Prepositions after "unmatched"

"unmatched in" or "unmatched by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases unmatched in is used

Faruk is an unmatched in rural roles.

That frontrow is unmatched in the world.

They are virtually unmatched in the world.

SOTS2 today is a lot of fun and unmatched in it's depth, ambition, and feature set.

It was a work of art and craftsmanship that was nearly unmatched in the entire show.

Pizza is unmatched in popularity and you should try to collect the recipe if you still do not know to make pizza.

They believe ale has a variety of flavour that is unmatched in other types of beer because of the way it is made.

CNN's White House team is unmatched in the news we break, the content we generate, and the sheer size of the team.

The successful recording-artist per capita ratio in the UK of direct African descent is unmatched in the diaspora.

In 40% of cases unmatched by is used

His consistency was unmatched by anyone.

Your brain has capabilities unmatched by any machine.

It is an accomplishment unmatched by any one on this list.

Bought the iPad when it was unmatched by any other tablet in terms of screen quality.

It's led to a prosperity and a standard of living unmatched by the rest of the world.

Having lived in so many different cultures gave Busia a world sense unmatched by many.

Since becoming an MP in 1997, he has acquired an enmity in the Tory party unmatched by anyone else in parliament.

Saying that- Fox news stands alone on a pillar of stupidity unmatched by any other conmen in the cable news game.

Now hardware/architecture support is where Linux is the strongest and unmatched by any other kernel in the world.

Nader's progressive record while working as an advocate for Public Citizen is unmatched by any elected politician.

In 3% of cases unmatched for is used

The comfort is unmatched for a bike.

His 3 for 8 that knocked out Royal Challengers was unmatched for its hostile accuracy and frightening pace.

A decent side, which had been unmatched for some time, came up against an excellent Forest in one of the best 0-0 draws you'll ever see.

But in fact, within the limits of Herodotus's historical framework, in fact he was a superb scientific historian, unmatched for many centuries.

Unmatched for its natural variety, there are few places on earth where such a tremendous diversity of landscapes exist inside a region this size.

Now she taught herself old Italian and made a translation in terza rima of The Divine Comedy unmatched for its popularity and the clarity of its notes.

She is the only lady -- wife of a prime minister, who has taken it upon herself to give new meaning and a future unmatched for the next generation of Malaysians.

In an age of fierce tribal wars Te Rauparaha was unmatched for his ferocity, and vanquished foes almost invariably ended their careers in the Ngati Toa cooking pots.

Its innovation and its capability to turn its ideas into its products especially military technology and its civilian uses will remain unmatched for the next 500 years.

On the other hand, there are some passages which deservedly rank among the finest dramatic utterances in all English poetry, unmatched for power and imaginative delight.

In 2% of cases unmatched as is used

Treasurys are still unmatched as a safe store of value for investors worldwide.

The Center is unmatched as a reproductive rights organization in its expertise on U.

Once unmatched as the best no-fee cash back credit card in Canada, the Smart Cash card now has a new rival.

Peters is unmatched as a run blocker, and he is at his best getting down the field to block for LeSean McCoy on screen passes.

As for your peers and superiors, let them know the simple truth: the ukulele is unmatched as a vehicle for music literacy in our schools.

Benedict may be indubitably pious and unmatched as a scholar-pope but, on his watch, the Catholic Church has sunk into a morass of unprecedented scandal.

Both the histories he wrote and his own judgements that shaped them remain unmatched as a guide to humanity oscillating between emancipation and despair.

Reformatted and published as books in the ' 80s then television films in the ' 90s, Tales of the City is unmatched as a diary, however fictional, of San Franciscans.

Although road transportation is often more expensive than other modes, it is virtually unmatched as a fast means of moving comparatively small amounts of cargo and passengers over short distances.

In 2% of cases unmatched on is used

His success is unmatched on our dark continent.

This feat is remarkable, but not unmatched on the Indian side.

There command of the subject matter is unmatched on network TV.

Shabbat is a time for peace, harmony, tranquillity, community and spirituality that is unmatched on any other day.

A more than credible plot matched by drama of a power and calibre that has been largely unmatched on our screens in recent years.

As for those who have been considering a tablet, the latest iPad has a screen that's unmatched on any consumer device now, improved graphics and a better rear camera.

What if he hadn't put in that awful challenge in the 1991 FA Cup Final? What if? The talent and imagination were unmatched on these shores, except for one, Matthew Le Tissier.

In 2% of cases unmatched to is used

In fact the world made so much progress in knowledge in those times that it is unmatched to date.

Nicole Farquharson 11/27/2012 - 4:45 AM Pig is a voracious animal in eating unmatched to other animals.

With admittedly no motive and such a history unmatched to the incident, ' senseless ' is the only term to describe the situation.

Cons If your hairs are more on the shiny side, the spot after application will appear to be more dull and unmatched to the rest of the hair.

While he charges you some randomly conjured up prices, you can rest assured that the tube you get will be either fake or unmatched to your tyre size.

Her intelligent and impeccable acting is still unmatched to this day hence had they cast a different star in the film Thy Womb, sure it would have been an entirely different movie.

Jelly bean is available to be downloaded on China made devices as well iOS is not! Also all the basics like carrying weight and battery timings are unmatched to any of the other makes.

In 2% of cases unmatched with is used

We have an instant material power that is unmatched with equal wisdom.

Artorias had an unbendable will of steel, and was unmatched with a greatsword.

Percent deliveries that result in credit notes or that are unmatched with invoices.

Now about 80% of it's citizens live in fantastic public housings unmatched with any of the super powers.

Finally, Sunday night saw a set from Bloody Beet Roots that was unmatched with sick beats and an insane lightshow.

His breadth of scholarship on Celtic history, language and culture is unmatched with work ranging from Cornish grammar to medieval Scottish history.

Roaming center field with the monuments at old, old Yankee Stadium DiMaggio's defensive skills were unmatched with speed and accuracy his trademarks.

In 1% of cases unmatched among is used

The work credentials and educational background of Gerberg is quite unmatched among his peers.

This is the explanation why the Kona bean is experienced as unmatched among all other coffee beans because of the perfect environment and fertile soil it's grown in.

I respect el-Rufai because his intellect is almost unmatched among his peers in politics but I see him as a double-mouthed hypocrite who is only disillusioned he's nowhere close to power.

In 1% of cases unmatched at is used

Our sporting facilities are unmatched at university level in Ireland.

Our location is unmatched at the intersection of Clayton Road and US Highway 64/40.

There are some things about SxSW Interactive that are unmatched at any other conference.

While in some case the Europeans outdid the Americans, there is one genre they've always been unmatched at.

My argument is that City needs a striker that is able to hold the ball up on his own, something that van Persie is unmatched at in my opinion.

The towering R-7's high thrust and payload capacity, unmatched at the time, just happened to make it the perfect vehicle to launch an object into orbit -- something never done before.

As with most series of Doctor Who, there are one or two uneven episodes and some missteps, but the show is still unmatched at what it does, and even more confident than last time round.

In 1% of cases unmatched throughout is used

His personal qualities and virtues are unmatched throughout the world.

The Tides set a standard that was unmatched throughout the rest of our trip.

The collective appropriation of such an unwieldy and remarkable bunch of songs displayed on the album is something that is perhaps unmatched throughout pop history.

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