Prepositions after "unmoved"

unmoved by, in, at, on or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 81% of cases unmoved by is used

But to be so unmoved by it all.

But Romney was unmoved by them.

So far they seem unmoved by Mr.

A woman of faith (fragile though it might be) but left unmoved by Benedict's arrival.

But if they remain po-faced, unmoved by your joy, then you feel as flat as a pancake.

She had been ambivalent about the pregnancy, unmoved by the birth and depressed after.

Everybody in her family tries to convince her that this is a bad deal but she remains unmoved by all the reasoning.

He returned to a mixed reception that day from punters, but with his trademark confidence was unmoved by the jeers.

STR is not new to me, I had been at the store when previous shipments had arrived and had been unmoved by the yarns.

Its designer, apparently unmoved by such spectacular disaster, is saying: ' Ah well, back to the old drawing-board '.

In 6% of cases unmoved in is used

He remains unmoved in the face of adversities.

I'd unmoved in the face of friends screaming at me to join the iPhone cult.

Yet base metals were all but unmoved in London and the oils again added mere cents.

Vatican sources said the Pope remained unmoved in his view that Blair had been wrong over Iraq.

Only Virat Kohli looked unfazed, his hairstyle naturally unmoved in spite of the dusty environment.

His eldest son left him because of personal differences and yet Gandhi remained unmoved in his quest for the truth.

Gillard's grasp on the Labor leadership will once again start to weaken if the opinion polls remain unmoved in the shorter term.

After two years of continuous daily contact, each of the three men remained unmoved in his belief that he alone was Jesus Christ.

SJV Chelvanayagam's son was mercilessly assaulted in front of the father who remained unmoved in the finest traditions of Gandhism.

Yet, the earth stood unmoved in the middle of creation, and everything turned around it, but that God had wanted time became unquestionable.

In 2% of cases unmoved at is used

He didn't see the women as evil temptresses or as objects of desire, but remained unmoved at his core.

How did she manage to remain so emotionally unmoved at that age? (5) My daughter was bright for her age.

If we are unmoved at the thought of even a single person passing into eternity having never heard about the person of Jesus Christ then we have not grasped the heart of God for the lost.

In 2% of cases unmoved on is used

It's the fiddling that leaves me unmoved on too many tracks.

But the Labor Government remains unmoved on a matter that has long been too sensitive for some politicians.

In 1% of cases unmoved as is used

He had remained unmoved as the crowd around him fled away.

In 1% of cases unmoved despite is used

Their eyes, without a shred of humanity and gray matter, remain unmoved despite the relentless jokes that from all sides.

Their continued pessimism is not without ground as hapless Bangladeshis sadly watch their guardians unmoved despite the combined onslaught of logic and reason, law and fact.

Chelsea continued to be extremely tight in the centre -- Lampard, Meireles and Mikel were unmoved despite the tactical changes, and replicated their approach from the first leg.

In 1% of cases unmoved for is used

This has pushed down money market rates even when the bank rate has been unmoved for more than three years.

Quietly, unmoved physically, unmoved eyeballs and eyelids and the mind - if it is unmoved for one hour, amazing results can come.

After all, this is the land where ancient deserts meet azure waters and dramatic, biblical landscapes serve as a fitting backdrop for cities unmoved for thousands of years.

In 1% of cases unmoved from is used

As they only pay after your books have been sold, the vast majority of them don't give a damn how long your books sit unmoved from their shelves.

Epilogue: Enjoying wildlife in its pristine state is a privilege that has become available to anyone, and I can not imagine anyone coming away unmoved from the experience.

In 1% of cases unmoved with is used

But the girl was unmoved with his plea.

We sit unmoved with our popcorn through violent screen deaths, but most of us don't really accept mortality for ourselves or those we depend on emotionally.

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