecessary at the moment as diver related damage to the reefs is minimal.

Some thought Churchill was seeking an Anglo-Saxon alliance against the Soviet Union -- something the general American public felt unnecessary at the time.

You're not even going to waste your time getting to know that person because the bullsh** is completely gratuitous, unnecessary at this point in your life.

Without Nam Theun II, such a change in Bank policy would be unnecessary at the current time and would clearly not take on the urgency with which it is currently being pursued.

Furthermore, such spending was totally unnecessary at the time when MAS is BLEEDING! Silence on the part of the top management of MAS including the Board of Directors is not an option.

In 3% of cases unnecessary by is used

Cover for child is considered unnecessary by many.

The jump scares were cheesy and unnecessary by time (lol poptart).

They're unnecessary by the most practical measures, but essential for a full life.

They insist that tax hikes come after, or be made unnecessary by, huge spending cuts.

Popping the Ama Popping the ama is considered unnecessary by some, but it has its good points.

The horrors of the Old Testament have been rendered unnecessary by Christ's ultimate sacrifice.

Does the Kenyan tax payer have so much cash to waste on unnecessary by elections? I don't think so.

If that were so, court decisions would be unnecessary by the mere rendering of an appropriate sentence in a committee report.

The whole point of automatic brightness is to avoid using battery unnecessary by having a brightly lit screen in a dark place.

In 2% of cases unnecessary from is used

Sugar is totally unnecessary from the physiological point of view.

Putting the Google TV on top of it seemed fairly unnecessary from the start.

The first thing I do when I'd in a slump is remove the unnecessary from my calendar.

What is she for? She brought nothing to the show, and was entirely unnecessary from day one.

It's like eating a chocolate bar: wholly unnecessary from every angle, but once it's open, it's hard to stop.

This was countered by implementing anti- XSS measures rather than removing anything unnecessary from the whitelist.

If you can deflect the unnecessary from your day, imagine how much quicker you can achieve not only your short-term goals, but also your career/business goals.

The meliorate casinos retrieve that these grouping make unnecessary from not having a expert melodic theme to strip sophisticated and preserve liege members quenched.

It's true that in many cases the wrapper is unnecessary from a css perspective, but that's no reason to simply remove it, especially when it has a clear structural function.

While the report has attempted to make adjustments for the different types of students in its reference schools, the whole exercise was completely unnecessary from the start.

In 2% of cases unnecessary on is used

This is completely unnecessary on multi-user platforms like Windows Terminal Services.

It is unnecessary on the present occasion to consider whether the fields covered by Art.

I have an Aframe but now only use it in the UK as I find it unnecessary on the continent.

I though this unnecessary on his part but, give the writers credit here, true to real life.

The only grating scenes were the toilet scenes and the group sex - totally unnecessary on both counts.

Such blocking is unnecessary on some platforms which don't support write blocking on UDP sockets or TUN/TAP devices.

Yes Roarke wasn't used enough in it and putting him in a suit of armor was lazy and unnecessary on the part of the producers.

Large centerpieces are unnecessary on your tables as they not only eat away at your budget, but serve as an unneeded distraction.

You've trimmed off the fat and although you have a more than adequate set up for your fish, there's nothing ostentatious or unnecessary on your aquarium.

In 2% of cases unnecessary with is used

It's unnecessary with modern technology.

Some other so so i am attractive unnecessary with all fractional treatments.

Building such a model is both impossible and unnecessary with a software design.

Let us hope now that a more aggressive stance is unnecessary with a new Chinese leader, as well.

A hospital run was deemed unnecessary with my history of short labours and easy deliveries of healthy (and big!) babies.

With 70k to 80k daily traffic in mind Macquarie invested heavily in third laning - which has proved unnecessary with less than 50k.

Later on in the evening we were supplied with some food and water, which was thoughtful, but would have been unnecessary with better planning.

One man took the lead, his face partially hidden by a high collar, an attempt at disguise, which was unnecessary with the thick mist that obscured most vision.

Please don? t use? for your further action?;? for your attention?;? for your necessary action? (as if the reader is likely to do something UNnecessary with it!).

That may well have been a sensible step to take with respect to the prosecution of the matter generally, but it was unnecessary with respect to the demand itself.

In 1% of cases unnecessary because is used

With IPv6, DHCP is largely unnecessary because of stateless auto-configuration.

I have seen similar claims about the function of the congestion charge in central London; that it has rendered cycle tracks unnecessary because of the reduction in motor traffic.

Opponents also argue that a change in the law is unnecessary because of the Director of Public Prosecutions ' (DPP) policy of not prosecuting in cases of compassionate assistance to die.

The clergy and other euthanasia opponents argue that assisted suicide and active voluntary euthanasia are unnecessary because of the extraordinary developments in palliative care and pain control.

In 1% of cases unnecessary considering is used

I also won't be tracking business connections, as I think that's unnecessary considering the findings.

That is lunacy, even with the squad system and unnecessary considering the other free midweek dates in the rest of the season.

Three aides are particularly unnecessary considering the size of the state and the fact that Singh, himself spends a large part of his time in Delhi.

In 1% of cases unnecessary due is used

Boss fights also seem a little unnecessary due to the fact that they are disappointing.

This trip is unnecessary due to the number of people going, that is lack of accountability but not corruption.

Not only would investing in a currency like the Iraqi Dinar be risky, it would also be mostly unnecessary due to the strength of the dollar.

The expenditure, estimated at J$ 57 million, has ruffled several members of the public who think that type of spending is unnecessary due to the country's fiscal constraints.

Even the people who had bought lands from some organizations were left with land for which they have paid unnecessary due to artificially inflated prices causing heavy financial burdens.

In 1% of cases unnecessary during is used

Regular addition of water and acid is unnecessary during its whole life of service.

To be made unnecessary during a slump in the Australian employment market is to be in a risky scenario.

In 1% of cases unnecessary of is used

In the UK, 25,000 people die unnecessary of cancer each year.

Paul never alludes to the meaning or unnecessary of baptism, but to the insignificance of the person who did the baptizing.

The brand new iPad Mini is admittedly the least ridiculous and unnecessary of the bunch, but at the same time it's only worth buying if you REALLY like someone.

Anthony Krapovitsky once wrote a short pamphlet justifying Russian entry into WWI, the most senseless and unnecessary of conflicts as far as Russia was concerned.

In 1% of cases unnecessary under is used

Response: Facebook did not agree to implement the recommendation, considering it unnecessary under the law.

Buzzard 68 that such a right was unnecessary under a free, republican government which could be changed at the will of the people.

Once we have clearly laid our cards on the table, the government's taxes and cuts that would be unnecessary under our plan are more easily exposed.

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